Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

Inserts of glass in the interior doors? Not only stylish and refined decor, but also a great functional addition, because it provides excellent visibility of the space behind the door. Glass insert can be any: transparent, shaded, semi-matte or matte. Very often used inset design with elegant painting, exquisite stained glass or mosaic. Such interior doors with glass will advantageously decorate any interior.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

Interior doors with glass: general characteristics

Doors with glass insert? This is the perfect solution for interior decor. Such designs look stylish and beautiful, and also make it possible to create additional lighting and the effect of lightness. Plug-in elements are processed in such a way that when mechanical damage occurs, the glass falls into small granules without sharp edges, which excludes the possibility of injury.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

The choice of doors with glass inserts must be approached responsibly. Although it may seem that this detail is not so important in the room, but the quality of the doors and their aesthetic appearance directly affect the overall atmosphere and interior of the room.

The modern market offers a wide selection of original and spectacular models, so very often the door becomes the main individual element, under which it is necessary to select the appropriate design and furniture, and not vice versa.

When choosing interior doors with glass insert, you must be guided by the following parameters:

  • the size of the doorway and its individual qualities (standard or original);
  • type of doors, depending on the method of opening;
  • general style of the interior and room design;
  • ergonomic features of the doors.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

When choosing a door, it is necessary to inform the seller-consultant of the dimensions of the doorway, as well as the thickness of the walls. Thanks to these parameters, it is easier to choose the appropriate option.

It is also important to determine the budget, which will also simplify the choice. A huge number of factors affect the price of a glass construction, including the type of construction, the material of the profile, the decoration technique, and the fittings. Most often, the cost of interior doors is calculated individually.

According to the method of opening the door are swing, sliding and folding. The most common and comfortable look – swing products. Interior double-wing swing doors with glass are often installed in the hall, living room or dining room.

Sliding designs are suitable for owners of small corridors. This model makes it possible to save space. In the classic interior door with glass sliding design in closed form looks exactly the same as the usual swing model.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

The most impractical version of the door – folding design. On the one hand, the door-accordion saves space, and its appearance attracts attention as an unusual detail. On the other hand, the mechanisms by which the doors operate, very often break.

Important! The dimensions of the doors must strictly comply with the parameters of the opening and the dimensions of the room. According to Russian standards, the canvas has a width of 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm and a height of 200 and 220 cm. The thickness of standard constructions is 4 cm. For example, for a standard door 200×70 cm an opening with parameters of 205×78 cm is necessary. For an opening larger than 90 cm it is better to use double interior doors with glass.

It is possible to choose the right door for a room if you know all kinds of products and their parameters. In addition, you can ask the right questions in the store and assess the quality of the proposed model. Doors are classified according to the following criteria:

  • manufacturing method;
  • production material;
  • kind of coverage.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

According to the production method, these types of doors are distinguished: panel and panel doors. Paneled structures are made either from solid wood or from combined raw materials. By design, they are a frame and thin shields inserted into the frame – panels. In the case of glazed doors, glass was inserted into the internal openings of the frame instead of some panels.

Such structures are obtained in relief, and the door itself is very strong and reliable. However, the weight of the paneled door is much greater than the mass of the shield model. For the manufacture of such interior design is usually used natural veneer or melamine. Also as a coating can be used various types of varnishes.

The surface of the panel doors is usually smooth, but there are models with a raised top plane, which is created by finishing the baguette. The frame is often made of fine wood.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

Inside, panel doors can be solid or fine-hollow filled with slats made of natural wood or chipboard, MDF, NDF. The most durable, but at the same time heavy doors with a solid filling are called reinforced. Manually manufactured products with small-filled content – and the quality of these doors is not the best. Doors with cellular filling are considered the best design in terms of price and quality.

For the production of doors using an array or wood substitutes with a different coating. In the first case, the product consists entirely of natural wood, often valuable species. These doors are very strong and durable. They look presentable, solid and respectable. Products provide excellent sound insulation, but, accordingly, this design is not cheap.

It is more practical to buy interior doors made of wood substitutes, which are covered with expensive wood veneer. They are cheaper than massive ones, they weigh much less, and they are also less susceptible to temperature changes and moisture. In appearance, only a professional can distinguish them from massive models. For the manufacture of such structures using chipboard, MDF and other wood-like materials. From above, they can be covered with melamine or natural veneer.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

Doors with cellular filling are made on the basis of cellulose, after which they are impregnated with a special solution. The design is a cell that is placed inside the canvas. These models weigh a little, they are quite reliable and durable, and most importantly – are inexpensive. Products are almost immune to temperature changes in the room.

Helpful advice! Door leafs made of natural wood are expensive designs, so you can buy veneered models in the color of bleached oak. Interior doors with glass of this design are best suited for the style of Provence.

Doors are usually veneered or melamine coated. Very often, designs of inexpensive wood or wood substitutes are finished with a thin layer of expensive wood – veneer. According to external characteristics, such products are difficult to distinguish from structures made of solid wood. They weigh less and are cheaper, but less durable.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

Melamine is decorative resin-impregnated paper. The thickness of the material is 0.1 mm. This surface looks beautiful, it is quite resistant to mechanical stress. Melamine has several advantages:

  • low price;
  • a wide choice of pattern, color and texture (matte, glossy, semi-glossy, with a relief).

Often drawing on the surface imitates natural wood. Cloths coated with melamine, do not fade in the sun, they are difficult to scratch, and they are less susceptible to moisture in the room than veneered.

Helpful advice! For veneered or massive interior doors need to take care, using special polishes for furniture. Do not use solvents, acetone or powder to wash them.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

Glazed doors are sheets with glass inserts in the form of windows of various configurations. You can buy a design that is already equipped with glass or with special holes for them. Glazing material is different.

The most durable glass is tempered. It is produced under the influence of high temperature in a special furnace. After processing, the strength of glass increases by 5–7 times, therefore, breaking up, the material is scattered into tiny fragments with blunt edges.

Particularly attractive and original glass is obtained after processing by fusing technology. Its essence lies in the sintering of the material. To do this, a colored drawing of pieces is collected on a glass sheet, which is then merged together in an oven. Fusing technology allows you to create a stained glass effect.

For the glazing of interior doors, ordinary, transparent, frosted, mirror, tinted, stained glass, material with diamond or sandblasting are also used.

Interior doors with glass: an original and functional solution

It is interesting! For doors with glass inserts characterized by lower sound insulation compared with solid structures. This means that the larger the glass area, the worse the soundproofing of the door. However, in the case of the use of double glazing acceptable sound insulation is preserved. You can also ensure adequate protection from unwanted sounds using durable glass with a thickness of 6–7 mm, but only provided that the glass insert occupies no more than 20% of the entire surface.

Interior doors with a mirror took an important place in interior design, decorated in styles such as high-tech, minimalism, as well as classic. During the manufacture of such models apply a solid cloth or small inserts of any shape.

Installation of new glass is recommended to perform on the door, which is removed from the hinges and placed on a horizontal surface. Around the perimeter of the cell for glass is treated with silicone for windows and glasses. After that, the glass sheet is mounted in a rubberized gasket and carefully inserted into place. Then again it is necessary to process the edges with silicone sealant. It will take about an hour for the sealant to set. Now you can hang the door.

Helpful advice! The glass insert must never be flush with the cell. This means that its dimensions should be smaller than the dimensions of the section by 1.5-2 mm from all sides.

Interior doors with glass inserts – a reliable and sturdy product that has a long service life. Such designs harmoniously combine beauty and functionality. At the moment, manufacturers offer to buy a huge variety of models, which differ in color and opening method. When choosing a product, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material, as well as take into account the design of the room, which will be decorated by the selected model of the interior door with glass.

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