Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

A modern person seeks to give individuality to his apartment and create comfort in it. To help solve this issue allows the painting of walls in the interior. Due to the large number of existing styles, any person will be able to put the simplest pattern on the walls, even if he is completely lacking experience in this matter. The types, advantages and disadvantages of each of the existing styles are discussed in this article.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

Why to cover painted walls in the apartment

Most designers believe that decorating walls with paintings allows to solve several problems at once in a particular room:

  • reduce or increase the space;

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

  • implement zoning;
  • adjust the location of the furniture;
  • to place certain accents, making the image mainly in the room or, on the contrary, to emphasize the general idea of ​​the interior.

Choosing a sketch it is necessary to remember that any drawing carries a certain energy charge, which will influence the state of a person and create mood in the room as a whole.

Important! Designers do not recommend choosing images of scenes of violence, wars, disasters, monsters, aliens, etc. because of their negative energy.

Wall painting in the office should create an appropriate image and customize the employees to the working mood. Photos of wall paintings in the interior, which are now in large quantities on the Internet, will help determine the appropriate image.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

In this case, do not forget about the subject matter – it must fully comply with the functional purpose of the room:

  • for the kitchen it is appropriate to choose still lifes, images of cutlery, etc .;
  • in the office will look harmoniously world map, books, paintings, etc .;
  • the children’s room will be decorated with the heroes of your favorite cartoons, fairy tales, toys, etc .;
  • for a bedroom it is best to choose calm, peaceful plots.

After selecting the image you should pay attention to the technique of painting.

Today, various types of wall paintings can be used on the premises.

Art painting – the execution of drawings on the walls using different styles and colors. These include stained glass windows, still lifes, portraits, murals, etc. Sophisticated drawings must be ordered from professional artists, and simple graphic images can be made on your own.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

Airbrush – drawing is applied using an airbrush. Complicated plots for beginners will not be able to, but simple elements with the help of the spray gun, you can try to do it yourself.

Chalk drawing and Lattering – this technique of drawing a picture with chalk on a fabric base or a slate. Lattering technique needs to be learned, but simple inscriptions are suitable for the beginner. Photos of wall paintings in the apartment are presented in large quantities in chalk on the Internet.

Creating images using stamps, tape or stencils – This technique is best suited for beginners and those who are completely lacking in drawing skills. To make the picture beautiful, you need to be careful in your work.

Decoupage – the creation of drawings with stickers on the wall of images.

3D painting – sometimes this kind of drawings is called bogus. With its help, you can significantly expand the space, give the room a non-standard look. This type of painting is the most difficult, so only a professional artist can perform it.

Any of the above types of application with the correct selection of the pattern will be an excellent interior solution in any room.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

The plots of the drawings can be very different in subject and technique. The most common are:

  • plants are floral motifs, trees, large flowers and buds. Patterns can be applied contour, graphic or drawn in fine detail. The theme of cherry blossoms or birds on tree branches is very popular;
  • suralism, abstractionism – this theme is actively used in the design of modern kitchens;
  • still lifes, sea views, quiet village streets, Provence motifs, village scenes – this theme is chosen for a classic interior;
  • ornaments and patterns – themes are actively used for painting walls in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and corridor. The application of such drawings does not require much experience in drawing, since most of them use stencils and stamps;

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

  • images of forks, spoons, cups, plates used for painting the walls in the kitchen;
  • geometric elements – such drawings can be found in any room. Creating a similar image on the wall does not require much experience in drawing, and for applying enough adhesive tape, building level, stamp and paint.

Choosing a picture for a room you need to start from personal preferences, the general style of interior design and the price of m2 wall paintings.

Important! If you decide to apply the picture on the wall yourself, then you need to choose simple plots with the minimum number of lines and maximum ease of implementation.

Each of the techniques used for painting walls in the interior has a number of features and complex moments. Therefore, before choosing a plot for the room, you must carefully examine all the nuances. This will help to understand whether a person will be able to perform the work independently or it is necessary to involve professionals for this. Sometimes, to save money, you should choose a different type of painting, or a less complex plot.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

This type of application is actively used in modern premises, which confirms a large number of photos of artistic painting of walls listed on the Internet. This style is perfect for a residential apartment, and for the office. Due to the large number of embodiments, everyone can choose a suitable solution.

The main styles of artistic painting:

  • classical. This style is always fashionable and in demand. Among its main characteristics are restraint, harmony, simplicity of lines and symmetry. Drawing made in this style will give the interior a nobility and style. It will be an excellent decoration of the living room, bedroom and corridor. At the same time, the classic style is perfectly combined with modern or non-standard elements, allowing you to keep the overall style of the interior;
  • baroque. This style gives the room pomp and luxury. It looks great in offices and spacious rooms of private houses, but it is not suitable for small apartments. It differs from other baroque styles by a large number of pretentious elements, the presence of large buds, flowers, leaves, etc .;

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

  • Empire A distinctive feature of this style is a large amount of gold, small parts. That is why the painting of the wall in the house in the Empire style requires a professional approach. Otherwise it is likely to overload the image with unnecessary details and spoil the effect of it;
  • modern This style is very popular among designers. This is due to the softness of colors, the spatial image. Most often it is dominated by motifs with wavy light lines. This style of painting walls with flowers is perfectly combined with elements from natural materials;
  • anime. The painting in this style appeared along with the growing popularity of Japanese cartoons. Anime is great for interior decoration in the Japanese style, in addition, this style is often used for painting walls in the children’s room.

It should be borne in mind that for the most part, art painting requires a certain experience in drawing. Some scenes can only be done by a professional artist, which significantly increases the price of wall painting in an apartment.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

The technique of artistic drawing of the drawing has practically no flaws, since a large number of embodiments allows using it for any room. It is simple to perform, and besides, all types of paints are suitable for it, which are presented today on the construction market in a wide range of colors and prices. Wall painting in art technique is the most affordable type of wall decor.

This wall painting technique on the street was recently used to design interior decoration. Airbrushing opens up wide opportunities for the artist to implement various ideas through the use of an airbrush (air brush). Due to the presence of the adjustment of the force of the jet head, you can get a smooth background and create smooth and natural transitions between colors. The resulting image on the wall is striking bright colors and realistic.

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

The advantages of airbrushing:

  • lack of stains and streaks in places of paint application;
  • Smooth surface;
  • the possibility of drawing a picture in hard to reach places;
  • the ability to significantly change the spatial perception of the room;
  • the ability to hide the obvious disadvantages of the room.

The high price of wall paintings in the interior is the main drawback of this style.

  • the places where the stencil is planned to be located should be marked with a pencil;
  • the surface to be painted is thoroughly cleaned and degreased;
  • selected stencil tightly fastened. For this you need to use scotch. The finished stencil often has a self-adhesive surface that provides a snug fit;

Wall painting in the interior: an unusual solution in a modern apartment

  • using a roller, a wide brush, foam pad or spray gun to be stained;
  • after drying the finished picture, it must be coated with transparent varnish. This will save the image and avoid washing it in the future.

Important! To make the image neat, the paint should be applied in two thin layers. Its excess should be removed with a foam sponge.

Painting the walls in the interior will allow to solve many spatial problems, to give the apartment a unique and individual style. Ease of execution and affordable cost of materials allow you to carry out this type of finishing work on your own.

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