Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

The use of drywall in the construction and decoration of various types of premises has led to its widespread use. Figured ceilings and installation of partitions – not the whole list of its destination. If the latter can be done without resorting to numerous operations, then to install a new wall you will need a metal profile. Simplify and speed up the installation of new walls will help prosekatel for the metal profile under the drywall.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

Purpose of the tool

Installation of partitions and new walls requires a manual or electric screwdriver, a screwdriver and a variety of fasteners. To get rid of time-consuming and unnecessary work will help prosekatel for the metal profile, designed to hold a drywall sheet with a metal rail.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

This tool is easy to use, does not require any special knowledge. Technically, its use resembles the work of a stationery punch or stapler. The durable steel of the functioning part and the rubber handles of the metal construction divider make its use not only reliable and fast, but also pleasant.

The framework firmware is available in three support versions, such as:

  • manual, producing independent mounting operations, but its capabilities are minimal;
  • the strengthened professional divider with removable working elements, is intended for a difficult profile, at the expense of more perfect increased effort;
  • professional, uses multi-stage levers to transfer mechanical reinforcement to the working element – the piercer.

The latter differs from the above-mentioned analogues by its high price and weight, it is used on construction sites, for large repair operations. Represents some difficulty in operation.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

The mechanism of action of the plasterboard cutter and its appearance resembles the operation of tongs or a pipe lever used in the installation of equipment. The working surfaces of the divider are two peculiar lips. On one of them is mounted a punch, while the second plays the role of an emphasis, in which a recess is made to the diameter of the cutting element. The mechanism of action of the tool is quite simple:

  • combine the mounted parts, putting one on top of another;
  • make a junction between the jaws of ticks;
  • sharply with the effort to bring the tool handles together.

Removing the divider from the metal rails, you can find a hole that locks the part in the desired position. Depending on the type of countersinker, the edges of the holes are bent and form linked petals, which improves the quality of fasteners. The thickness of the combined strips varies from 0.55 to 1.5 mm, the diameter of the hole also depends on the replaceable punches included in the set – 2-5 mm.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

Important! Before you buy a cutter for a metal profile for drywall, you need to know the thickness of the pierced metal and the front of upcoming work. This will reduce waste and save time.

The main advantage of the divider is that the fasteners are made without additional hardware – screws. The screwing in of the fastening screw and its unscrewing in case of improper installation takes a lot of time. In addition, extra operations threaten to transform not only the frame, but also the drywall into a solid sieve. The sheet does not experience excessive pressure, so any deformation is eliminated, making installation quick and trouble-free.

The lack of protrusion of the screw head also adds a big plus in favor of the divider, making the fit of the gypsum board more dense. The tool of the mechanical principle of action does not require power supply, making it indispensable in the absence or power outage during repair. Yes, and the wires stretching along the floor or cables located in the wall wall pose some threat to life during the installation of walls or wall insulation.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

The price of the cutter for the drywall profile depends primarily on its type: manual, reinforced or professional. Their comparative parameters are shown in the table below. It is necessary to take into account the purpose of the countersinker, the type of the proposed work and their scope. Equally important on the price is the inventory brand, the manufacturer. Of course, it is better to pay a little more for one high-quality divider than to buy a second one instead of the first one that has fallen apart.

Consumer characteristics of flash drivers:

Type of Manual Reinforced Professional
Dimensions + +
Life time + +
Price + +
Popularity + +
Performance + +


Having stopped on the resulted characteristics, it is possible to take out the following conclusion:

  • hand tools are popular among amateur craftsmen, the small price and external dimensions make it convenient at home when it comes to periodic installation or non-capital repairs;
  • reinforced and convenient in operation will be useful for a small team of builders engaged in repair of apartments, other residential or business premises, its skillful use will allow you to forget about fixing screws for a long time;
  • large-scale projects, capital construction, rearrangement of the walls of the premises only under the force of a professional piercer for a profile that has a set of several interchangeable piercers and lips with grooves for them.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

If the first two tools attract the price and relatively small dimensions, the latter has a long service life and versatility. But here it should be noted that the interchangeability of component parts is not different. Up to the point that some brands of dividers are designed to work with the frame of the same manufacturer. Thus, before you buy a prosekatel to connect profiles, you need to decide on its type, functionality and intended purpose.

Note! Using the tool does not require special training, but implies compliance with the minimum safety regulations. Prior to the acquisition of primary skills, it is advisable to produce fasteners in cotton protective gloves.

The metal batten divider is a fairly easy-to-use inventory, but when working with it, it is advisable to follow certain operating rules. For example:

  • to create a good hole or a high-quality fastener, you must use a tool adapted for a given metal thickness;

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

  • it is undesirable to make sharp movements during the breakdown, this leads to a poor cut through the staff;
  • it is forbidden to hit the hammer on the jaws of the tool to increase the strength of the breakdown;
  • the stitcher must be installed strictly perpendicular to the cutting surfaces of the rails;
  • it is impossible to break the groove in the joints or growth of metal profiles;
  • The axes of the movable handle and roller should be regularly lubricated with a suitable oil or other plastic mass.

Careful attitude to the vertical drill will significantly increase its service life, simplify and speed up the work of fastening the gypsum to the profile. Some masters belong to the innovations of repairing premises with a bit of distrust, preferring to carry it out with old-fashioned methods. The mentioned divider is no exception. However, hardly enhanced screwing screws, and then the same unscrewing at the breakdown of his cap or incorrect input of the hardware into the parts to be joined will accelerate the progress of the repair. The main thing to buy a prosekatel for a profile of a suitable type. This can be done in any specialty store.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

Note! You should use a cutter for a metal profile for drywall only those parameters that are designed to breakdown a certain thickness of the metal. Failure to comply with the rules of operation will lead to a tool to reduce the service life, its damage.

Construction specialty shops are replete with various types of galvanized carcass dividers and manufacturers’ trademarks. Like any tool, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. We suggest to consider some trademarks of the tool.

This construction inventory conveniently assembles galvanized slats for fixing plasterboard. Pliers facilitate material marking and fastener control. They allow to keep plasterboard sheets vertically during the installation of the walls, transport them in this position and apply marking lines on flat surfaces.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

The Knauf Shtantsang tool is one of the most uncomplicated samples of a similar series; in fact, the model consists of only three elements:

  • bracket with jaws and a fixed lever handle;
  • movable lever-handle, equipped with a transfer device;
  • peen

The simplicity of the unit also makes it possible to use it as a plumb when installing the rails on the ceiling. A constructive solution is added to the fact that Shantzang will withstand a tool bag suspended on it, a screwdriver, and other tools on the repairman’s mounting belt.

Prokatel KNIPEX

The German manufacturer of hardware has long established itself on the market from the positive side. Pliers are designed to fix the guides in the way of the cut with the limb of galvanized petals. They will help the home craftsman to carry out small repairs of the premises without using screws and other fasteners, which will significantly increase the productivity of work, allowing it to be carried out with one hand.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

This zaklepochnik is able to fasten not only the slats, but also sheets of metal with a total thickness of 1.2 mm, thanks to special oxidized steel used to manufacture the piercer. The specific lever mechanism reduces the force during the breakdown of materials, thereby facilitating the piercing, and the multicomponent plastic covering the handles makes it easy to hold the divider in your hands. The tool is completed with a metal loop for secure storage in the closed position, preventing spontaneous opening.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

The plasterboard for the metal profile for drywall is an innovative working tool for the builder, the master of room renovation and the home craftsman. Redevelopment or wall insulation, a simple partition or curved ceiling – all under the force of this stitcher. With him you will forget about screws, screwdrivers, as well as downed fingers.

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