Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

Door locks have different degrees of security. There are several varieties of such devices, which differ in the principle of operation and installation option. A mortise lock for a wooden door is a very common device. A special socket is prepared for its installation inside the canvas. The closed arrangement of such a lock does not spoil the appearance of the door and makes it invulnerable to damage.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

What does installing a mortise lock for the front door?

These devices differ in the installation option. Mortise models can be mounted in a niche that runs in the side of the doorway. There is another way to install such a lock, in which it is located on the back side of the door. This uses a special pad.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

Many people believe that installing the mortise model negatively affects the strength of the door. However, this assumption is not true, since the size of the device does not exceed 30% of the total thickness of the canvas. Thus, there is still quite a lot of solid material (25-30 mm). Some doors of wood are very high strength. The most reliable products are made of oak. Installing a mortise lock in a wooden door of this type does not weaken it.

Such devices have many advantages that are worth paying attention to. For example, the closed arrangement of these devices increases their safety. In this case, it is much more difficult to get to the larvae and locking elements (crossbars). Such an arrangement of the castle prevents its pollution. An important advantage is the fact that such devices do not spoil the appearance of the door. This is especially true of those valves that are sheathed from the back side with an additional layer of wood.

Note! Mortise locks for wooden doors increase their strength. This is due to the fact that their body, located inside the canvas, acts as a reinforcement.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

Like any other device, mortise models have some drawbacks. The main one is the fact that when a lock fails, it is often necessary to replace the sash.

All mortise devices are divided into 2 groups depending on the principle of operation: cylinder and suvaldnye. The first option is quite common among domestic consumers. Many experts say that such devices are not considered the best. The doors on which the cylinder mechanism is installed are quite difficult to open using a master key, but they are not very reliable.

The principle of such a mortise lock for the entrance door is that there are several cylinders inside the mechanism. They are at different heights, so it is extremely difficult to open this mechanism using a master key. In the case of improper placement of the cylinder lock jams.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

Such devices have one weak point – their larva. Several strong, local shocks allow you to knock the mechanism out of the door. Today it is possible to solve this problem by acquiring additional protection. Only cylinder locks include a larva. There are two common options for additional protection for such devices:

  • lining;
  • balloons.

Covers are used to eliminate the possibility of knocking out a lock. In turn, the balls are located inside the mechanism and prevent the device from being removed from the door with a drill.

Currently, you can find many companies involved in the production of such devices. Very popular cylinder mortise locks Bulat. This is due to their democratic value. The mechanism of this type can be purchased for only 400-800 rubles.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

Cylinder locks are very easy to use, which is their advantage. In case of loss of keys it is not necessary to change the mechanism completely. You can simply insert another core. Thus, this type of lock is a good option for an entrance door made of wood. When buying a mortise cylindrical mechanism is recommended to take care of its additional protection.

The larva is the main mechanism of the mortise device. It is found only in the cylindrical type of locks. The design of this part is quite simple: inside there are metal split rods that are attached to the springs. Their function is to protect the lock against rotation when using the wrong key. The larva is present not only in the input devices, but also in the mortise locks for wooden interior doors.

Useful information! In the case of using the correct key, the following happens: when lifting the rods, their connectors are aligned with the core. This position affects the movement of the bolt. The notches that are on the body of the key play a very important role. When the combination coincides, the bolt is unlocked.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

In addition to the core, the locking design of the mortise lock for the door includes bolts. These parts, in fact, are bolts, through which the door leaf is closed.

It is important to remember that the design of the larvae can have different degrees of protection. As a rule, most of the options on the market today are not distinguished by high levels of security. Before acquiring a lock, it is recommended to consult with a specialist on this issue, who will tell you which device will work best for you.

This type of lock also belongs to the category of mortise. The advantages of the suvaldny mechanisms include a high strength indicator and a long operational life. Such devices are recommended by experts, as they are able to provide good security.

Previously, level locks were used to protect offices, and they were also installed in banking institutions. Currently, they are increasingly found in the front doors of ordinary residential apartments. Leveling devices, like cylinder, may have a handle. When buying a mortise lock with a handle, you need to find out whether it is suitable in appearance to the door leaf.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

The key feature of such a device is the presence of levers. These parts lock the door when you turn the key. Experts advise to acquire locks that have from 6 to 8 such elements. In this case, the best protection is provided. The cost of such devices is higher than the price of cylinder analogues. For example, the mortise lock of the Guardian suvaldnogo type is in the range from 700 to 1200 rubles.

The suvaldny mechanism is almost impossible to break by applying physical effort. It is resistant to impact, which makes it an excellent option to protect the front door. It is also worth noting that such devices can be supplemented with armored plates, and this increases the degree of their protection several times.

However, this mechanism has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that the keys for lock locks are distinguished by their large size. Therefore, they are not very convenient to carry. Opening and closing of the lock is made on both sides of the door only with a key, which can also be attributed to negative points.

Many experts recommend such devices to protect the front door. Combined models include two types of mechanism. Today you can find double locks that have the same principle of operation and devices with different opening options. The most common locks:

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

  • two-cylinder;
  • two-scoop
  • suvaldno-cylinder.

Note! It is possible to distinguish conventional devices from combined ones by one feature – the size of the mortise lock. In this case, its dimensions will be much more than standard models.

It is important to remember that in such a device, both mechanisms can be independent. However, most often they complement each other, which is the preferred option. This is due to the fact that when the first mechanism is opened, the second mechanism simply closes.

From the minuses of such devices it is worth noting that they are quite difficult to repair in the event of a breakdown. They are characterized by high strength and long operating life. Therefore, the repair of the mortise lock may not be necessary for many years. In any case, the choice of device depends entirely on the personal preferences of the owners.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

As an alternative to combination locks, you can install two separate products. Mounting the cylinder and suvaldny device on the door many times increases the degree of protection of the dwelling.

Currently, the market of locking door mechanisms abounds in various models of locks. Of the variety that is present on the shelves, there are several models that are considered the most effective. Many users note that the devices of these brands are of high quality.

Cisa (Chisa). Shut-off products produced by this company are distributed throughout the world. The range of mortise locks Cisa is incredibly wide. This allows you to select a device that fits any type of door leaf. All models of this brand are highly durable and have anti-shock protection. As for the cost, then in the domestic market you can find both expensive options and low cost.

Mortise lock for wooden doors: reliable protection of the apartment from breaking

Kale. Mortise mechanisms, which are manufactured by a Turkish company, are very popular. Unlike the previous brand, the cost of these devices is more attractive. The range of Kale mortise locks is not so large, but if you wish, you can purchase any type of lock: cylinder, lever, and a combination lock.

Next, you need to attach to the mate of the doorway a special metal bar. For its fixing screws are used. If a handle is provided in the lock design, then it is installed last.

Thus, mortise models differ in the principle of operation and design. They can be supplemented with handles or not have them. When choosing a suitable device, it is recommended to pay attention to its appearance and characteristics. Mandatory rule – a request for a passport to the device, which indicates all the necessary data.

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