Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

This article discusses in detail such a popular type of finish, as ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the advantages and disadvantages of the material, technical and decorative characteristics. The text contains information on modern versions of tiled products, prices for them, photos of interesting design options, as well as interior solutions using this material.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: product features

The bathroom belongs to the category of rooms with special operational conditions. The wall decoration in it is constantly affected by such negative factors as high humidity and temperature changes. The presence of constant dampness adversely affects the condition of the coating and creates optimal conditions for the development of fungi, mold and other microorganisms that are dangerous to human health, therefore, the choice of finishes should be approached thoroughly. Ceramic tiles are best suited for this purpose.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Ceramic tiles – the most popular material used as decoration in the bathroom. This is due to the moisture resistance of the coating. Tiled products are not prone to accumulate moisture and dirt, so that microorganisms harmful to humans cannot multiply on their surface.

The surface of ceramic products does not absorb odors and is resistant to chemicals. This advantage allows you to easily remove dirt from the coating, using any cleaning agents. At the same time the tile is capable to serve several decades, without having lost the appeal. The most durable coating variant is created on the basis of products obtained using double firing technology.

Note! The glazed tile has the highest moisture resistance.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

In catalogs, the price of ceramic tiles varies over a wide range. A huge number of manufacturers and collections allows you to choose a beautiful finish that matches the financial capabilities and requirements of any buyer. On sale you can find both budget finishes and products of the elite class with the author’s design. Given the practicality and long life, the purchase of ceramic tiles is much more profitable than the purchase of other materials.

This type of coating is environmentally friendly and safe. The raw material for the production of tiles used clay, which has a natural origin. The material is almost completely absent toxic substances, because most of them evaporate in the firing process under the influence of high temperature. In addition, the tile differs due level of fire safety.

The coating is not a conductor of electrical current. This property of the material is an undoubted advantage for a modern bathroom, where there are such devices as a hair dryer, a washing machine, an electric shaver, etc.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Manufacturers offer products that differ from each other in such parameters:

  • coloring;
  • invoice;
  • dimensions;
  • decoration;
  • by form.

The offer of a modern market of finishing materials allows consumers to buy tiles with a simple design in a classic design at no extra cost, or use exclusive product options to create a unique interior. In the photo, the design of ceramic tiles for the bathroom looks not only attractive, but also diverse.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Like any type of finishing material, ceramic tile has both advantages and disadvantages. The most important disadvantage of this coating is a time-consuming and complex installation system. Decorating the walls of tiles is carried out exclusively on a flat surface, so you have to work at the preparatory stage.

The process of laying products is also accompanied by difficulties. Even a slight divergence between the lines is not allowed. If the row turns out uneven, you have to completely redo the work, otherwise laying will not only be unattractive, but also subject to rapid destruction.

Helpful advice! Laying tiles is better to entrust professionals. Installation of the coating requires skills and knowledge, and the material itself is quite fragile. The average price of wall cladding with ceramic tiles is 800 rubles per square meter, which is a small price to pay for high-quality and durable results.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Ceramic tiles can be used for finishing floors, however, this type of coating is rather slippery and cold, so the process of selecting the material, as well as its installation, is much more complicated. In the catalogs of ceramic tiles for the bath you can find options for products with anti-slip coating. The problem of cold floors can be solved only by resorting to additional tricks. To do this, you will have to use a concrete screed with a heat-insulating layer or install the “Heat-insulated floor” system. Both that, and another demands financial expenses.

In the space of tile joints in the process of operation dirt gradually accumulates. The seams darken and spoil the look of the finish. These zones are difficult to clean and can create optimal conditions for the growth of bacteria. To prevent this, you will have to carefully monitor the cleanness of the tile joints and process them several times a year with the help of special antiseptics.

The price of ceramic products is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Of course, you can buy cheap material, tile for the bathroom from 200 rubles. up to 500 rubles for 1 m? not a deficiency. However, really high-quality material is much more expensive. In addition to the cost of finishing should be added grout, adhesive composition, materials for surface preparation, etc.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Kerama Marazzi is a leading Russian manufacturer of tile products for floor and wall finishing. The products of this factory include both budget and elite versions of materials with improved characteristics.

The catalog of ceramic tiles of Russian production Kerama Marazzi includes the following collections:

  • English;
  • Two Venice;
  • Indian;
  • Neapolitan;
  • Roman;
  • Scandinavian;
  • French style, etc.

The data from the catalog of ceramic tiles Kerama Marazzi:

Collection name Price, rub. / M?
Abington 853-1511
Avellino 1076-1472
Averno 870-2460
Avignon 621-679
Agatti 726-778
Ajanta 565-813
Aida 768-771
Ainola 652-795
Aquilon 741-897
Alexandria 659-894

Note! Products Kerama Marazzi created using digital printing, so the design of the tile in the bathroom turns out accurate and precise. The manufacturer uses its own patented glaze, due to which the figure is obtained volumetric and alive. The most famous of them – crystalline, has no analogues in the world.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Finishing work in the bathroom is much more difficult to do than in the living room or bedroom. Therefore, it is unacceptable to make a mistake with the design or coloring material. Experts recommend to avoid too bright colors. They get bored quickly and can have a negative impact. Also, not the best option for a bathroom is plain tiles. This design looks too simple and boring.

Not every apartment owner decides to choose a black tone as a color for the bathroom. Although these interiors look elegant, elegant and concise. Particularly attractive looks tile with a glossy shine. The lack of black finish is that on its background are visible traces of dried water droplets.

When choosing a finishing material for the bathroom in black, you should consider the features of lighting. One light bulb is not able to provide a sufficient level of light. The optimal solution for a dark bathroom will be a few lamps of the built-in type, placed around the perimeter of the canvas. It is advisable to use fluorescent lights.

The photo looks attractive in the photo. The tile in the bathroom is black and white without pictures with a smooth surface. But in this case it is not recommended to use ordinary lamps. It is better to stay on energy-saving lamps with daylight type of lighting. This approach allows you to keep the contrast of white and black in the interior of the room. The fact is that the usual lighting distorts the real color of the material, because of which a dark tile may appear brown. To dilute the general background, you can use white. Other palette tones are not suitable for these purposes.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

White shade symbolizes purity, it is used to decorate the bathroom in a classic style. This color never goes out of fashion, but it should be used with caution. Completely white bathroom looks too bright and catchy. This interior is sterile, so residents will be uncomfortable in the room.

To get a harmonious and attractive design of the bathroom, it is enough to buy white ceramic tiles decorated with a small number of decorative elements. This coloring is combined with any shades, so it is difficult to make a mistake with the choice. However, the white tile has a significant drawback: on a light background, polluted seams will be evident. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly maintain the bathroom in a perfectly clean condition.

Helpful advice! To solve the problem of darkened seams between white tiles, experts recommend using a different color grout. Due to this, the presence of pollution in this area will not be so obvious.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Red is the color of determination and passion. Such a shade of tile will suit strong and enthusiastic people, leaders by nature. It is not recommended to use red color for wall decoration if there are people with aggressive character in the house. This design has a serious impact on the nervous system, excites it and acts annoyingly.

  • under the stone;
  • marbled;
  • under sea pebbles;
  • under the laminate (seamless coating).

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the design of modern finishes

Unusual product variants can be found on sale, for example, a relief tile with a volumetric shape or a coating with a 3D image. Even if the store did not find a suitable option, buyers can always order the tile you need in size. Many manufacturers offer tiles of non-standard sizes or can apply any image on the surface of the material to order. All these advantages and capabilities have turned ceramic tiles into the most sought-after and popular type of bathroom finish.

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