Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

The kitchen table is considered one of the main attributes of the room. Every day his family gathers behind him, and on special dates and holidays other close people join her. If the kitchen is characterized by small size, and there are many guests, then it is better to choose a sliding dining table. Constructive features will allow to keep the space in the room, and at a special moment will enable each guest to feel the hospitality of the hosts.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

What you need to pay attention when choosing a folding table for the kitchen

In the past 10 years, so-called smart apartments, which have a small area and have a kitchen-studio, have become popular. In such conditions it is necessary to clearly zone and save space. The compact folding table for the kitchen in everyday life does not take up much space, and on holidays it will expand the circle of guests.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

When choosing a table, the main thing is to take into account the area, shape and interior of the kitchen. It is necessary that the product harmoniously fit into the space and complement it. If you plan to use a sliding table for the kitchen, not only for joint dinners, but also for cooking, you need to carefully select the material for the countertop and not save on sliding mechanisms.

You should also not forget that the table should fit perfectly into the surrounding interior and make the design of the room complete. To do this, you should think over the kitchen in advance to the smallest detail and choose the appropriate option. You should not buy a dining table separately, it is better to think over the entire kitchen environment, including cupboards, countertops, wallpapers and other accessories. Designers are advised to purchase the table and chairs at the final stage, so that when buying, you should be aware of all the nuances and not be mistaken with the size and shape.

When choosing a sliding dining table for the kitchen, you should carefully consider the materials from which the surface and other components are made. To make the table last longer, it is better to select options made of solid wood, rattan, artificial stone or veneered MDF. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of sliding kitchen tables made from these materials.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Helpful advice! If a low-cost chipboard table is preferred, you should be prepared for the possibility that when exposed to temperature or when moisture gets on the surface it may swell and lose color.

A sliding kitchen table made of wood will be a decoration for any kitchen, but it is especially suitable for rooms decorated in a classic design. With quality materials and proper care, such a product will last a long time. The main disadvantage is its large weight. The main advantages of wooden tables:

  1. Strength. Properly treated wood does not crack when exposed to moisture and when exposed to high temperatures, does not lose its shape and does not change its appearance.
  2. High wear resistance. With proper and careful care, the table will last at least 15 years.
  3. Natural materials. Unlike DSP and MDF, in the manufacture of which glue mass is used, wood does not emit any toxic substances into the surrounding space.
  4. Attractive appearance. A dining folding table made of solid wood will decorate the interior of any kitchen. The originality and unusualness of the product will give drawings and carving.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Rattan is a durable and lightweight natural material, the production of which uses a tropical vine. Due to the wood’s flexibility, the products are given refined and unusual shapes, and the wood structure makes it possible to paint the finished product in any color. Quite often, in order to preserve the original appearance a little longer, thick glass is mounted on the tabletop. There is also artificial rattan made from cellulose with capron. The material is not as durable as natural, but rather resistant to heat and wear.

Dining sliding glass tables for the kitchen will help to translate into reality any design intent. Suitable for the interior in the style of loft, art deco, and in the genre of high-tech. They always look original and beautiful. The main thing is to use glass with a high-strength red-hot structure during production.

Modern production technologies give high strength to the glass folding table, and according to this criterion it is not at all inferior to a wooden product. Special protection applied to the tabletop protects it from mechanical stress. However, before buying you need to carefully inspect the glass surface for the absence of any flaws, such as chips, cracks or bubbles. If there are even small deformations, it is not recommended to buy such a table.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

To make sliding glass tables for the kitchen always look neat and keep a beautiful appearance longer, experienced housewives recommend using special glass holders, place napkins or kitchen towels under the dishes. It is especially important not to put hot dishes on the table if the kitchen is cool and cold when the room is very hot, as this will cause condensation to occur.

Important! If the folding glass table for a kitchen in the unfolded state has a large area between the supports, an additional support element should be installed under the center point of the tabletop to evenly distribute the pressure. In case of excessive load, the surface of the glass transformer table may crack.

Constructions made of natural stone are distinguished by large dimensions and weight, therefore, it is hard to find a stone folding kitchen table. As a rule, they are made only by the individual order. More commonly, acrylic stone or quartz agglomerate is used for production.

Tables made of artificial stone are not afraid of water and are characterized by increased durability. On the stone worktop, you can safely make chops or cut meat without fear of causing damage to it. The material features allow the product to withstand temperatures over 200 ° C. Due to the flat surface on which there are no seams and joints, mold will never penetrate into the table. The table top itself looks very original and concise.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Ceramic sliding table-transformer for the kitchen is made using tempered glass plate. This surface is protected from mechanical influence, color change, and also it does not absorb moisture and is not afraid of high temperature. Therefore, on such a table, you can safely put pots or pans, removed from the stove. When caring for the worktop, abrasives should be used with extreme caution so as not to scratch it, but such products are not afraid of chemical compounds.

The main advantages of plastic products – lightness and durability. Plastic tables are great for interiors in a modern style, because in the process of manufacturing the legs can be given any fancy shapes. It is easy to take care of such tables, as they are not afraid of moisture. However, cheap plastic is not resistant to high temperatures, and if a hot pan is placed on such a tabletop, the surface is most likely deformed. In addition, poor quality plastic is easily subject to mechanical damage. Therefore, if you buy a plastic table, it is better to stop the choice on a quality, more expensive product.

In the production of furniture from chipboard used wood chips, which is held together with a special adhesive mixture. The sliding table in the kitchen of chipboard is easy to give any color and structure, and you can also make individual elements of the table in different styles. The low price of finished products makes them popular. When choosing, one should take into account that in a short time, especially with frequent exposure to moisture, the surface may become covered with bubbles or partially swell. To the table of laminated chipboard lasted longer, it is recommended to immediately cover the waterproof tablecloth.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Products from MDF are very similar to wooden tables, but at the same time they are in a cheaper price segment. In their manufacture using a natural adhesive mixture, which when heated does not emit harmful substances. The strength of the tables made of MDF are not inferior to the products from the natural array and with regular maintenance will last at least 15 years. Such folding tables for the kitchen are made in original designs, corresponding to any interior. They are characterized by good wear resistance and withstand a large load.

In a small living room or smart apartment, a folding table is the only optimally correct solution. Often the worktop with a stove and sink is located along the blank wall of the kitchen, so most often the place near the window remains empty. Selecting a folding kitchen table for a small kitchen, you should correctly determine its shape. In conditions of a constrained room, sharp corners will interfere: they take up space and can be injured. For these reasons, it is recommended to choose round or oval sliding tables that easily fit close to a window or wall.

An oval or round folding table in the kitchen with two legs in the central part creates additional space for guests and leaves free space for the legs. If the place is catastrophically small, you can buy a folding or sliding table, the size and shape of which are selected depending on the capabilities of the kitchen and the wishes of the owners.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Helpful advice! We must try to arrange the interior so that the distance between the table and the rest of the furniture is not less than a meter. Otherwise, the person sitting at the table will experience inconvenience.

A large kitchen, like a small one, requires that the furniture be selected and arranged rationally. Before choosing a folding table in the kitchen, you need to decide on the size and think about where to put it. Depending on the installation method, these tables are distinguished:

  • stationary;
  • portable;
  • collapsible;
  • built-in;
  • folding.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Built-in kitchen table is suitable for any size kitchen. The design of such a product involves not only a place for eating, but also a whole set in which there are many cabinets, cabinets and hidden drawers. Features built-in tables:

  1. Produced complete with kitchen set. If necessary, the set is an additional support.
  2. The countertop, which can be folded, can be part of the facade of the kitchen.
  3. Tables are rarely of considerable size, so they are not suitable for receiving a large number of guests.

Stationary tables have a different form of table top, which is round, rectangular, oval and square. When folded, the product has a small size, this is due to the fact that an additional section is hidden in a niche under the table top. To get it, you need to pull the edges of the table in different directions. After separation in the center there is an empty space where the section is inserted and fixed in special slots. Thus, the table increases from 30 to 60%.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

Folding product in the folded state takes up minimal space in the kitchen. If necessary, an additional section is added to it, which is lowered and fixed by means of a special folding mechanism. A round or oval folding table of this type is considered the best option for a small kitchen, but a large number of guests will not fit behind it.

It is interesting! Opaque glass is considered the easiest to process, with less visible stains.

Dining sliding table: how to decorate the kitchen and save space

The dining table is not just a place for family dining. All close people gather around it for significant events, so the choice of this piece of furniture should be approached deliberately. It is recommended, before setting up the interior, to look at the photos of the transforming tables, in order to mentally present what the future kitchen will look like and how it will be combined with the whole apartment. After all, most often it is at the dinner table that family traditions are born, bringing even more close relatives of people.

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