Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Fresh and clean air, not polluted by exhaust gases and various harmful substances, is a rarity for big cities. However, not so long ago, it became possible to use an air ionizer in the apartment, thanks to which it is possible to improve the indoor climate. Consider how this device works, what you should pay attention to when choosing and whether it is possible to make it yourself.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Air ionization: what is it

The air that surrounds us and that we breathe contains molecules that have both positive and negative charges. They are called aeroions. These particles are vital to every person, and the more of them in the air, the better.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

The number of air ions contained in the air directly affects human well-being and health. They have a positive effect on performance. For example, their greatest number is in the coniferous forest, where we are always breathing freely and easily. Also, the number of air ions can increase after rain, when the air is enriched with oxygen.

In nature, plants are responsible for producing molecules containing positive and negative charges. For this reason, in the city a person almost constantly lacks these beneficial particles. In order to achieve a sufficient level of aeroion content necessary for comfortable living, air ionizers are used in apartments, which artificially produce them. This happens in different ways, depending on the type of device.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

There are six types of air ionizers for an apartment, each of which has its own differences in work and the specificity of the production of positively and negatively charged ions. All devices are divided into thermoelectronic, radioisotope, hydrodynamic, radioactive, corona and photoelectric. But at the same time in the apartment it is permissible to use only corona ionizers.

The bottom line is that in living rooms air ionizers are used for prophylactic purposes. Therefore, their power should not be too high. For apartments, low-power appliances are used, which simultaneously enrich the air with both positive and negative charges. But it happens in such quantity that it would have a positive effect on the organism of people living in an apartment and would not cause harm.

The use of more powerful devices is permissible, for example, in hospitals. Such devices are several times more powerful than household ones, however, their use has also been approved by the Ministry of Health, subject to compliance with all norms and recommendations.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Due to the presence in the room of such a device, the air is cleaned, small particles of dust settle down, the pathogens die, and the electrostatic fields on the clothes are neutralized. This has a beneficial effect on improving immunity, normalizing body tone, reducing fatigue. In addition, under the influence of this device, a person tolerates some diseases more easily and sleeps better.

However, all these positive effects can be felt only if the power of the device meets the requirements. Otherwise, you can feel the negative impact of this device. This is due to the fact that, together with positively charged particles, the device produces ozone. Oversaturation of the body with this gas can cause nausea, increased fatigue and lethargy.

Helpful advice! In order to avoid the negative effect of the air ionizer on the body, it is recommended to turn off the device at night. Use it better in the daytime.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Having figured out how the air ionizer works, what it is and how the release of air ions occurs, you should pay attention to the effect it has on a person. Studies on the effect of ions on the human body have been conducted for more than two hundred years, and more than once it has been proven that such an effect has a lot of positive aspects.

First of all, increase of working capacity, improvement of general state of health is noted. Breathing air, in which there is a sufficient amount of ions, a person feels more alert and energetic. The general body tone is normalized, and the brain activity increases.

In addition, experts note the following effects of the ionizer on the body:

  • increase immunity;
  • normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • hair growth stimulation;
  • acceleration of gas exchange;
  • reducing the risk of viral infections and much more.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Of course, there are certain contraindications to the use of an air ionizer, which everyone who has made the decision to purchase the device must be familiar with. However, there are not so many of them, and for most healthy people this device is not dangerous if all the rules and recommendations for use are observed.

In order for the effect of the air ionizer to be beneficial to the body, it is necessary to choose the device that you plan to use indoors. In a normal environment, the number of air ions in the air should be in the range from 600 to 50 thousand units per 1 cm ?. Typically, in apartments, this figure is undervalued by about 15 times.

To normalize this indicator use air ionizers, which can also perform a number of additional functions. For example, there are devices that, in addition to enrichment with ions, also moisten and purify the air.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Cleaning devices can neutralize bacteria in the air, and also eliminate dust and smoke. Devices with air humidification function help to maintain the humidity in the room at the proper level. Most modern devices combine all these features and are called cleaning and moisturizing air ionizers.

The simplest devices that are recommended for air ionization are salt lamps. They produce ions by heating the salt on the surface of the lamp.

There are also unipolar devices that produce only particles with negative charges and bipolar, which are capable of enriching the air with both positive and negative ions. In this case, the second type of ionizer is much more expensive.

The main recommendations of experts are aimed at the fact that it is necessary to select the right devices, in accordance with the type and size of the room in which it is planned to use. For office or residential premises require different devices, as well as for cars. It is worth paying attention to the presence of a filter. It can be carbon, fabric, water, photocatalytic or HEPA.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Helpful advice! Before you make a purchase, make sure that the type of power that is required for a particular device corresponds to what is in the room.

In addition to a number of medical contraindications to the use of air ionizers, you need to learn a number of rules, compliance with which will allow you to use the device safely. It is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

  • High-quality ventilation is one of the most important conditions for the full operation of the device. If there is not enough air in the room, this will lead to an increase in the number of heavy air ions. As a result, dust can linger in the upper respiratory tract;
  • Installation of the device also requires attention: if you are indoors when the device is in operation, the distance to it should be at least 1 m;
  • for excessively dusty or smoky rooms, the use of an ionizer is also not recommended.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Particular attention should be paid to the choice and installation, if you have children. The air ionizer is able to have a positive effect, making it easier to carry diseases and stabilize the work of the whole organism. However, the device is not recommended for children under 1 year, as well as for those who have individual intolerance and contraindications.

Helpful advice! Best of all, before you buy an air ionizer for an apartment, visit a doctor and consult about the need for such a purchase in your case.

Having dealt with what is necessary for the air ionizer and what you should pay attention to when choosing, you can go on to see the most popular models offered on the market today. In addition, it is worth considering the possibility of self-manufacturing such a device.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Understanding the basic parameters of this device will help you choose the most suitable option for yourself. First of all, you should pay attention to the maximum ion concentration. This characteristic is indicated in the passport of each model based on the data obtained when measuring at a distance of 1 m from the instrument.

The figure, which is indicated in the documents, means that at a distance of 1 m from the device, 1 cm? air contains exactly the number of charged particles. The permissible limits of this indicator from 1000 ions / cm? up to 50,000 ions / cm ?. If the index is too low, then there will simply be no point in such an acquisition, since there will be no effect. If, on the contrary, the concentration is excessively high, then it is also not suitable for domestic use.

It is best to buy an air ionizer for the home, which provides an ion concentration of 15,000 ions / cm ?, however, most modern devices are more efficient. It is not bad if this indicator does not exceed the maximum limit of 50,000 ions / cm ?.

Air ionizer: everything about work and features of use of the device

Another important parameter is the voltage on the ionizer emitter. A normal indicator is considered to be 20-30 kV. This information can also be obtained from the technical passport of the device.

Helpful advice! If the documentation does not indicate the voltage on the ionizer emitter or this parameter is below 20 kV, it is not recommended to purchase such a device.

It is important to understand that for permanent and sustainable formation of negative ions, it is necessary that the voltage be at least 10? 16 kV. Reliable operation of the device is ensured if the lower voltage limit is set at 20 kV. Another option is too high a voltage indicator that exceeds the 30 kV mark. In this case, there is a risk of excessive production of aeroions, which can adversely affect the well-being of people in the room.

After that, according to the scheme, the timer must be connected to a transformer and connect a voltage multiplier, which is assembled from capacitors and diodes of КЦ 106. Then the wiring from the multiplier is moved approximately 2–3 cm apart from each other, after which the device can be switched on. The appearance of the characteristic odor of ozone in the air will indicate the proper operation of the device.

After reviewing all the characteristics and capabilities of this type of device, there is no doubt about how a positive effect on a person can have air ionizers for home. The prices of these devices are very diverse, so that everyone can certainly choose for themselves the suitable option to improve air quality and compensate for the lack of ions.

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