Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

With the arrival of heat, not only nature comes to life, but also annoying insects that wake up and strive to get into the house. To protect the home from unwanted guests, you should install mosquito nets on the windows. There are various versions of the products, which are selected depending on the conditions and personal preferences. What are the types of designs and how products can be attached to the window, you can learn from this article.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

Mosquito net on plastic window: product feature

The fine-meshed grid was used thousands of years ago and served to overlap window openings or hung over the bed. Using such an accessory, it was possible to protect the space from annoying flies, mosquitoes and other insects that could be carriers of various infections.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

The materials that are now used for the production of the grid, are environmentally friendly. They are odorless and have a long service life. The mosquito net is made of cotton, polyethylene, nylon, polyester or fiberglass. To give the product durability and resistance to temperature fluctuations, the web is covered with PVC microlayer. Cell size should be in the range of 0.6-1.2 mm.

The frame is made of aluminum or PVC. Order on the window mosquito net can be white, gray, black or brown. To create a good seal between the net canvas and the frame is placed brush sealer.

Important! There are plastic mosquito nets, the price of which will be higher than analogs, since they are soaked with special insecticides. They contain deltamerin or permethrin, which create an impassable barrier for all insects and are safe for human and animal health.


Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

The main advantages of mosquito nets for the window:

  • resistance to deformation;
  • resistance to any weather conditions that do not adversely affect the performance of the product;
  • do not fade in the sun;
  • moisture resistance;
  • protection from insects, poplar fluff and large debris;
  • do not interfere with visibility from a window and airing of the room;
  • ease and simplicity in installation and leaving;
  • prevent the animals from accidentally falling out of the window.

Today, manufacturers produce a wide range of mosquito nets. Before you purchase a product, you should be familiar with the features of each type. Depending on the design, mosquito nets can be:

  • framework;
  • roller shutter (roll);
  • Pleated systems;
  • sliding;
  • “Antikoshka”;
  • “Antipilts”.

For standard windows, universal rectangular designs are selected. However, you can order a mosquito net on a plastic window of an unconventional shape: triangular, arched or trapezoidal. The product can be monophonic, multi-colored or with a pattern.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

There are various options for mounting the product on the window:

  • on magnets;
  • on loops;
  • on hooks;
  • on stocks;
  • on the corners;
  • on the buttons;
  • on burdock velcro;
  • on sticky tape.

Frame grid is the most common option. The product has a simple design and affordable price. Can be removable or sliding. If the product has a large size, the structure is reinforced with a plank in the center. The mesh can be mounted inside or outside the window. The first option (the so-called plunger) involves the use of special short metal hooks, which are fixed along the inner perimeter of the window profile. The outer type of mesh implies the use of corners, thanks to which the product can be easily installed and removed.

This is the most suitable option, which is used for frequent opening. The product can be mounted on a plastic, aluminum and wooden window. Mosquito nets of this type will not cause significant damage to the window opening. The mesh is easy to operate and maintain. To clean it, it must be removed and rinsed under running water. Buy mosquito stack on a plastic window of a standard size can be from 450 rubles.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

Sliding designs work on the principle of doors in wardrobes. They can be easily and freely moved along special guides in the form of an aluminum profile to the right-to-left. Along the perimeter of the product is equipped with a sealing nap, which tightly covers any gaps. For easy displacement of the grid, the horizontal frame elements are equipped with rollers. Buy a window mosquito net can be from 1200 rubles.

Roll mesh is a relatively new invention. The product is a mesh cloth, rolled into a roll, which is attached to the guide profile with a transverse bar. The principle of the grid is the same as rollt. In the lowered position, the product completely covers the window opening, and in the assembled state it is located in the form of a roll in an aluminum box. The mesh moves along the side guides, which, thanks to the brush-shaped seals, prevent the product from skewing and jamming, and also create a reliable insulation.

Helpful advice! Roll mosquito net is recommended for large windows and balcony doors.

Due to the fact that the product can be completely hidden in the box, it is possible to protect it from various external factors and mechanical damage, which reduces wear and prolongs its service life. The grid can be placed on the window all year round, this eliminates the need to remove it in the winter time. This design of the protective product allows you to adjust the degree of tension of the spring without dismantling the grid.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

Rolling mosquito system is mounted from the street, so its presence is unobtrusive from the inside. The grid is installed on the attic windows from the inside. Having a reinforced shaft and duct, the product can be mounted on a window of any width and height without fear of possible sagging of the system. The main disadvantage of such a mosquito is its high cost. The price of a roll mosquito net is an average of 4,000 rubles.

The pleated mesh is an unusual construction in the form of an accordion, having a fold width of not more than 10 mm. This design can close the window of various shapes and any size. This is ideal for large windows. The grid can block a window up to 3 m high and up to 5 m wide, therefore it can be used for arranging a winter garden, terraces, cottages, and swimming pools.

To fold or install a pleated mesh in a window opening, loosen or tighten a special cord. The canvas is hidden in a plastic cassette, which eliminates the need to dismantle the product in the winter time.

The mesh is made of special plastic in various colors and a variety of decorative design. This allows you to enter the product in any design, and use not only as protection, but also as an element of the interior. The design does not provide a lower threshold, which simplifies the movement of the product. It is possible to buy mosquito netting on a plastic window, the price of which starts from 5000 rubles / m ?, you can in specialized stores.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

Pleated system can be installed in one of these ways:

  • universal, providing horizontal opening and closing in both directions;
  • unilateral, with right or left opening;
  • with a counter opening;
  • with opening in a vertical plane, which is used for roof windows.

A special type of mosquito net is the “anti-window”. The product is made of a special material PetScreen, which is a vinyl or nylon yarn coated with polyester. The thickness of the fibers is not less than 0.8 mm, which ensures durability, reliability and resistance to mechanical damage. The cover, equipped with an additional mount, is able to withstand the weight of a pet, so that it will not fall out of the window. On a quality canvas will not leave a single trace of scratches. The grid can not be removed for the winter, because the product has good frost resistance.

Helpful advice! To install the “anti-roll” grid, you should use a plunger mount to ensure maximum resistance of the product to mechanical stress.

It is recommended to purchase ready-made canvas or buy a mosquito net in a roll, which can be installed on all windows of the house. The average cost of the product is 1300 rubles / m ?.

Another unusual product with unique properties is the anti-dust mosquito net. The canvas is made of dense material that is able to hold the smallest particles. Despite the density of the fibers, the mesh passes air and sunlight well. The main drawback of the product is that it quickly gets dirty, but cleaning the mesh is very simple: first you need to wash the surface with warm soapy water, then you need to wipe it dry with a soft cloth. The price of a mosquito grid per window is 2400 rubles / m ?.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

High-quality frame for mosquito nets is made by manufacturers of window designs by extrusion of aluminum. It is here that you can order a mosquito net on a plastic window, the price of which will depend on the type of product. The surface of the frame is covered with a special powder paint, as a result of which it does not rust, shows resistance to temperature differences and the negative effects of chemicals. Profile walls should be 0.7-1 mm thick.

The frame profile at the corners is joined by means of connecting angles made of plastic or aluminum, which have different wall thickness and differ in appearance. For reliable and durable operation, you should choose solid products. In the case of such elements there are no cavities and notches, so there will not accumulate dirt.

The mesh size of the grid should be between 1-1.2 mm to provide good protection against insects. If this value is less, the product is convenient as a protection against small midges, however, the mesh will not allow air to pass inside the room. The standard color for the grid is gray. You should not choose white products, because they will be clearly visible contamination and the color will fade.

Important! Good quality mosquito net should not smell unpleasant.

For convenience and installation of the product, special handles are installed on the frame. If they are made of soft plastic and are attached with a rubber cord, their lifespan will not exceed 2 years. Provided they are made of hard plastic and fastened on rivets, they can serve for more than 5 years. If metal-plastic handles on rivets are used, their service life will be about 10 years.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

Fiberglass mosquito net is a reliable protection against mosquitoes, but it will not be able to keep a pet. It is better to buy a mesh on the window of polyester, which has a black color. The cell size is 0.6-0.8 mm, and each thread is able to withstand weight up to 4 kg.

Before you install the mosquito net, it is important to explore the options for mounting the product. The most reliable method of mounting is plunger. Special pins with a closer, which are adjustable in length, can be installed on any type of window. The elements are screwed into the window frame, ensuring a reliable fit of the structure, which will be as resistant to wind gusts as possible. The mosquito net with plunger mounting is easy to install and remove.

For external fixation of a mosquito product, plastic corners are often used, which are installed inconspicuously and do not spoil the appearance of the window. The elements are attached to the corners of the structure with the use of screws.

The grid can be fixed with metal z-shaped corners, which provide convenient and reliable use and do not require additional holes in the frame. However, such a connection does not create proper adherence of the mesh to the frame, leaving small gaps for insects.

The cheapest but less reliable fastening is a “flag” in the form of small-sized plastic hooks that are fixed on the net. Such elements are unstable to the negative effects of the environment. A strong gust of wind easily breaks such a mount.

Mosquito nets on the windows: a reliable barrier from insects, dust and down

The mosquito net can be fixed with self-adhesive tape, which ensures a tight and reliable fit of the product to the frame. Burdock tape is an environmentally friendly material, not afraid of moisture, temperature fluctuations. In this product there is no frame, so the grid does not take up much space. The product can be removed and installed many times, which will not affect the quality of the tape grip.

The second method involves the creation of a frame structure. The frame can be made of beadings, thin wooden slats or plastic cable channels. The size of the frame must match the size of the window. This frame is attached to the doorway with the help of corners.

Today you can choose and order a mosquito net of any design that has different mounting systems, functionality and cost. Installation of the product can be entrusted to a professional, and you can do it yourself by following simple guidelines.

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