Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

Each owner of the suburban area there is a need for the construction of buildings, in which you can store garden tools and other things needed in economic activities. The shed can be used for keeping poultry, rabbits, pigs or goats. Here they often organize a workshop or storage room for storing crops. In the household unit, you can equip a toilet with a shower, adding to the construction of a bath room.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

Shed to give: features of construction and basic requirements for it

Such a construction may be temporary or permanent. The second option needs to be drafted barn with reference to the site plan. The facility may be designed for specific purposes or be multifunctional, consisting of several compartments. The building is often used as a shed for keeping domestic animals and feed reserves. To the construction of such structures are special requirements.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

A multifunctional building most often consists of several zones where a storage room is organized, a toilet and a shower are equipped. Having attached a veranda or terrace, it is possible to expand the functional possibilities of the structure by arranging a place for rest and meals.

To the outbuilding in the form of a barn put forward a number of requirements. The structure should be built quickly and cheaply. Despite the fact that it belongs to the category of non-residential, the building must be solid, reliable and durable, have the minimum comfortable conditions necessary for further operation. Depending on the destination, the building should be insulated to the desired degree. The size of the barn should be selected based on the size of the site and the purpose of the building. It should be provided with convenient and free movement of the person.

Helpful advice! It should not be built too high structure. However, it should be noted that a person must move in him in full growth, without bending.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

The construction of the barn is carried out with regard to technical, sanitary and fire safety requirements. If gas cylinders, flammable liquids and other combustible materials are stored here, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the issue of fire safety. An important role in the economic blocks is assigned to the proper organization of good ventilation.

There are three options to build a barn in the country:

  • monolithic technology;
  • frame construction;
  • modular method.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

Monolithic technology is the construction of buildings made of building elements in the form of slag stones, foam concrete and aerated concrete, brick, cobble-stone or log-house. This method allows you to get high-strength, capital and durable construction, which will cost quite expensive. To accelerate the construction, while reducing costs, you can, using slag blocks or foam blocks. Such masonry today is used quite often for dimensional structures with an area of ​​20 m? and more.

The most popular in the construction of sheds used frame technology. Its principle is to create a strong frame, which is the skeleton of a building, from wooden bars or a profile pipe with its subsequent covering with shields, panels, slabs or wood. Such a construction of the barn is done at a fast pace and is relatively cheap. At the same time, proper strength and reliability of the structure is ensured.

The modular method involves assembling a house of prefabricated modules, which can be made of metal or plastic, which is shown by photos of beautiful sheds. Fastening elements between themselves occurs through the use of special parts. The main feature of such structures is their mobility. The building can be disassembled and moved to another place.

Before you make a barn, you should perform the planning of the territory of the site with the definition of the location of the future structure. This issue has its own peculiarities. The shed is being built on the territory not used for growing country crops. You should not have a building in the valley. In case of strong precipitation, the structure will be subject to constant flooding.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

Depending on the purpose of the shed, it should be located at a remote distance from the residential building and the boundary with the neighboring section, which is regulated by the current regulatory documentation.

Then you need to make a plan for future construction with the design of the premises. All dimensions must be listed here. The drawing can be done independently, taking into account personal preferences, or you can use ready-made typical barn projects for summer cottage presented on specialized sites.

The next step is to compile (on the basis of the barn drawings with their own hands) a list of building materials, which depends on the construction technology of the structure. For frame construction, the amount of material needed to create the building framework and finish the building is calculated. In the case of using a monolithic variant, the number of masonry material and the amount of mortar that will be needed to perform the work is determined.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

Under the shed you can perform one of two types of base: tape or columnar. The first option is arranged for capital frame structures with a concrete base. Light structures are recommended to be placed on a column base.

Important! Ribbon foundation can not be erected in areas with sedimentary soil or peat.

The phased technology of laying the strip foundation for a barn with your own hands is as follows:

  • markup for future building according to its size;
  • preparation of a trench with a depth of 40 cm and a width of 30 cm;
  • backfilling with a layer of sand with gravel 15 cm high;
  • strengthening the bottom and side walls of roofing material;

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

  • installation of formwork around the trench;
  • laying reinforcing frame in the form of a box of twigs 12 mm thick over the entire area of ​​the recess;
  • pouring concrete solution.

Important! The foundation must protrude above ground level to the height of the base.

After two or three weeks, you will be able to start building a barn in the country with your own hands.

The installation of the column base involves the following steps:

  • making holes 80 cm deep beneath the foundation pillars at the corners of the building and at the points of contiguity of the partitions, which should be located at least 1.5 m;
  • filling the bottom of the holes with a layer of rubble or gravel with sand 15 cm thick;
  • installation in the holes of pieces of metal or asbestos-cement pipes or sleeves of roofing material;

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

  • backfilling between stand and ground with gravel sand;
  • filling the cavity of pipes with reinforcement with a thickness of 10–12 mm, tied with 2 mm wire;
  • pouring concrete pipe.

Helpful advice! To improve the waterproofing of the base and extend its service life, the supporting pillars should be coated with special mastic.

Bars can be made of bricks or concrete blocks. You can also use oak or larch logs with a minimum thickness of 300 mm. Wood products must be carefully treated with antiseptic. The lower part of the logs, which is buried in the ground, is covered with bitumen mastic and wrapped with several layers of roofing material. After installing the racks in the holes, wooden supports are poured with concrete.

The frame technology, according to which the skeleton of the building is erected, which is later sheathed with a finishing material, is very popular in the construction of sheds. The frame is made of wood or metal. The latter option is used to create a barn of corrugated DIY. Widespread has a wooden frame structure, which is characterized by increased strength, the ability to withstand significant loads.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

The frame technology makes it possible to build a structure in a short time with minimal costs. Since wood is a high-tech raw material, the possibility arises in the extension of additional elements. The material is quite durable, with high thermal insulation characteristics and environmental friendliness.

Wood is characterized by hygroscopicity, which contributes to high moisture absorption with the formation of rot, mold and fungal lesions. Therefore, the material needs to be treated with special moisture-resistant and antiseptic compounds, and to prolong its service life it can be coated with an outer protective layer of varnish or paint.

The durability and design of the shed is directly dependent on the cost of materials. It is possible to build a shed cheaply and quickly with your own hands from unedged board of spruce, birch or pine, while the building will have an unsightly appearance. A more aesthetic construction will turn out of high-quality material in the form of edged boards, profiled timber or lining.

After the base under the barn is completely frozen, you can proceed to the construction of the frame of a wooden barn with your own hands. Its manufacture begins with the bottom frame, which will serve as the basis for future construction. Therefore, for its manufacture, you should use high-quality wooden bar without knots and mechanical damage.

Shed do-it-yourself: how to create a hozblok of simple materials

Before you make a barn out of your own hands, you need to waterproof the foundation. To do this, the base must be covered with two sheets of roofing material. This procedure will protect the wooden frame from moisture.

For chickens, the structure must be made of a chemically resistant material and equipped with good ventilation. For pigs suitable prefab wooden barn for giving with a reinforced frame. For goats, a wood shed is undesirable. Barn should be warm and reliable. It can be performed on a strip foundation of block material, followed by insulation.

Shed in the country is an indispensable multifunctional structure, which can be built from any building material. The technology of installation directly depends on the purpose of the building, its size and financial possibilities of the owners. To build a barn in the country, the price of which will depend on the option of the building, it is important to use quality material and to follow the algorithm of actions during the construction of the construction of the selected type. With a good financial opportunity, you can purchase a ready-made mobile shed for a turnkey problem in the form of a container or a set of structural parts for self-assembly.

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