Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

The children’s room of the future man is distinguished by practicality, rigor and conciseness. The child grows – and in the room the atmosphere, atmosphere and functional features change. The toy storage system is replaced by a spacious wardrobe and a computer desk. A comfortable and comfortable bed for a boy is necessary at any age, therefore her choice should be approached with all responsibility.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

How to choose a bed for a boy: the main nuances

Choosing a bed for a boy is a serious and responsible event, which is based on a whole list of requirements. The design is selected taking into account the features associated with the rapid growth of the child, individual needs, practicality, safety and convenience.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

The bed should not be just comfortable – it is necessary that she liked the child. Therefore, cots for children from 3 years are recommended to choose in their presence.

One of the main parameters is the material of construction manufacture. For children, preference should be given to natural products that have a perfectly treated surface, so that the bed will be safe and environmentally friendly. The design should be free from corners and sharp projections. Children’s bunk beds for boys are required to have a safety fence for the second tier, as well as a solid and secure staircase.

Important! For safety, all edges of the bed are equipped with special soft textile or plastic nozzles.

Particular attention should be paid to the base, which should be orthopedic, which helps to prevent possible problems with the spine. This is especially important for children of school age. The functionality of the design is an important criterion, which is very important for small rooms. Ideally, the bed is complemented by various storage devices. For children up to 4 years, drawers or various shelves for storing toys are suitable. Older children can not do without comfortable large spacious cabinets for things.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

The design must be of high strength. For boys, this is especially important because active and mobile kids love to jump on their beds.

Important! When choosing a product, it is important to clarify the weight that the structure can withstand.

The dimensions of the bed are determined based on the age and size of the child. The length of the bed should be chosen with a margin designed to grow the baby within 5-6 years.

It is very difficult for the tender organism of a newborn to adapt in a new environment. A comfortable and comfortable bed will be the key to a quiet and healthy sleep of the baby, where he will feel secure and safe.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

The most popular model of a children’s bed up to 3 years is the cradle. In it, the baby seems to remain in her mother’s arms. The design can be suspended, have wheels or rocking chairs. The classic crib is equipped with protective bumpers around the perimeter, which protect the child from a sudden fall.

Helpful advice! For added convenience and safety, the surface of the structure is curtained with a canopy.

Transformers as they grow into a child turn into traditional single children’s beds from 2 years old with sides. This option is chosen by prudent parents, excluding additional expenses associated with the purchase of new furniture in connection with the maturation of the child. By preferring beds, arenas, you can simultaneously get a sleeping place and fenced play space. The design is equipped with soft sidewalls that will protect the little restless from blows in the fall.

Helpful advice! In beds arenas, instead of a lattice base, a tightly stretched fabric is provided, which eliminates the need for a mattress.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

Some models of beds for newborns have the ability to regulate the level of the bottom of the base. As the child grows up, the bottom can be lowered, which will allow the baby to move safely in the bed, holding onto the handrails. Having a car wall will allow a child to get out of bed and get into it without assistance.

Wheels can be added to the mobility structure, which are equipped with movement locks for added safety. The pendulum design, which will independently rock the baby, is a reliable assistant for every mother, giving her time to relax and do household chores.

A useful and convenient functional device is a built-in mini-dresser, thanks to which all the necessary things are kept at hand. Its upper surface can be used as a changing table.

The traditional option is a single bed, which takes up little space. The product is fenced with low side walls that can be adjusted in length. This bed is recommended for boys from 4 to 12 years. If you want to save money, you can buy a sliding single bed, which increases in length as the child matures.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

For ease of use, the design should be low. Her functionality will help roomy drawers for storing clothes. You can make the model interesting and original with the help of an unconventional shape of the frame and decorative design of the headboard and footboard, which is clearly demonstrated by the photo of children’s beds for boys.

The usual children’s bed has a single or one-and-a-half basis. The design has a rectangular shape (while it is located along one of the walls) or a circular configuration, involving the installation of the product in the middle of the room. The bed can be angular or built into a niche. The latter design is devoid of footboard and headboard.

The classic single bed should be chosen for boys of middle and senior school age. The design, made in a business style, resembles an adult bed.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

No less popular is the loft bed for a boy. This type of design is suitable for children from 4 to 10 years. The berth is placed at a certain height. Under it you can equip a playing or training area. Here it is desirable to create a convenient storage system in the form of a large cabinet or chest of drawers, install a desk, or arrange another bed.

For two brothers, the most appropriate option is considered a two-level design. The upper berth should be necessarily equipped with a protective side. An older child can sleep here.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

There are several options for bunk beds for boys. Photos of models clearly demonstrate that the beds can be located one above the other, perpendicular or offset to one side. The second and third options provide an opportunity to equip a zone for lessons, games or a storage system.

The bunk construction should be equipped with a solid and reliable staircase, which has wide steps and handrails. For greater safety, it is equipped with a backlight and is located at an angle. It is necessary that such a bed is not too high, since the child sleeping at the top will be uncomfortable and stuffy.

Helpful advice! With the help of additional devices, such a construction can be turned into a house, a tent, a tent, a bus, a pirate ship or a space station, which is clearly displayed on the photo of bunk beds for boys.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

A variation of the bunk bed is a retractable design. Its lower tier rolls out from under the top, resulting in the formation of two separate beds. In some models, the lower bed can be installed anywhere in the room. Manufacturers offer many options for retractable bunk beds with a table and a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and an open shelving, soft headboard, a step-ladder, as well as other accessories and decorations.

Helpful advice! For three boys, the most convenient and compact solution will be a retractable design with three levels.

There are many models of cots for boys, which have an unusual design, so they are the central element of the room.

The bed for a boy from 3 years old, made in the form of a house is very popular. This design has several design options. There are models where a classic bed is built into the wooden frame of the house. The original loft bed, under the sleeping place which is a hut. You can order a three-dimensional structure that resembles a real house.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

Important! Bed houses are made of natural wood, which is painted in any color.

Many future men will be delighted with the children’s bed from 3 years old, made in the form of a knight’s castle. The design has significant dimensions and is presented in a two-story design. On the second floor is a bed. The bottom space is used for games. To get to the second tier will help the ladder, and you can go down with a slide. Such a model is often equipped with a set of storage cabinets, which are made in the form of towers. Different product options are shown in the photo of cots for boys from 3 years.

Bed for a boy: how to choose the perfect bed for the future man

Important! Folding beds allow adolescent boys to maintain relative order in the room.

The range of children’s furniture is impressive wide variety. IKEA classic and bunk beds are very popular. When choosing a specific model, you should take into account the age of the child, his interests and preferences. Baby bed must meet the security issues, characterized by durability, reliability, functionality and originality of appearance. Only in this case the construction will serve for many years, pleasing the eye of the household.

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