Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

The choice of kitchen furniture is a process of particular importance, because it must be practical, compact and beautiful at the same time. That is why its relevance never lose wooden chairs for the kitchen, harmoniously combining the classic elegance and versatility. What are the advantages of furniture made of wood, what is the specific variety of dining chairs, what is the guide in choosing the right model? The answers to all these and other questions are given below.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Features and advantages of wooden kitchens: photo examples of interiors of different styles

For most people, the kitchen is not just a place to cook, but also a cozy corner for family breakfasts, home gatherings and even reception. That is why kitchen furniture should be as functional and practical as possible. As for the chairs, they should first of all be comfortable and reliable. Despite the wide choice of various materials and the high cost of products, it is the tables and chairs made of solid wood that do not lose their popularity. After all, this is a classic, which is timeless.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

In favor of wood as the main material for kitchen furniture, such qualities testify:

  1. High performance characteristics, which are manifested in resistance to temperature extremes, moisture and mechanical damage.
  2. High degree of attractiveness. Even the most ordinary stool with round legs looks very beautiful in the style of country or Provence.
  3. The possibility of a variety of processing, which lends itself to wood, which ultimately allows you to get furniture in a different style design.
  4. Wood is perfectly combined with all kinds of finishing materials – from fabric to metal and plastic. This creates additional benefits not only in aesthetic terms, but also in the area of ​​comfort and convenience in use.
  5. Ability to select colors. Natural wood has a different color, it is enough to perform an autopsy stain or varnish. Fans of bright colors can choose your favorite tone, as the tree is easily painted and retains its color for a long time.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Thus, the wooden kitchen is a classic in modern processing. This is manifested in the fact that manufacturers are constantly improving the model range. Along with the classic wooden chairs, new improved and sometimes extravagant designs appear. At the same time, the models differ not only in the form and style of design, but also in the quality of the material, price and functionality.

Helpful advice! The maximum number of advantages it has furniture made of wood. Products made of particleboard and other combined materials are not characterized by so many positive qualities. In particular, furniture made of slabs will not create an atmosphere of absolute ecological purity, therefore it cannot serve as a full-fledged replacement for wooden objects.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

The main advantage of wooden chairs is, strictly speaking, the material itself, because the production uses the cleanest and most environmentally friendly raw materials – natural wood. This is due to the advantages of wooden chairs:

  • do not pose a threat to health and the environment;
  • durability;
  • wear resistance;
  • practicality;
  • stability and reliability;
  • comfort in use;
  • wide model range;
  • the possibility of independent production or production under the order on a special project;
  • ease of care.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Speaking about the advantages of wooden furniture, it is impossible not to mention the indescribable energy and the smell that emanates from natural wood. In addition, according to environmentalists, wood products contribute to the creation of a positive microclimate in any room. The positive verdict of wooden furniture was taken out also by allergists, in whose opinion, it is not only acceptable in the home for people with allergies, but even necessary.

Kitchen chairs, depending on their size, are divided into types.

Traditional chairs in the kitchen with backrest. The legs of these chairs have a height of 40–45 cm. The dimensions of the back are from 25 to 55 cm, and the dimensions of the seat vary from 50 to 55 cm. These are the most popular models that are usually included in the set for different types of tables. A variation of this type are the half-chairs with high armrests with wooden or soft lining.

Bar stools made of wood. In such models, the seating area is usually somewhat smaller, located at a distance of 60-80 cm from the floor. The height of the backrest is 30 cm. Chairs, according to the name, are placed near the bar counters.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Children’s chairs. This is a smaller version of the traditional type, designed specifically for the child. The models are designed for users of height up to 1 m, therefore they have such dimensions: the height of the legs is about 20 cm, the width of the seat is 30 cm.

Depending on the purpose and availability of additional options, the chairs are divided into the following types:

  1. Wooden chairs for the kitchen with a soft seat – may include armrests and act as analogues of lightweight chairs. Such models are used in spacious dining rooms.
  2. Wooden chairs for the kitchen with hard seat. On such furniture there is no upholstery. Typically, these chairs are used in the styles of rustic or vintage.
  3. Folding wooden chairs in the kitchen with a back – the perfect solution for a small room. The main advantage of such models is functionality, and the disadvantage is simplicity of execution.
  4. Stools – the most common and affordable option. Lack of a back allows to place them under a table therefore they are suitable as a chair for a small kitchen.

Helpful advice! To sit comfortably in a chair, his seat must be at least 50 cm wide.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

The shape, size and design features of kitchen furniture can correspond to different styles. Consider in more detail the most popular of them.

Classicism. This direction involves the use of chairs that have a massive structure and a rich appearance. They are made from an array of valuable wood. Unpainted models are especially beautiful. The armrests can serve as additions to the design, and the legs and back are often decorated with monograms.

Provence. Mostly used white wooden chairs for the kitchen or pastel color products. Complement their covers from natural fabrics with variegated colors. By construction, they are usually high-backed models. Differ massive and simple design.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Country Original chairs look plain plain form with a variety of colors. “Rustic” furniture from the array does not have an elaborate finish, the upholstery is simple – from a fabric in a cell or strip.

The modernist style is presented by a wide model range of chairs of the most different forms which differ in high quality. In their manufacture using wood in combination with metal or plastic. Upholstery is neutral, most often of natural or artificial leather.

Hi-tech is the most progressive style preferred by young people. Interior items are most often made of chrome-plated metal, but wooden chairs for the kitchen with a hard seat, painted in black, white or silver, can also be used.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Scandinavian style is represented by models with white or pastel colors. Upholstery should be made of quality materials (preferred natural wool and cotton).

Minimalism. The name of the style speaks for itself. Models are very simple. The colors correspond to the overall interior.

The above are the most common types of kitchen furniture, but there are also exclusive versions of chairs with soft seats that deserve attention.

Gothic style is characterized by a combination of luxury and mysticism, which implies the use of dark tones of furniture. The most striking example is furniture made of dark wood or artificially aged material. It is possible to apply both opaque, and the varnished covering. Usually, these are wooden chairs for the kitchen with an over-sized backrest with perfectly regular shapes, complemented by elements with sharp ends.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen: elegance in harmony with practicality

Helpful advice! Furniture for fancy styles such as Empire, Baroque or Rococo, should be made exclusively of precious wood, and upholstery – from expensive and high-quality fabrics.

Shebby-chic style is considered the most extraordinary. Chairs, recommended for this direction, are distinguished by originality, bring a sense of antiquity and avant-garde to the interior. It can be wooden stools with artificially aged coating in the form of peeled paint, scratches, faded images. In this style they usually use light colors.

All parts in the joints (except for mounting screws) are fixed by means of wood glue. To avoid cracking parts during assembly, it is necessary to drill holes in the joints.

Helpful advice! In the process of cutting the legs you need to ensure that the wood had a vertical location. Thus, the cuts will not be formed across the fibers.

Chairs for the kitchen – an important piece of furniture. Therefore, the choice of appropriate models should be approached carefully and responsibly. In particular, you need to pay attention to the material. Wood must be of high quality and durable. It is necessary that the design itself has a reliable fixation of parts. Minimal creaking of the product indicates low-quality assembly. If you have carpentry skills, you can make a kitchen chair yourself. Important factors in the choice of furniture – its practicality and compliance with the overall style of the interior.

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