Why make partitions from aerated concrete blocks and how is it beneficial

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YTONG aerated concrete blocks are an excellent material for laying internal walls and partitions. Let’s analyze the reasons why aerated concrete is so convenient to use.

Why is this material so popular

As a means of building walls, these blocks are relatively inexpensive, they are suitable even for budget suburban construction.

Their low weight makes working with this material more convenient than with classic bricks. Building in blocks is faster, one person can lay walls. The reduced weight gives less load on the foundation, which allows you to build houses almost wherever you need it, and not spend money on strengthening the soil.

Aerated concrete is easy to cut with a hacksaw or an electric saw. It is easy to drill and give a decorative shape, texture.

aerated concrete partitions

Simple masonry

The aerated concrete block is placed on a thin layer of cement glue or polyurethane foam. On a budget, these are about the same options, but the second one is much more convenient:

  • Foam glue is preferable for repair work and masonry, when rough work has already been completed. The cement-based adhesive is accompanied by dust, a humid atmosphere and dirt in the room. Foam glue does not have such disadvantages.

  • The laying of aerated concrete blocks on foam glue is much faster, especially with the use of a construction gun with a foam cylinder. The material is fixed in 10 minutes – very simple and clean.

  • Foam glue seams have elastic properties, which helps prevent cracks due to deflection of the partition.

For your information

  • The first row of aerated concrete blocks is certainly placed on a standard cement-sand mortar, which gives rigidity to the entire wall.

  • If you build a partition on the ground floor, then place a shut-off waterproofing made of bituminous material between the first layer and the lower floor. She will protect the wall from dampness.

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