How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

This article provides useful information that describes in detail how to choose a humidifier for an apartment with optimal characteristics. Here you can find data and reviews of the most popular models of devices designed for humidifying air in residential premises, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as recommendations for the maintenance of the structures and making them with their own hands.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

Humidifier for the apartment: the appropriateness of purchase

Human health depends on the state of his body. A disturbed sleep pattern, a wrong lifestyle and the conditions in which a person lives and works can have a negative effect on him. Before proceeding to the consideration of the issue of why you need humidifiers in an apartment, it is worthwhile to define the concept of a microclimate and its role in a person’s life.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

The microclimate of the living room is made up of many indicators, but the most important of them is the state of the air, in particular, its humidity and temperature. With a lack of moisture in the air environment, not only the health of all households suffers, but also the condition of the parquet flooring, as well as plants that slow down in growth or dry out.

For children, it will also be useful to have a humidifier in the house: the air without a humidifier causes dry mucous membranes, for this reason the likelihood of respiratory and viral diseases in babies increases. Damage resulting from drying, become a source of infection in the body. Due to the lack of moisture, the child’s immune system is weak and unable to resist disease.

Helpful advice! To understand whether you need a humidifier in the apartment, you must calculate the humidity indicator of the room. It is worth remembering that temperature also affects comfort.

Room humidity:

The percentage of humidity in the room Human impact
50% the air is very dry
57-70% the humidity is sufficient but the air is too dry
70-80% ideal humidity indicator
87-95% high humidity (uncomfortable microclimate)


Due to the fact that a person has to be in the same room for a long time, it is necessary to think through all the nuances to make the atmosphere of this room as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling health. And this applies not only to residential premises, the purchase of a desktop humidifier for an office will reduce the workload and increase human productivity.

Europeans and residents of the United States carefully monitor the temperature and humidity of the air in the house, which can not be said about the inhabitants of our latitudes, who pay attention to household appliances and interior design, and not the microclimate. Both in summer and in winter, when heating devices work, people lack moisture. That’s what home air humidifiers are for.

A large part of the human body consists of moisture, so it is not surprising that its lack leads to various disorders. This problem affects not only the skin, which needs water to maintain its youth, elasticity and elasticity. Reduced humidity is detrimental to the ENT organs, especially the respiratory system. Often in the complex with the treatment of diseases of the ears, throat and nose in the apartments used ionizers, air humidifiers for apartments, as well as cleaners.

Helpful advice! With the help of a humidifier and an air purifier, it is possible to accelerate treatment for ENT diseases, including bleeding from the nose, which are often in children.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

Why do we need air humidifiers in the apartment:

  1. Dryness of oxygen affects a person’s well-being – the effectiveness of the immune system decreases, weakness appears, the probability of getting flu, acute respiratory infections, a cold or catching an infection increases.
  2. The risk of developing serious diseases – because of the dryness of the bronchi, they cannot cleanse themselves, which leads to infectious and respiratory diseases that a person does not notice for a long time.
  3. A serious threat to the health of infants – overdried air negatively affects the child’s mucous membrane that is not fully formed, increasing the risk of catching an infection of the oral and nasal cavities. The minimum allowable level of humidity in the nursery is 50%. This indicator must be maintained even during sleep. In stores, consumers can buy air humidifiers for the apartment, designed specifically for children.
  4. The need for human skin in moisture – the percentage of water in the skin is about 60-70%. In the process of metabolism, 0.5 l of fluid is lost per day. However, in dry air conditions, this indicator increases to 1 liter of water. Men suffer the most because they rarely use moisturizers and lotions. These remedies compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin. But the most effective way to completely get rid of the problem is to figure out which is better to buy air humidifiers for an apartment.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

To determine the humidity level of a room, it is worth acquiring a special device for measurements – a hygrometer. Looking for where to buy air humidifiers, in the range of online stores you can find these devices. The minimum cost of the unit is about 150 rubles., The maximum – may exceed 600 rubles.

To get a really useful and functional device, it is better to pay attention to the meteorological station of the combined type. These designs provide measurements not only for air humidity, but also provide information about the temperature (inside and outside the room), due to the built-in barometer they predict the weather forecast. Weather stations have additional features: calendar, alarm clock, clock, etc.

Helpful advice! Measurements must be made for several days in a row. And it is best to do this in the winter when the heating systems are working.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

Radiators of centralized heating in multi-storey buildings are not equipped with regulators that allow you to adjust the amount of heat generated. As a result, the indoor air is drained to the limit. This is especially true at night. In this case, experts recommend to buy air humidifiers on the battery.

Air conditioners also do not solve the problem. Split systems partially preserve the humidity of the air, however, this type of equipment has a high cost. In addition, the structures need careful maintenance, and in the event of a breakdown, the repair will entail significant financial costs commensurate with the purchase of a new device.

Given the extensive model range, the question of what to buy humidifiers for an apartment turns into a real problem. Devices differ from each other not only in design and size, but also in performance. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, selecting the unit, it is worth paying attention to the functionality, because they are the key to practicality and comfort.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

All household humidifiers are divided into several categories:

  • standard designs (traditional);
  • climate complexes;
  • steam-type appliances;
  • “Air washing”;
  • ultrasonic humidifiers;
  • decorative ceramic designs.

Helpful advice! To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of existing designs and popular brands.

Steam humidifiers, in turn, are:

  • hot;
  • cold.

Each type of construction has its own technical indicators and is used in certain conditions.

Hot-action steam appliances work on the principle of an electric kettle. Humidity increases due to evaporation of boiling water that is inside. The process of evaporation occurs due to electricity, going through two electrodes, placed in a container with water.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

The advantages of devices:

  • simple operation system;
  • high efficiency (100%);
  • there is no difference what kind of water to fill in with humidifiers;
  • steam is completely sterile.

Disadvantages of such devices are many and most of them are due to shortcomings in the structural structure.

Disadvantages of hot steam devices:

  • high energy consumption;
  • an increase in temperature in the room;
  • noisy work;
  • the potential danger of being burned by a hot steam jet.

In some models of hot-action steam appliances, a built-in hydrostat or hygrometer is provided.

Cold-action steam appliances increase the room’s humidity level naturally. To do this, cold water is poured into the tank. From there, it enters the cartridges, through which the built-in fan drives the air flow. As a result of this process, the air is saturated with moisture and transmits it to the room.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

Benefits of cold steam humidifiers:

  • low level of consumption of electrical energy;
  • affordable cost;
  • function setting humidification;
  • full safety, giving the opportunity to operate the device in the nursery.

Such models have drawbacks, which are not so many:

  • during humidification, the air temperature in the room drops;
  • low efficiency scores.

Note! Despite the advantages, steam modifications are not in high demand among consumers who prefer more modern versions of devices.

Of great importance in choosing a humidifier are individual preferences. Traditional models meet the needs of most buyers. In such constructions there is an internal grid that is moistened with water inside the tank. The principle of the device is based on the principle of natural evaporation. A built-in fan that passes air through the grid accelerates this process, enriching the air with particles of moisture.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

Advantages of traditional modifications:

  • the device regulates humidity independently without participation of the user;
  • allowed to use in children’s rooms;
  • affordable cost;
  • built-in capsule with flavor to create a pleasant smell;
  • low level of consumption of electrical energy.

The disadvantages of traditional humidifiers are not as numerous as in the cold-acting steam models:

  • low efficiency;
  • lowering the temperature level in the room.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment: useful tips and advice

Beneficial hand humidifiers “air wash”:

  • effective moisturizing;
  • advanced functionality;
  • positive effect on human health due to the purification of air.

Structural deficiencies:

  • high price;
  • large body dimensions;
  • Periodic replacement of filters for the humidifier is required.

With the necessary budget, this type of structure will be the best device for humidification. Components for “air wash” can be purchased in many stores.

Matching filters for a Boneco humidifier:

Boneco humidifier model Filter
2061/2071 Active carbon filter (carbon)
2041/2051/2071 Filter matt (moisturizing sponge) (2 pcs.)
2061/2071 HEPA filter (HEPA filter) (2 pcs.)
E2241 Filter matt (moisturizing sponge)
E2251 Filter matt (moisturizing sponge)
Р2261 Carbon filter (carbon)
Р2261 HEPA filter (HEPA filter)


Ultrasonic devices are the most popular on the market, as they are considered the most effective humidifiers. The principle of operation of these devices lies in the oscillatory movements of high frequency. Getting on the inner membrane, under the influence of these vibrations, water is scattered into small particles. This wet dust spreads around the room, improving the performance of the microclimate.

  1. Put a wet towel on the battery.
  2. Place the saucers filled with water on the radiators and windowsill.
  3. Install a decorative fountain, an aquarium with fish or other “water” objects for the interior.
  4. Dilute many colors in the room and water them regularly and spray them. Green plants will release into the air not only oxygen, but also moisture.
  5. The door to the bathroom leave open.
  6. Dry washing clothes in the room.

All these actions will help increase the level of humidity in the room. However, to keep the apartment comfortable and attractive, it is better to give preference to humidifiers. Their cost is not so high, and the efficiency is much higher than that of improvised means. Modern selection of microclimatic technology allows you to choose a device that meets the needs and budgetary possibilities of any buyer.

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