Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Today, modern kitchens are very common electric hob. It differs from the traditional plate not only in appearance, but also in its functional capabilities. When choosing a product, it is important to study the types of electrical panels, the advantages and disadvantages of each option. From the range of the proposed models, one should choose products of a well-known manufacturer, which is a guarantee of a high-quality and durable product.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Electric cooking panel: home appliance features

The cooktop differs from the traditional stove not only in appearance, but also in other characteristics. It has a more compact size, which allows you to install the device in any convenient place in the kitchen. Such a surface, built into the tabletop, is more hygienic, since greasy drops or pieces of food will not fall onto the floor with strong stirring during cooking. This appliance consumes less electricity than a standard cooker.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Today, the hob is presented in a wide variation of design. The models differ in configuration and color, so you can choose not only a functional device, but also a stylish interior element.

The electrical panel has a thin body with a thickness of not more than 6 cm, which is equipped with burners. The principle of operation of the device is to generate heat when an electric current passes through a conductor. The conductor is a resistive heating element having a high resistivity value. It is made in the form of a spiral under the lid of the burner or is presented in the open form. The surface heats up and transfers the heat to the dishes installed on it.

Compared to traditional gas panels, electrical surfaces have several advantages. First of all, a high level of safety of the device operation should be highlighted. Gas leakage is excluded. An open flame carries a greater threat than a heated zone on an electric stove. The installation of the gas surface requires the organization of supply and exhaust ventilation systems.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Electric panels are equipped with a large number of modes of operation, which allows you to choose the necessary parameter to ensure a more efficient and convenient process of cooking. However, in the rate of heating electrical panels are inferior gas. Another disadvantage of products is their high cost.

There are two types of surfaces: dependent and independent. The first type occupies a leading place in the rating of electric hobs and is represented by a device connected to an oven, which can be located both under the hob and in another place close to the device. The second type of device is not very convenient. This is because the surface control system is located on the oven. In the process of cooking every time you have to approach it in order to increase or decrease the temperature.

When choosing a dependent option, you will be able to get a set of household appliances, made in the same style, which will look like a built-in stove. However, it should be remembered that if one of the elements fails, the second will not function independently.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Important! It is recommended to select dependent elements of the same manufacturer. However, even in this case, it is necessary to use a special compatibility table of hobs and ovens.

Another option panel does not depend on the oven. It can be installed both with it and without it. The control system is located directly on the electrical surface. A variety of models offered by the company Bosch. Independent electric hobs are chosen by those who do not use the oven. However, if there is a desire to purchase it, the total cost of two units will be much higher than the price of a dependent set of household appliances.

An important parameter when choosing electrical panels for the kitchen is power. Its total value depends on the type of heating element, the number and size of the burners and the heating rate. This value ranges from 3-10 kW. Most of the standard 4-burner electric hobs have one 3 kW working area, two 1.5 kW each and one 1 kW each, which determines the intended use of the burners.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Small heating zones are designed for dishes up to 2 liters. They are used to heat food and brew coffee. Medium burners are suitable for containers with a volume of 3-4 liters and can be used for cooking vegetable dishes. Powerful heating zones are designed for large-sized dishes and are ideal for roasting meat.

The electric cooking surface is in the form of a rectangle, square, circle, semicircle or oval. The number of burners can be from 2 to 5 pcs. Manufacturers have standardized dimensions of hobs, depending on what they may have different widths.

Electric 2-ring surfaces are represented by products with a width of 26-40 cm. The front burner has low power and the back burner is high. Electric cooking panels on 3 burners are characterized by a width of 40-48 cm. The heating zones here form a triangle. Control knobs can be placed horizontally or vertically. Classic models for 4 burners are available in width 49-60 cm. Products for 5 heating zones of different shapes and dimensions reach sizes above 61 cm.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Control of the electrical panel can be touch or mechanical. The first option is carried out through the use of an icon that reacts to a light touch. This type of control is the most convenient to use and easy to maintain. It is enough to wipe the contaminated panel with a damp cloth. Models with touch control occupy a leading position in the ranking of embedded electric cooking panels.

Another advantage of this surface is that, thanks to its more compact dimensions, it takes up less space. However, in the event of a malfunction, the repair will be problematic and expensive.

Mechanical control is carried out by means of rotary switches, which can be stationary or recessed. The latter option is more acceptable from the point of view of less labor-intensive process of their cleaning.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Control knobs are located in front of the panel or to the side of it. The second option is more successful, since it excludes the possibility of accidental pressing of the sensor or switch. There is another management method that is the most expensive. This is a remote process using a special remote.

Depending on the material of manufacture, there are distinguished enameled, steel, glass-ceramic electric cooktops. The first option is the most popular, due to the low cost of the product. However, this surface is sensitive to the effects of aggressive media and coarse materials. The time-consuming process of cleaning the panel from contamination increases the risk of damage to the enamel.

Important! With proper operation and maintenance of the surface without the use of abrasive materials, the panel will retain its original appearance for a long time.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

The main advantage of enamelled surfaces is increased resistance to temperature changes and various mechanical loads. When using the product on the surface of the panel does not leave traces of water and fingerprints. The extended range of colors of the product makes it possible to choose the panel for any shade of the kitchen set.

A little more expensive electric stainless steel hob. Such products are offered by the Electrolux company. Electric steel hobs are highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage. This environmentally friendly material tolerates temperature fluctuations and high temperatures.

Despite all the advantages, such a surface requires special care. After each cooking, it is necessary to wipe it, because the slightest drops and fingerprints will be visible on it. This type of surface is represented only in gray.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Helpful advice! For the proper care of household appliances made of stainless steel should purchase special tools.

The most expensive are glass ceramics. Cooktops have an adequate level of strength. However, the material is afraid of punctures with a heavy sharp object. Also on the surface may remain traces of melted sugar, so it should be immediately removed. This type of electrical panels requires the use of special utensils. Products made of iron and copper will leave indelible marks on the surface.

It is fairly easy to care for the glass-ceramic electrical surface. When contaminated, it should be wiped with a damp sponge without the use of special tools. This panel does not absorb odors. It is resistant to acids and fat. Due to the distinctive properties of the material, the surface quickly heats up and cools down. Outside of the heating element, it remains cold.

Glass ceramic surfaces are available in black or white. They can be monophonic or with a pattern, which gives an additional aesthetics to a stylish device.

Electric hob: stylish assistant demanding hostess

Electric stoves can be with cast iron pancakes or with a glass-ceramic surface. In the first variant, round cast-iron discs are used as a heating element, inside of which a heating element in the form of an electric spiral is placed on a ceramic substrate. Regulation of power of heating is carried out by means of rotary handles. Such disks are installed on enameled or steel surfaces.

Important!  Rings of fast heating and increased power are marked with a red circle in the central part of the element.

The appearance of such a surface resembles a traditional plate. On such disks it is possible to install any ware, except plastic. They are easy and simple to care for. This is the cheapest option for electrical panels.

The Hansa BHCI65123030 electric hob with 4 rings is the most affordable, but no less quality and functional. The model is equipped with a standard set of functions necessary for the implementation of a quick and convenient cooking process. The glass-ceramic surface is framed around the perimeter with a metal protective frame. It has 4 Hi-Light burners, two of which have a diameter of 18 cm, the others 14.5 cm. The total power of the panel is 6 kW. The surface is controlled by mechanical rotary switches. The cost of the product is only 11 thousand rubles.

An electric cooktop has several advantages over other types of cookers. When choosing a product, it is important to study its technical characteristics, functionality of the appliance, to get acquainted with real reviews of the cooking surface. To obtain a high-quality, reliable and durable product, you need to opt for models of global manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market of home appliances from the best side.

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