Benefits of installing warm windows in a private house

The choice of windows with good thermal parameters influences a good microclimate and also guarantees low heating costs. Equally important is the correct installation.

Window structures are most often sealed with polyurethane foam, but experts also recommend using vapor barrier and vapor barrier tapes. Installing windows warmly is the best way to minimize the risk of thermal bridging between the wall and the window frame..

Technology features

Thermal bridges are often formed at the junction of walls and windows, through which heat leaves the house, so the installation of window structures must be done very carefully. The elimination of cold bridges will be facilitated not only by windows with good thermal insulation parameters, but also by the way the frames are installed and their correct sealing. Therefore, the best solution is a warm installation of windows, which will minimize heat loss from the inside. You will be able to reduce heating bills, provide the desired microclimate, eliminate moisture, prevent the development of fungus, mold.

Warm installation technology is the best way to achieve the most tight window-to-wall connection by using three layers. This installation method is expensive, in contrast to the standard installation. Due to the large amount of insulation materials, as well as labor-intensive work, the cost of warm installation can, on average, be twice as high as traditional installation. In addition, experienced professionals should be involved for warm installation, since installation requires knowledge and precision..

How the installation of a warm window differs from a standard installation?

This installation technology is distinguished by the method of joining, sealing the wall and window frame. The fastening of the window structure to the wall is carried out using anchors, with further sealing with polyurethane foam between the frame and the wall. Polyurethane foam is a material that insulates heat well and is resistant to the development of fungi, harmful microorganisms, insects and rodents. It does not age, but it can lose its properties when exposed to moisture. For this reason, supporters of this installation method believe that polyurethane foam is not effective enough; in this case, it is supplemented with vapor barrier and vapor permeable tapes. The first material, applied to the frame from the inside, prevents moisture penetration into the wall and foam. On the other hand, a vapor-permeable tape is applied, fixed to the frame on the outside of the window, which prevents moisture from entering the wall and foam, ensures proper air circulation and diffusion of water vapor.

The tightness achieved in this way is twice as high as when using only one foam. Installation is often accompanied by the installation of a window sill profile (warm window sill). This solution ensures an optimal connection of the window to the wall, which minimizes the formation of cold bridges..

How to perform a correct installation?

Warm installation of windows is done in different ways, depending on the type of wall. In a single-layer wall, which is usually 40-50 cm thick, the window should be laid approximately in the middle of this thickness. In a two-layer wall, warm installation of windows consists in partial installation of the window in a layer of insulation, and partly in the wall.

The first stage of work should be the correct preparation of the window opening. Its dimensions must be adapted to the dimensions of the window frame, while retaining a few millimeters for expansion. The hole should be cleaned of dust, pieces of plaster, brick, and then primed with a primer. Before installing the window structure in the niche, you should glue the vapor barrier, as well as vapor-permeable tapes to the window frame, not forgetting that the first should be on the inside of the frame, and the second on the outside. The prepared frame is installed in the window niche in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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