Children’s beds: photos of various designs

Children’s room is considered a special room in which the child should feel comfortable. Here is obliged to reign warm, fantastic atmosphere, which will awaken the hidden talents and skills of a child of any age. An important element is a bed, which is selected taking into account the sex, age and personal preferences of the owner of the room. This article describes children’s beds: photos of various models will help you choose the perfect option.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

The main criteria for choosing a bed in the nursery

A baby bed should have a comfortable design, which is selected on the basis of the child’s age, functional features and stated requirements.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

The main criterion for quality products is the material of manufacture. When choosing a particular model for the child, preference is given to structures made from natural raw materials that have a perfectly flat surface of all components. Optimally, the tree handles this task. The crib from the massif of a tree is characterized by durability, reliability, durability and environmental friendliness. Natural wood has bactericidal properties and is free from unpleasant odor. The material will not cause allergies in the child, ensuring a healthy sleep. The disadvantage of such products is the high price of baby beds.

Affordable options, which also have good performance properties, are made of edged boards, MDF, plywood, chipboard and wooden board. Designs for teenagers, including two-tier models, can be made of metal. Beds are lightweight, but can withstand a significant load.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

It is necessary that the crib was reliable and safe in operation. The design should be devoid of sharp corners, protrusions, grooves, as well as have a flat surface of all components. Beds for small children and sleeping places of the second tier are equipped with safety fences.

When choosing a baby bed should consider the functionality of the design. Preference is given to models equipped with drawers for laundry. The product must fit into the overall interior of the room.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

Important! The bed must first be liked by the child.

There are many options for baby cots. Each model is designed for a child of a certain age. On the pictures of cots you can see the standard sizes of products. The smallest design has dimensions of 40×80 cm. This is a cot bed, which is designed for babies under 6 months of age.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

The standard wooden children’s bed for a newborn has a size of 60×120 cm. The height of the sleeping bed of such structures can vary from 50 to 70 cm, which is determined by the child’s age. The single classic model is characterized by minimum standard parameters of 70×130 cm. The maximum bed length can reach 170 cm, which is typical for sliding models. There are non-standard products with a width of 80-90 cm. The teenage single design may have a minimum size of 90×180 cm. However, models with a length of 200 cm are more popular.

A bunk bed for two children most often has a height of 1.5-1.8 m. Bed sizes can be different. The width of the bed of the second tier is usually 80-90 cm, length – 200 cm. The lower bed is made 20 cm shorter than the upper one. This is explained by the fact that the eldest child will sleep at the top, and the youngest – at the bottom.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

There are several types of cots for newborns, the photo clearly displays a variety of models. All of them differ in type of construction, functionality and period of use.

For just born baby you can buy a small bed. It has a small size and is designed for a child up to six months. Such a short-term sleeping place is not in great demand, since it is not designed for a grown-up baby.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

The cradle-cocoon is used exclusively for the newborn. It has an unusual shape and is limited around the perimeter by soft sides, which limits the movement of the child and provides peace of mind.

Suspended version of the bed allows you to place the structure anywhere. It can swing in the air, so that the child falls asleep very quickly. Suspended white cribs are especially popular. The lulling in such a cradle reminds the baby of the hand of the mother, who swing it before bedtime.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

The cot-car resembles a car seat, but its design is large. It is more spacious and comfortable for the baby. The portable version of the bed is equipped with straps, which allows you to move it to any distance without harm to the child. This design has a rigid and dense base.

The cot-cradle is also designed for a child from 0 to 6 months. The design is equipped with an electronic mechanism, due to which the bed is rocked. In such a bed, the baby calms down and falls asleep quickly. The bed should be made of natural material. The most suitable option for the manufacture of the cradle is considered a willow vine.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

The rocking bed is also equipped with a function of motion sickness. However, this is done mechanically due to the presence of runners, arranged longitudinally or transversely. Such beds for babies have a retainer, as a result of which the sleeping place will not rock, which is acceptable for a child older than 7 months. There are designs equipped with wheels, so you can easily move the bed. At the same time, they perform the function of a brake, which prevents an independent child from swaying.

Popular beds for kids with a pendulum, which are equipped with built-in mechanism. The control of such a construction is carried out with the help of a console, on which the amplitude and duration of motion sickness is set. Lulling in such a bed is considered more beneficial than in a rocking bed. The disadvantage of this design is its large size. In addition, when the mechanism breaks down, the bed will creak.

Children's beds: photos of various designs

Important! The pendulum is equipped with a lock that prevents the spontaneous swaying of the bed.

A cot made of solid wood has a removable side panel, so it can be installed close to the adult bed. This is especially significant in the first months of a child’s life, when it is important to ensure the proximity of the infant and the nursing mother. This design avoids a common mistake when a mother takes her baby to her at night. In this case, the baby seems to be sleeping with her, but at the same time lies in her crib.

The sofa bed “accordion” refers to a retractable type of furniture. The berth is formed by three elements: two backs and a seat. The width of the unfolded design is in the range of 120-195 cm. This sofa is installed close to one of the walls. With all the varieties of sofa beds in the nursery can be found in a selection of interesting photos.

Modern manufacturers of baby beds have taken care to create a wide range of products that are made in a variety of configurations, styles and with the use of various decorative devices and devices. Among the models presented, there will definitely be an option that will satisfy the stated requirements of the parents and will be pleasant to the child.

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