Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

A very convenient and practical equipment that should be purchased for home use is an inverter welding machine. Which is best for fans and for periodic repairs? The question is quite interesting. The choice of welding unit is carried out according to several parameters, but first you need to understand how this equipment is arranged and how it works.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Inverter equipment. Device and characteristics

When we used the words welding machine, we all used to represent a huge box that has a transformer in its device. It is this part of the equipment that is responsible for generating a fairly large current, which brings it into operation and supports the welding arc. An inverter-type device is capable of reproducing the same process, only in this variant the current is generated by the inverter.

Inverter equipment is much more complex than outdated transformer models. In it, the network current passes through four stages of conversion:

  • straightening, smoothing special filter;
  • current conversion to alternating high frequency;
  • voltage reduction with a parallel increase in current even up to 250A;
  • current rectification.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

For this, the equipment provides a network filter, rectifiers and frequency converters. Obtained at the output, high rates of current are able to create a rather powerful arc, which easily melts almost any metal.

Depending on the destination, devices are used with various indicators of the output current. Usually they are divided into:

  • low-power (140-160 A);
  • medium power (160-200 A);
  • high-power (200-250 A).

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

The first – the weakest, their use is reduced to the creation of small cosmetic seams and works with metal having a small thickness. Medium-power units are fairly common, easily cope with large volumes and produce fairly high-quality compounds. High-power can be attributed to professional equipment, they are used if welding of metal surfaces with a greater thickness is required.

Power is a rather important indicator that you need to focus on when choosing equipment such as an inverter welding machine. Which is best suited for the home, to decide, of course, the buyer, but it is worth focusing on other characteristics.

Helpful advice! It is necessary to work with a welding inverter only in a special mask. Powerful light rays can damage eyesight.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Still inverters are divided by type of welding modes:

  • manual welding arc (MMA);
  • semi-automatic (MIG / MAG);
  • argon welding (TIG);
  • plasma cutting (CUT).

For home use equipment with MMA marking is perfect. This kind of welding inverters is light weight, but at the same time it is almost ideal for solving any household tasks. To him will need to purchase the most common electrodes.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Semi-automatic welding machines are mainly used on a production scale and are completely unsuitable for home use. The power and dimensions of such equipment is much higher. The principle of its operation is to supply a special wire to the arc, as a result of which a weld is formed.

Welding with argon-arc unit is a rather complicated process. Special tungsten electrodes are used for it, and the formation of an arc occurs when interacting with an inert gas. Such equipment is quite expensive and its use in the home environment is simply impractical as well as the use of devices of the following type. Units for plasma cutting, in fact, are not welding units, although they work about the same as an inverter welding machine. Which is better option for use at home is now more or less clear.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

For newcomers to welded business, additional functions will be helpful to facilitate the work. Almost all inverters increase the current strength at the beginning of work, resulting in a powerful starting arc. This is the so-called “hot start” function. Its presence allows you to start work immediately after turning on the unit.

It is not bad if the anti-sticking function is provided on such a welding machine. The equipment automatically lowers the operating current at the moment when the electrode sets. After its separation, all parameters are restored. Another convenient feature is the acceleration of the welding arc. It allows you to get a high-quality arc with minimal metal spatter.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Helpful advice! Often with the first experience with a welding machine it is impossible to create a good arc. To make it, you need an electrode to strike on the surface of the metal, as if with a match.

Besides the fact that the inverter greatly facilitates welding work, it can work with different electrodes. It copes with materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals.

Choosing an inverter unit, you need to pay attention to other, equally important parameters. A rather important indicator is the input voltage range. Ideal would be a unit with the specified voltage from 170 to 250 V or with a tolerance of about 15%. The operation of such a device will not depend on the voltage drops in the network.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Duration of inclusion is usually indicated in percent. If the value of this indicator is 60%, then after 10 minutes of equipment operation, it will take about 4 minutes of rest. If this parameter is exceeded, the built-in protection will work and the device will turn off.

No less important parameter – the diameter of the electrode. It is best to choose a model that works with electrodes 4-5 mm. Their use allows you to create better seams with a decrease in voltage.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Helpful advice! When purchasing a welding inverter, you also need to pay attention to the location of the nearby service center. In the event of a breakdown, specialists will quickly help you with the problem.

The German company FUBAG has perfectly recommended itself in the market of welding machines. Among its models, you can choose a unit of any capacity for work at home, and for professional welders. The ideal choice for a home would be FUBAG IN 163. Such devices are insensitive to voltage drops, allowing you to create a smooth and beautiful seam without splashing metal droplets. They are equipped with an effective ventilation system, have built-in protection against overvoltage. Very easy to use, equipped with the functions of “quick start”, “anti-sticking”, as well as “arc force”.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

The Italian brand Telwin has long gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer. Work of inverters of this company is made from 220V. The distinctive features of Telwin units are considered to be lightweight and compact. The TELWIN FORCE 165 inverter has everything that a beginner needs, functions that greatly simplify the work. Easily cope with power surges in the range of 15%. Such equipment consumes little electricity, has a reliable cooling system. All types of electrodes are suitable for it.

Inverter welding machine. Which is better for home?

Good welding inverters produced by the company ProfHelper. A whole line of units, called Prestige, is in rather great demand. Inverter Prestige 181S – one of the most common models. It is compact, it can be carried on the shoulder, which allows you to work even in hard to reach places. He is not afraid of voltage drops. The standard set of functions: “hot start”, “anti-sticking”, “forced arc” allow even a novice in welding to create high-quality, reliable seams.

If you plan to do some work on the construction of metal structures yourself at home or on a country site, then by the way, it will be impossible to purchase equipment such as an inverter welding machine. Which is better – to choose the buyer. After reading this article, you can not be afraid of making a mistake.

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