Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

Before the start of repairs in the apartment it is logical to think about how to warm the floor on the balcony. This decision will make you feel comfortable in the winter. Especially important is the warm floor for families with small children. Today there are different methods and materials that allow you to achieve the desired result. Ideal floor heating on the balcony can be obtained through the use of various technologies.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

Options for floor insulation on the balcony

In order to make a warm floor on the loggia or balcony at the moment there are several proven options. Each of them requires a professional approach and the use of special materials.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

Common floor heating options:

  • water;
  • electric.

The first option is based on the water circuit. Electrical systems involve the use of mats, cables and even films that provide sufficient infrared radiation.

Among the positive qualities of this system, it is necessary to note the uniform distribution of heat over the entire floor area on the balcony. As for the financial costs, they are one-time nature. For the heated floor will have to pay only at the stage of its installation. In the course of further operation, the owners of the presented system will significantly save on heating. Another plus is the availability of maximum free space. This is due to the fact that the warm floor eliminates the need to use additional heating radiators and other devices.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

The first drawback to note is the difficulty of controlling the temperature on the floor surface. Yes, and the installation process is very time consuming. It is not very convenient that the pressure in the riser may decrease under certain conditions. To stabilize it, periodically it is necessary to use a water pump. Such balcony heating is advantageous until a leak occurs.

Considering the above factors, it can be noted that the water floor heating is not quite suitable for an apartment in a high-rise building. In this case, the owners will have to face all the above problems. Quite another thing is a private house, equipped with a separate circuit for heating. If you professionally approach the task, then it is easy to achieve a positive result.

Helpful advice! The water variant of a heat-insulated floor can be chosen only because it allows to provide significant areas with warmth with minimal funds spent.

Electric floor warms the surface evenly. Users can easily configure the most optimal temperature for themselves. The cost of the presented system is affordable for modern citizens. In case of any malfunction, it can be quite easily eliminated.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

For apartment owners in typical building houses, it is important to know that they can well afford such a system. For the implementation of installation work will not have to use advanced technical equipment. The usual tools that are in every home will be enough.

There are drawbacks to the electric version of a heated floor. However, they are not too significant. The problem may be too high electricity rates. Such a system will still consume a considerable amount of it. For some citizens, the downside is the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

As a rule, consumers more often prefer the electronic version. In spite of possible overpayments on invoices, the ease of installation and the possibility of repair work, if necessary, attracts. It is not at all necessary to invite specialized specialists to solve such a problem.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

Among the available options for heating the balcony and loggia, which are available for independent work, there are three main types:

  • heating mats;
  • infrared floor;
  • cable system.

The first option, involving the use of highly efficient heating mats, will suit many citizens. This system includes heating cables that are in the form of a snake and are gradually attached to a sturdy mesh.

Helpful advice! The pitch of one or two-core cable is about 5 cm. The heating cores can be made of various durable materials. It is better to choose those that are characterized by a significant degree of resistance.

Heating mats, safe for human health, are established under a tile on a balcony with observance of a certain technology. In this case, the floor thickness will be increased slightly. Its maximum level will rise by only 1.7 cm (including tiles). Often the room is characterized by a complicated form. In this case, the mats can be easily cut into suitable pieces. Cable integrity will not be affected by these actions.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

To resort to the services of employees from the side in this case is not necessary. When installing the heating mats on their own, special attention should be paid to preliminary actions.

Concrete base is quite suitable for the role of the substrate. It should be cleaned of high quality dirt and dust. The primer will provide a good coupling. Using an ohmmeter, it is recommended to check the exact resistance of the mats. This action should be done before starting the main work. It is important to choose the right place to place the thermostat. An obligatory stage is the equipment of special grooves to the wall and floor.

The inner part of the channel is perfect for mounting the sensor. Experts prohibit placing this element in the immediate vicinity of the heating element. Only after the completion of all the described actions, you can proceed to the installation. This process is a set of activities aimed at laying the heating mats. They are placed in adhesive mastic, which allows the best way to secure the tile.

Helpful advice! After the main work has come to an end, it is necessary to check the system for functionality. We are talking about indicators of working resistance. A thorough visual inspection of the surface should complete the check. This will allow to identify and eliminate even the minimum excesses.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

The main advantage of this solution is its compatibility with a variety of floor coverings. There is no exception even wool carpet. The principle of operation of the infrared floor is based on long-wave radiation, which provides reliable heating elements. This technology allows to heat not only the floor itself, but also the objects surrounding it. Due to the effective return of secondary heat to the loggia, comfortable temperature conditions are provided.

Film infrared floor has a number of positive qualities. First of all, it does not lead to too significant energy costs. Installation and commissioning of such a system can be made as soon as possible. After switching on the equipment, the floor warms up within a good 10-30 minutes. The electromagnetic field in the case of using this technology still forms, however, it is not too significant. Safety and reliability can also be attributed to the advantages of this system.

Before placing the laminate on the warm floor on the balcony or any other floor covering, it is necessary to make an installation of infrared heating. The initial action is leveling the base. Then you can lay the material with heat-reflecting properties. The film should be carefully cut into identical lines. After that it will be enough to simply install them on previously prepared insulation.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

The above steps allow you to start installing the main thermostat and electrical contacts. Do not forget about the insulation in the connection of electrical components. For these purposes, suitable widespread and affordable bitumen insulation.

Helpful advice! To fix the lines of the film directly to the reflective material, it is best to use masking tape. During the subsequent installation of the finished floor these strips will be steady and motionless.

Infrared heated floor on the balcony under the laminate and other coatings necessarily contains complete instructions. With this information from the manufacturers better to carefully read. Also at the stage of choosing the optimal floor you need to focus on the area of ​​the balcony. In this case, the chances of creating an ideal microclimate are significantly increased. Such a film can easily be installed on the walls and ceiling. Thanks to this decision, even the most severe weather will not be scary to the balcony.

This technology of heating the balcony and loggias is considered the most common. The main difficulty when working in such rooms is limited space. Because of this, the cable system is the most appropriate solution. It provides for the installation of cable under the fair floor. In sight only the thermostat. The presented device is responsible for regulating the intensity of heating.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

Positive aspects of the cable system:

  • durability;
  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • profitability.

After the warming of the balcony with a warm floor consisting of cables is completed, the consumption of electrical energy will not increase much. The durability of the system is ensured by the reliable and insulated heating conductor. It does not allow it to oxidize. To protect the cable it is recommended to use a cement-sand screed. Additional protection is also provided by the flooring, which is installed in the future.

If the loggia is combined with the living room, then this system will provide additional heating in the winter season.

Heated floor on the balcony and loggia: a review of optimal heating systems

When working with electrical cables is very important to carefully approach the creation of a layer of waterproofing. Insulation should also be characterized by high quality. This stage of work is very important for heat conservation. If we abandon the insulation and waterproofing, then a significant amount of heat generated will go down. As a result, the heating of the lower floor balcony ceiling will actually be organized.

Helpful advice! The cement-sand screed should not contain even minimal air gaps. The optimum thickness for it is 4.5 cm. Laying of the heating cable should be done in a zigzag manner.

In the step-by-step instructions of the warm balcony, it is indicated that the cable should be additionally protected with a tie. Although it should not be too fat. It is important to correctly determine the location for the thermostat. It should first be available. It is not necessary to start using the system immediately after the installation is completed. Operation of a heat-insulated floor can start only after 3 weeks. This period of time is necessary for the screed to dry completely.

The process of laying tiles on the balcony is characterized by its technical nuances. For the correct achievement of the goal, the installation is better to start from the center of the room. You must first calculate the exact number of tile fragments that will be needed for a specific area. As a result, the design of a warm balcony, a photo confirms this, will look as attractive as possible.

Summing up, it should definitely be noted that it is quite possible to organize a warm floor on the balcony on your own, given that there are plenty of ways to arrange it. For apartments in multi-storey buildings, it is better to choose an electric version, a water-heated floor is suitable for houses with individual heating systems, and the existing variety of flooring will make the warm balcony also aesthetically attractive.

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