How to see the location of the site by the cadastral number

Any land allotment located in the territorial zone of Russia and owned requires an extract from the state real estate cadastre. This paper is the leading legal confirmation of the boundaries assigned to the land in relation to other territories. The question of their definition often arises before buyers and sellers of building space. Anyone interested should know how to see the location of the site by the cadastral number.

how to see the location of the site by the cadastral number

How to do it using network resources, PAC varieties

Before obtaining a document with the key characteristics of the property, you need to determine what the area in question is bordering on. The places of contact of the investigated land with other delineated territories are usually taken as dividing lines. In the passport of the cadastre, the total area of ​​the considered limited area is prescribed, the shape of the boundaries is indicated. A schematic representation of the site is added to it as a separate application, visually displaying its main features.

When the owner of real estate in the form of an allotment needs to perform any manipulations with the property (in case of controversial issues with neighboring landowners, put up an object for sale, etc.), to solve the problem, he should use the view of the projection.

Public map

It is the best option for checking. This network resource, created by the leading developers of Rosreestr, includes all the updated information about the lands owned and their borders. Any interested user can cartographically look at the cadastral number of the land plot on the map and get other necessary information. Using this source, it will not be difficult to evaluate how the allotment looks like, to examine it by overlaying a schematic image. Obtaining extremely accurate data is a very important nuance in any activities related to real estate. At the moment, the Federal Registration Service allows citizens to use the following types of resources in order to check the land:

  • Yandex maps. The cartographic portal is also available at the Rosreestr site. By using it, you can no less successfully carry out the definition of boundaries, assess the adjacent territories and the situation as a whole. Compared to PKK, the service has a more convenient lens control tool. In addition to the graphical display of schemes, there are satellite photographs.

  • Google Maps. The set of applications makes it possible not only to search for a land plot according to the cadastre, cadastral number on the map, view its schematic or satellite image, but also see the plot “with your own eyes”, as if you are right in front of it. This unique feature of virtual visit and inspection of the territory is the leading advantage of the service from Google..

  • OpenStreetMap. It is a not-for-profit online mapping project created by a worldwide community of cartographers. This resource even officially positions itself as formed with the participation of users of the worldwide network. It is impossible to determine the key characteristics of a real estate object with its help. But there is an opportunity to carefully examine the photos of land plots, the collection of which is constantly replenished due to the active participation of the network company figures. This option of getting to know the site will be very useful when a person is just planning to acquire land and is at the stage of initial consideration of proposals..

  • 2GIS. At the beginning of its activity, the resource provided users with information only about buildings and organizations in cities. Over time, he has significantly expanded the area of ​​work and now supports the program of the state registration service, providing everyone with their own map-scheme of territories.

The network sites presented above are united by one common function – they all allow people to evaluate the appearance and consider the places where the boundaries of objects lie. The only difference is the features and nature of the presentation of information. Thus, everyone can choose the best option for themselves, the use of which will be the most convenient and effective..

What is the PAC

find a plot on the map by cadastral number

Before you find and look at a site on a cadastral map, you need to find out what it is and what opportunities its use gives to the cadastre..

An electronic resource is a database containing key USRN information:

  • special number of the immovable object;

  • location and address information;

  • features of the form of ownership

  • leading characteristics: points of contact with third-party lands, area, etc .;

  • coordinates according to geodesy;

  • date of registration of the allotment in the system.

The entire informational volume of the PAC demonstrates in the form of texts and graphic images, which are closely interrelated with the geographical features of the Russian Federation..

Rosreestr monitors the filling of the site with blocks and information. He also monitors the relevance of the information provided. The activity of the service is based on the following fundamental positions:

  • The work of the web resource fully answers the question of how to find a land plot using a cadastral map in the public domain. Maximum openness is an undeniable advantage for those who have to determine the boundaries of the allotment. All interested users can do this at any time without complicated preliminary identification procedures..

  • The truth of the information. All materials stored in the system exactly match the USRN. When even minor changes and amendments appear, they are immediately introduced into the database..

  • Relevance. All corrective actions in relation to updated information are made daily. Thus, each visitor to the network resource can be sure of receiving only relevant search results..

What information does

The actions of the owners of real estate represent the basis of economic legal relationships in any country. When concluding sale and purchase agreements or other manipulations by private and legal entities, it is very important to have true information about the considered property forms.

Without requesting a USRN certificate, only thanks to the data collected by the PKK, it will not be difficult to figure out how to find a site by the cadastre, the address on the cadastral map, and also:

  • determine the price of the registered allotment;

  • acquire true, timely updated information about the location of the object, clarify its characteristic features;

  • consider the condition of real estate, as well as find out its special number;

  • get an idea of ​​the restrictions imposed on the land;

  • if inaccuracies are found, inform specialists about them for further making adjustments to the system.

Usually, the amount of information provided by a network resource is quite enough to thoroughly check the “purity” on the eve of the conclusion of an agreement (for example, sale and purchase). So, the buying party has the opportunity to find out if there are any restrictions (official encumbrances). Thanks to this, you can significantly reduce time costs and simplify the formation of a package of securities required for the transaction.

How to determine the location of the site by the cadastral number on the map

find a plot by cadastral number on the map

To designate the boundaries of your own or a land plot of interest, you must perform a number of step-by-step actions.

  • Go to a web resource that displays the most complete and reliable information that is currently relevant.

  • At the top right, you will see a small window that will provide a choice of a suitable system (Google, Yandex, 2Gis, Open Street, etc.). Decide and click on the appropriate option.

  • If necessary, check the boxes next to the “Show borders” and “Thematic displays” positions. The first point will give you the opportunity to immediately see the grid of divided lands, the second will indicate the specific features of the real estate. Among the criteria that can be considered when putting a mark: the form of ownership, price gradation according to the cadastre, the cost of 1 square meter, the type of land plot, acceptable options for use, zoning of territories, differences due to the specifics of use.

  • Configure all the necessary parameters and provide information on the subject of land ownership. There are two windows to register address data and a special number. The first is at the top left, the second is just above it..

  • Press the search engine key. The action will redirect you to the position you were looking for.

  • After activating the left mouse button, click on the selected part of the image. By doing this, you will receive all the required information, including see free plots of land on the land cadastral map.

PAC Tools

When working with a public domain, it is possible to use different tools. Determination of distances, areas, search functions in space, graphic elements for creating a picture, copying and printing and much more, which will certainly be useful when checking the allotment.

The button “Display Control” is worth mentioning separately. It gives you access to a host of powerful features. With its help, it will not be difficult to build a thematic image according to the form of land tenure, type of land or use a background in the form of endless space (satellite image) during verification actions.

It so happens that the activation of the substrate from space photographs gives a displacement of the object under consideration relative to it. If you notice that the territorial boundaries are shifted, and the difference is several tens of meters or more, this means that there is an error in the registry. This means that the allotment was registered with the admission of inaccuracies. In such a situation, it is necessary to seek help from specialists so that all the shortcomings are eliminated and the picture coincides with the satellite image..

When the differences are very small, don’t worry. Such small errors arise due to insufficiently fast loading of a raster image. After all, the satellite captures our planet, which has a spherical shape, and the registry coordinates are given in the plane.

What to do if you can’t see the land plot on the map by cadastral number

plot by cadastral number on the map

Display difficulties can make themselves felt when you are trying to get information about a very recently registered allotment. All the information needed on it simply did not have time to get into the database, the system did not record it. In this case, you should wait for a certain time until it is updated. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long. After all, updates and adjustments are made daily.

In addition, problems may arise when displaying a picture at the time of viewing it. If you do not see the object you want, try using the “+” and “-” buttons on the right. By zooming in and out of the image, you can find the plot on the map by the cadastral number, catch the angle at which the desired object of land ownership will be visible.

Additional options

Users should keep in mind that the specialists who have developed the system and are constantly improving it have made it possible to use mobile devices in order to obtain the necessary information. To do this, you just need to download a special add-on application to your tablet or mobile phone. The mini-program is endowed with all the functions of its predecessor version for personal computers. Thanks to adaptation to iPhones and iPads, it has become even more accessible and convenient to use..

The PAC includes an optimal set of tools that allows you to carry out spatial search of the desired subject of land ownership much faster and easier. So, for example, it will not be difficult to determine the distance between two given points or the area of ​​a certain object. For convenience, all the data obtained is supposed to be saved in an Excel table..

How can you find out the cadastral number of the site (on the map)

Obtain a document (passport indicating all the key characteristics of the land plot) to the cadastre specialists. You should contact them:

  • by direct visits to specialized departments;

  • on the Internet, through the Rosreestr site;

  • in regional and city divisions of the MFC.

When contacting the engineers, you must provide your own personal data, an extract-confirmation from the house book or an official paper of the landowner. These types of documentation serve as the basis for providing the applicant with information about the price or boundaries of an immovable object owned.

Online background information on real estate

In some cases, it is not enough to figure out how a map with cadastral numbers of parcels works. There are many actions in relation to land ownership, for the implementation of which you need to order an extract on the network resource. This certificate specifies the status of the land, its value on the market and according to the cadastre, as well as other equally important parameters. All this may be needed by both the buying side and the selling side. In some situations, the owner requires it, regardless of the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement. He may need to check or find out the price, etc..

The PDF version is sent to the customer’s postal address in the form that is optimal for him (the preferred format is implied). After confirmation with a certified digital signature, such a document is endowed with the same legal significance as the version on paper.

Should I contact inventory engineers

cadastral map find a plot by cadastral number

Of course, the result of the developments carried out in the Rosreestr system was the convenience and simplicity of obtaining the necessary information. The introduced innovations (especially in terms of mobile applications) made the interaction of users with the database accessible. However, when it is necessary not only to view the general characteristics and features, but also to order an official document, which will subsequently be attached to the package to carry out actions with real estate, you still have to use the help of competent specialists.

The network resource is aimed more at collecting a certain amount of data, thanks to which you can verify the reliability of information about the property, find out the cost, determine the boundaries, etc..

Let’s summarize

Finding land by cadastral number on the map is not difficult at all. For this, the registration service has now created all the necessary conditions. It is enough to choose the best option for yourself on the network and request the necessary information.

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