What is cheaper to make loft-style decoration from?

Rectangular tiled flooring is a distinctive feature of a loft-style interior. The product has an aesthetic appearance, wear-resistant, easy to fit. Tiles can be made of gypsum, porcelain stoneware, artificial stone, clinker.

The know-how on the market is considered to be a coating made of aerated concrete. It has a density of D400-D600 and a strength of B2.5-B5. Produced in sizes: 250 × 75 × 10 mm and 25×0 × 50 × 10 mm, easily installed on foam glue, has many configurations: from classic to braided or diagonal.

Another advantage is that tiles can be cut with an ordinary knife, without the use of diamond discs. It is advisable to install the material on a solid surface, with or without joining, and it is not necessary to rub them.

It should be used with caution on surfaces in rooms with high humidity. Then it is recommended to treat the tiles with special water repellents. The material does not like strong mechanical shocks, damage.

To understand which coating to choose for finishing, let’s compare the prices and cost of work for the most common types of tiles (prices are indicated in DIY stores in Moscow for October 2019):

Price per m 2, r Clinker Porcelain stoneware Concrete Gypsum YTONG
Tile 809 787 669 407 320
Adhesive (thickness 3mm) 47 47 47 47 49
1 layer primer 12 12 12 12 12
LX 300 Quick-mix paint 0 0 0 0 51
Total 868 846 728 466 432

Based on the costs at every stage, YTONG Décor tiles are a profitable purchase for a loft-style interior.

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