Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

Metal tile – a material that is used to finish the roof along with such popular materials as slate, shingles and galvanized sheet metal. Excellent technical characteristics make it an excellent choice for any home. And although it is usually preferred to invite professionals to conduct this kind, we will consider how to install the metal tile yourself: step-by-step instructions and some expert recommendations.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

What are the advantages of mounting the roof of metal

The roof of the tiles, especially if it is made of metal – one of the best options for the design of the house. Experts and users themselves note many positive aspects of using this material, including:

  • low weight (4-6 kg / m?), which provides a very small load on the roof;

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

  • simple installation procedure and ease of repair work;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • the material is environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful components;
  • the coating is equipped with stiffeners, which makes it very durable. Provided that all installation recommendations are followed, the surface can withstand a load of 200 kg / m ?, even if sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm were used;
  • The material is extremely resistant to heat. No drops are terrible to him, and the rate of thermal expansion is minimal.

Talk about the shortcomings of metal almost no, except, perhaps, an increased noise level in the days when it rains. But it is quite possible to cope with this if you pre-lay the layer of glass wool.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

Before you begin to review the installation process of this roofing material, it is necessary to determine exactly how the material should be used.

Viewing photos of roofs, metal tiles on which looks attractive, is not the best method in this case, as in the selection process you need to pay attention to the list of additional elements, as well as the label provided by the manufacturer. Consider what you need to know the buyer.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the presence in the price of such additional elements as:

  • different types of skates: simple, curly and with aerators;
  • special pass-through units for the installation of pipes, hatches, ventilation, antennas, as well as lighting windows;
  • elements designed to ensure the safety of surface maintenance – running bridges, ladders, snow guard;
  • internal and external endovy;
  • other necessary elements – wall profiles, gables, metal curtain rails, installation of which is an essential part of the arrangement of the roof.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

Important! The presence of all these elements among the offers of the seller is an indicator of the level of the company that produces metal tile, which may also indicate the quality of the products themselves.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the study of marking, which must necessarily be present on each certified material. Usually, the production indicates all the characteristics of the material itself, as well as the level of quality of the anti-corrosion coating that is applied over the sheet.

So, here’s some information you can get by reading the information provided on the back of a sheet of metal:

  • the presence of polymers;
  • how much zinc accounts for 1 m? sheet;
  • production date and the period of the warranty period of use of the material;
  • manufacturer name;
  • sheet thickness.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

In the process of visual inspection you need to pay attention to the integrity of the protective layer, both from the front and from the wrong side of the sheet, as well as the presence of all mandatory markings.

Important! If we are talking about material purchased from a major manufacturer, then the label will also contain information about the grade of steel used.

Considering the fact that the price of mounting a metal tile has never been low, many people prefer to try to do everything they need on their own. Although initially it is worthwhile to get acquainted with how much professional installation of metal tile costs. The price of work per m2 starts from 250 rubles and may increase depending on the complexity.

The process of installation of the roof of metal, the technology of which will be discussed further, consists of several stages, each of which has its own meaning and must be carried out properly.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

The first thing that needs to be done in the event that it was decided to independently conduct the procedure for laying metal tiles on the roof surface – to carry out preliminary calculations. This is necessary in order to determine what quantity of what materials will be needed and, accordingly, to avoid unnecessary costs.

To begin with, we will clarify some basic concepts, so that in the future the question of how exactly the roof of a metal tile does not arise. If you look at the roof, which has already been covered with this material, you can see that it consists of rows that run across the ramp and waves. The distance from one row to another is called a step.

There is such a thing as “model”. This name implies sheets of metal tile, the step of which is 35 cm, and the number of waves at the same time 6. In the sale you can find sheets of modules 1, 3, 6 and 10.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

Helpful advice! In addition to the purchase of sheets of standard sizes, you can consider the option of individual production of metal to order. Of course, it will cost much more expensive, but so you can get just such a material that suits you. The main thing to remember is that the length of one sheet should not be less than 45 cm or more than 7 m.

In the process of choosing a suitable sheet size, it is necessary to focus on the fact that after installation, the joints and waves converge so as to form a single coating along the entire length of the slope. The amount of material in this case is quite simple to calculate, taking into account the length of the roof and sheets.

Buying a metal tile, it is important to pay attention to some additional elements that are included in the kit and allow for proper installation. This includes steel strips with a length of 2 m, as well as sheets of steel 200×125 cm, which should have the same color as the tile.

In the process of purchasing metal, you need to make sure that these auxiliary elements are in sufficient quantities and meet all requirements. For example, the standard slant slope level is 30 degrees. Although other options are possible at the request of buyers – from 11 to 70 degrees.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

Important! 11 degrees is the minimum inclination at which the installation of metal tiles is permissible.

In order to carry out the installation of metal tiles with your own hands, you need to take care in advance about the availability of some tools and materials that will allow you to carry out all the work as simply and efficiently as possible:

  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • scissors for cutting metal;
  • yardstick;
  • hammer;
  • marker;
  • mounting tape.

You should also take care of the presence of ladders and tools designed for individual protection of the face and hands (glasses, gloves).

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

As for the consumables that will be required to prepare the base and fixing the metal tile, this list includes: waterproofing material, roofing strips, tiles, as well as a roller, skate and end panels, guide boards and boards 2.5×10 cm. It goes By themselves, you will need and fasteners – screws and special sealing washers for them.

Helpful advice! To give an attractive appearance of the coating is to use decorative plates.

The low weight of the metal tile allows for a minimum amount of preparatory work before proceeding to the installation. And nevertheless, it is nevertheless necessary to prepare a suitable basis. Since there is no need for a reinforced base, an ordinary wooden crate made of slats is quite suitable.

Installation of metal: step by step instructions for self-finishing of the roof

The procedure is extremely simple – based on the step of the chosen metal tile, the slats are located on the surface. It is important to keep a single distance so that in the process of fixing the roofing material it is not necessary to screw the screws into the void. Another important factor that should be considered in the process of installing the batten is the location of the windows. It is highly undesirable to have rafters directly above the windows.

Of course, it is necessary to make some changes in the process of installing the lathing under the metal tile, and to pay special attention to the installation of the ridge of the metal tile, if a roof window is planned. But all these difficulties are more than justified by the excellent result that the owners expect as a result.

For those who have never done such work before, it will be extremely useful to watch a video on how to fix metal roofing. A visual demonstration, as well as recommendations of experts will allow you to prevent mistakes, and independently make a beautiful and reliable roof, which will regularly serve for many years.

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