Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

The need to ensure the heating of a country house during the cold season arises from the owners quite often, since it is not always heating mains and gas pipelines that lie in close proximity. And in such cases, it is worth thinking about autonomous gasification, which will allow to heat the house and cook food. Consider one of the most optimal solutions to this issue – a gas tank for a country house: reviews, prices and features of popular models.

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

Gas-holder: what is it and what is its role in the autonomous gasification system

To find out what function the gasholder performs and what its role in the autonomous heating system is, consider the general scheme and define the purpose of each element:

  • gasholder – a tank that is located underground and serves to store liquefied gas;
  • control and safety devices are provided on each gas tank;

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

  • from the gasholder to the house there passes a gas pipeline, which is responsible for the supply of fuel to the heating equipment;
  • shutoff valves are also provided;
  • The cycle ends with an automation designed to control the operation of the entire system.

As can be seen, the role of a gas-holder is the storage of liquefied fuel, which is necessary to power the heating system in cases when it is impossible to connect to the centralized gas supply. The best solution in this case is to buy a gasholder. The prices of the structures, their sizes and functional characteristics will be discussed further.

Externally, the gas tank is a fairly large cylindrical capacity, which has a number of functional additions designed to make its use safe. Among the complementary elements worth highlighting:

  • parts designed to fix the container to the base, the role of which, as a rule, is performed by a concrete slab;
  • several valves intended for various purposes: connecting the tank to the gas pipeline, filling the gas, and removing the accumulated condensate;

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

  • a safety valve must be provided to relieve excess pressure in the system and prevent its damaging effects;
  • another safety valve performs a shut-off function and prevents excessive pressure from entering the gas pipeline system;
  • A special two-stage regulator serves to reduce the pressure immediately before the gas enters the gas pipeline, since the indicator in the tank usually considerably exceeds the one required for the operation of the consuming device.

In addition to all this, the gas tank must be equipped with a condensate receiver, sensors that show the level of tank filling and pressure in it. A cathodic protection system is provided to protect against corrosion in tanks.

There are two ways to divide gas holders into types: depending on where they are located, as well as the location of the axis. In the first case, ground and underground models are distinguished, and the first have a much smaller volume. In the second case, horizontal, which are more preferable for home heating, and vertical.

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

Helpful advice! When choosing a suitable place to install a gas-holder for giving, it is necessary to take into account the recommended distance of its placement from the house, as well as the convenience of further fitting the gas filling machine.

Arrangement of autonomous gas heating system is a rather complicated process, which includes many stages. Consider each of them, their cost and carry out approximate calculations for houses of various sizes.

Installation work includes the following steps:

  • digging a pit for a gasholder;
  • installation and fastening of the tank;
  • installation of a gas pipeline system and its connection to consumer devices and a gas-holder;
  • gas tank filling with liquefied gas.

The main determining factor in the cost of all work is the volume of the tank to be installed. This is determined by what the area of ​​the house will be heated. Also affects the model and manufacturer of capacity, as well as the gas system.

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

Note! To be confident in the health and safety of the gas autonomous heating system, all purchased items must meet the required standards and have the appropriate certification.

In order to navigate the prices of the installation of a gas-holder in a private house, we will consider several examples of calculations for houses of different sizes:

  1. For a house whose area does not exceed 150 m ?, a gas tank with a volume of at least 2.7 m? Will be required. At the same time, excavation work on its installation will cost about 20 thousand rubles, and the purchase of equipment and its installation will range from 170 to 220 thousand rubles.
  2. If we are talking about a larger house with an area of ​​150 to 250 m ?, then here the volume of the capacity for gas should be at least 4.85 m ?. The cost of earthworks will not be too different, but the cost and installation of gas equipment will cost more: from 160 to 250 thousand rubles.
  3. For really big houses, the heated area of ​​which exceeds 250 m ?, it is necessary to install a larger gas tank and a capacity of 6.4 m ?. There will be different and the cost of earthworks (about 25 thousand rubles), and the price for the purchase and installation of gas equipment – 245-305 thousand rubles. In addition, the gas consumption for heating a house of 200 m2 and more will also be quite large.

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

As you can see, the purchase and installation of a tank and an autonomous heating system at home is not a very cheap procedure, but the result is certainly worth it. After all, in return, you get the opportunity to heat your house without even having access to the central heating system or a centralized gas pipeline, but using liquefied gas for a gas-holder.

In order to make planning as accurately as possible, it is necessary to make preliminary calculations of the gas consumption that will be consumed for heating a house. You can calculate this by taking into account several fundamental factors that determine the level of consumption:

  • the type of equipment that is used for heating and serves as a gas consumer;
  • the presence or absence of hot water in the house;
  • the particular climatic conditions in which you live;
  • thermal insulation characteristics of the building;
  • the number of people who live in the house.

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

Taking into account all these factors, you can make calculations according to the following algorithm: the number of square meters of the house is divided by 10. The resulting figure will show how much power the heating equipment is needed to ensure a comfortable temperature in the room.

After that, the result must be divided by 2 and multiplied by 30 (average number of days in a month) and 24 (hours per day). The result will be equal to the required amount of energy in kW / h. If you consider that one liter of gas provides 11.2 kW / h, then the number you received must be divided by 11.2 to get an approximate fuel consumption for your home.

Many of those who are planning to purchase and install this type of autonomous heating system are interested in how to fill the gas tank. Gas delivery for a gas tank is made using a special machine, which is pre-ordered. The connection is made using a special sleeve to the valve intended for gas filling. At the same time, the length of the sleeve can reach several tens of meters in case the car cannot be pulled up close.

After the required amount of gas is pumped into the tank, you sign the necessary documents and pay for the procedure. As for the price of filling a gas-holder, several factors play a role here:

  • gas supply tariff set by the company to which you apply. It should be borne in mind that the price in different firms may differ markedly;

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

  • transportation services – payment of the distance that the car must travel to your home. The further you have to go to the gas carrier, the higher the cost will be;
  • price of liquefied gas for gas holders, which may also vary.

The cost is calculated based on the amount of gas that must be loaded into the tank, plus individual transportation costs. The average gas tariff is 15.5 rubles per liter, transportation costs are calculated based on the remoteness of the buyer’s place of residence from the company to which he turns.

The procedure for filling the tank with gas is not particularly difficult if you think out in advance how the car will drive up. Suffice it to choose a suitable company that specializes in this, and find out how much it costs to fill a gas tank.

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

Helpful advice! If you want to save money, it is recommended to consider in advance as many affordable offers as possible. gas tank gas filling. So you can choose the most suitable option. gas prices for gas tank and transport fare.

To ensure that all costs are justified, reviews will help the owners of gas holders. In addition, so you can learn about the features of the use of this system, and possibly some of the difficulties that will be faced.

“Due to the fact that we bought a plot in a place remote from the city, the issue of heating the house appeared almost immediately. The idea of ​​stove heating was rejected, as it is rather troublesome, and then people began to read about the possibility of installing a tank on the Internet. Of course, I can not say that such a heating is a penny. Anyway, every time you need buy liquefied gas for gasholder, but then no problems with it. In any cold, it is warm at home. ”

Alexander Surzhikov, Belgorod region

Gas-holder for a country house: reviews, prices for tanks and the cost of refueling

“It’s good to have a country house outside the city, especially if it has all the amenities. When we bought the house, we could only heat it with ordinary wood. It is, of course, cheaper, but rather difficult and inconvenient. Began to watch what is gasholders for a country house prices keep an eye out and read reviews. When they installed capacity, it became much better. Just the same mountain with shoulders. Volume specifically took a little more, so that the car did not have to drive too often. Now refueled once, and quietly drown themselves. Great thing. ”

Oleg Toporov, Voronezh region

If you read the reviews of the owners, gas holders for a country house differ from this company in high quality and fully justify their rather high price, which even for a minimum size tank is about 330 thousand rubles.

As you can see, there are several factors that need to be taken into account before you buy a gas-holder with the installation: the price, the expected operating conditions, the required capacity, etc. In addition, when planning the budget, it is necessary to take into account the cost of gas for a gas-holder, since now it will become your permanent cost item. However, as confirmed by the owners of these tanks, the cost of filling the gas tank is quite justified due to the fact that your home will always be warm and comfortable.

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