Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

Bulky shower enclosures lose their popularity in the design of a modern bathroom, especially when the dimensions of this room are very small. In such cases, the ideal option is to be able to mount a shower drain in the floor under the tile. Which ladder is better to choose and how to properly install it, this article will tell in detail.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

Floor drain tile: definition and purpose

The gangway is a plastic, metal-plastic or metal plumbing device, which is designed to collect and discharge waste water from the shower room to the main drain riser. It has a simple, convenient design that mounts under a waterproof floor. All components of the product are made of anti-corrosion material.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

In addition to the main purpose, the ladder has several additional functions:

  • performs filtration of waste water from large impurities;
  • provides complete sealing with floor covering;
  • protects against unpleasant odors emanating from the general sewage system.

The appearance of the sanitary ladder can be oval, rectangular, square or round. By design – it is near-wall, linear or point devices. The wall and linear floor drain is installed along the edges or in the corners of the shower room, and the point drain can be located anywhere in the room.

It is possible to buy a ladder for a shower beginning from the simplest model and finishing with a difficult design with a cut-off and a cascade of the return wet and dry valves. The standard model’s trap is designed for a ton of weight and medium temperature up to 80 ° C.

Helpful advice! The height of the product is selected based on the level of raising the floor, equal to the thickness of its screed.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

To facilitate the installation of the device, manufacturers began to produce designs with variable height products. The optimal solution for a household shower is a plastic drain with a stainless steel grate, direct or side outlet, a water seal and a dry gate.

The upper part of the shower drain consists of a decorative stainless steel grate. This is followed by a drainage filtering grate, which detains large debris and protects the premises from sewage odors. This grille is fixed using sealing flanges and rings. This is followed by the drain itself, consisting of a glass and a base with a branch pipe, which is connected to the pipeline with a coupling. The tap can be single and continuous for several devices connected to the same pipe.

Helpful advice! In case of clogging or failure of the filtering grid, it can be replaced with a new one by removing the upper part of the structure.

In the case of a mounted floor drain for a shower, the shower cabin can be of any size, and is located in any room, even with a non-standard layout. Thanks to the lightweight construction of the drain, all installation work can be carried out independently.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

If you buy a ladder under a tile for a shower cabin with a dry shutter, then the possibility of the ingress of unpleasant odors from the sewage system into the shower room is immediately excluded. A simple mobile design allows you to clean the drain from pollution and change worn parts.

The low cost of the product allows you to get a full shower cabin at no extra cost. It is enough to lay out the floor with non-slip ceramic tiles, organize restrictive sides and plastic compartment doors and properly connect all communications.

Helpful advice! If the flooring is performed with a slope in the direction of the drain device for gravity movement of water, then you can do without restrictive curbs and side walls, enclosing the cabin.

It is necessary to approach the choice of the drain device competently and carefully, having studied features of each type of a product and possible term of operation.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

Helpful advice! When selecting a ladder, not only its functional features are taken into account, but also the appearance, which should be in harmony with the overall design of the bathroom.

All shower drains differ from each other in their design, height and shape. The shape of the outer grille can be rectangular, round, square or oval. Depending on the design of the device may be linear, point and wall.

Point products can be located anywhere in the room. Linear shower drains are placed mainly on the edges and in the corners of the room. Wall ladders set near the walls.

Helpful advice! Linear slotted shower drains are ideal for the elderly, children and people with disabilities.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

The height of the ladder can be 90-150 mm. Drain capacity is 0.8-1 l / s. Depending on a suitable sewer pipe to the place of discharge, the drain may be with horizontal or vertical discharge. More convenient drainage provide horizontal ladders. But vertical drain ladders provide greater throughput.

If the sewer pipe is brought from the basement or the lower floor, or if the shower stall is located on the platform, you should choose a floor drain for the floor with a direct outlet.

If the trench for the drain pipe is laid in the floor under a slope, there is a place to buy a shower drain with a side outlet. To be able to turn the drain pipe to the side, you should choose a ladder with a discharge under the slope.

Shower tile under the tile can be with a dry, water or mechanical shutter. A ladder with a water seal is considered to be the simplest and cheapest option. Here, the function of the plug is performed by the water itself, which is retained in the siphon and prevents the sewage stench from entering the room. If the shower is used constantly, dampness may occur, which contributes to the development of pathogens. Here you should constantly disinfect.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

In case of prolonged non-use of the shower, the water dries out, and all the smells from the sewage system penetrate the shower room safely. This type of ladder is ideal for warm rooms with frequent discharge of waste water.

The most acceptable and popular option is a shower drain with a dry shutter. It does not cause moisture. Here, all the water instantly goes into the sewer. Such a system is ensured by the presence in the structure of a ball ladder that is planted in a funnel. When the ladder is filled with water, it gradually begins to emerge, and thus opens the drain. After the water flow, it returns to its place, and blocks the access of air from the sewage system. It is applied to rooms with a rare abstraction of waste liquid.

The ladder with a mechanical shutter is ideal for installation on the street or in poorly heated rooms. Here, thanks to the non-freezing structure and the specially non-retaining liquid, the possibility of unpleasant sewage odors in the shower room is excluded.

The most popular products today are vertical drains with a dry shutter, which provide maximum throughput and protect the room from unpleasant stench.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

Helpful advice! To eliminate the possibility of such a valve failing as a result of fouling with debris, it should be regularly cleaned.

The height of the ladder plays an important role in its selection. It directly depends on the height of the floor screed. A higher ladder has better throughput than a lower one. It is better to buy a ladder for the shower under the tile in the floor with adjustable height.

Also, drains for the shower under the tile should be selected according to the diameter of the sewer pipe. For residential buildings, it is recommended to install a ladder with a 50 mm outlet diameter, which has a flow capacity of 0.7 l / s. For public spaces, bends with a diameter of 100 mm are used, providing a throughput of 2.1 l / s.

The dry floor drain can be made of plastic, cast iron and stainless steel. Plastic products are lightweight, easy to clean, resistant to aggressive environment, durable. They are often used for shower rooms in private houses and apartments. Drainage of waste water occurs through the gap between the shower tray and the grate, as well as through holes in the upper part of the grate.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

Plastic ladders are equipped with removable decorative or fixed grilles of various shapes and patterns. The height of the product is 75-180 mm. Mount the shower drain in the floor under the tile can be near the wall or in the open area of ​​the room.

All components of the sanitary element, except the legs and the grille, are made of high-strength plastic. Siphon is often made of floating balls technology. Although this design reduces throughput, it equips it with a dry valve. After a complete outflow of water, the balls fall to the bottom, thus blocking the access of air with unpleasant odors from the sewer channel.

To reduce the cost of the product, the legs can be made of steel perforated tape. Then the required height of the ladder is achieved by bending the tape. Adjustable screw feet can be used instead of steel tape.

For arranging public showers, sports and sauna complexes and health centers, plastic sewers are often used 110 mm. This compact unit is built into the floor with a slight slant. It is compatible with almost any floor covering.

Floor drain tile: modern bathroom solution

It is recommended to install stainless steel drains for rooms with high hygienic requirements. Products are most relevant for children’s institutions, swimming pools, medical and recreational facilities.

Not only the body, but also a decorative grille can be made of stainless steel. Modern solutions are linear stainless steel strips, which are used to collect large amounts of wastewater. They are almost invisible in the floor, filled with stone or ceramic tiles. May have a curved shape in the shape of the letter “U”.

It is possible to buy a ladder for a shower under a tile in any shop of sanitary products, having picked up one of types which will be ideally suited for your bathroom. With proper selection of the product and high-quality building materials for its installation, the long service life of the whole structure is guaranteed.

The simple design of the ladder will allow yourself to mount it in the floor of the shower room without the help of a specialist, which further reduces the total cost of repairs.

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