Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

The weight of pipes is a parameter that determines the mass of 1 linear meter of the steel part. There are several ways by which this indicator can be calculated. These methods have some differences depending on the types of pipes that differ in the shape of the section. Determination of the mass of pipes is a serious undertaking necessary for the calculation of transportation costs and construction nuances.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

For what purpose is the mass of steel pipes determined

Steel pipes are widely used in the construction industry. In any project you can find information about the mass of plumbing communications built in the building. The same applies to other pipeline systems and structures made of rolled steel. The weight of the gas and water steel pipes is calculated in several ways. What else is required to calculate this parameter?

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

Theoretical mass is necessary for sale, since the implementation of pipes is carried out taking into account the mass, but not the length. Thus, the definition of this indicator makes it possible to calculate the cost of an individual batch.

Calculation of the mass of these products is used in construction to determine the strength of the future structure. This parameter allows you to find out which loads a frame made of pipes can carry.

Note! Finding the specific gravity helps to increase the accuracy of the calculations, since the real values ​​often do not coincide with the state standards.

And finally, the calculation of the weight of metal pipes is made before transporting products. Transportation must be carried out on special cargo equipment, taking into account the possible load. When concluding a contract specifying the number of products and their mass, one should be sure that the transportation will be carried out in one trip.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

Thus, knowledge of the mass of steel pipes is a prerequisite for their acquisition. Of course, when buying these parts by the piece there is no need for such a calculation. The determination of weight in such a situation may be required only in order to calculate the real cost of the products.

Calculation of the mass of steel parts of this type can be performed independently (without the use of state standards). First of all, it will be necessary to determine the basic physical and geometrical characteristics of the metal rolled stock. The calculation of the weight of round parts is somewhat different from the calculation of this parameter for the profile pipes (rectangular and square).

To determine the weight of a meter of a pipe having a circular cross-section, it is necessary to measure its internal and external diameters. For profile pipes, the obligatory step is to determine the width and height. If necessary, you can use the regulatory documentation that is publicly available on the Internet. Relevant GOSTs contain all relevant information about pipes of any type. It is important to remember that for each variety of these parts there is a corresponding document.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

Many indicators (for example, length) can be determined independently using a building tape measure. In order for the calculation to be as accurate as possible, it is recommended to find out the type of material, its brand.

You can find out how much a pipe weighs without complicated calculations. GOST regulations governing metal pipe products contain special tables. They indicate the main indicators characterizing the part (including weight). You can also use the online calculator, which contains the mass calculation algorithm.

Steel products have many advantages that are recommended to pay attention. First of all, it is worth noting that parts made of this alloy have high strength characteristics. It is this fact that causes their wide distribution in the construction industry, where the strength of products is one of the main indicators. A wide range of parts is also considered an important advantage, as it allows to expand their operational scope. In the construction market, you can easily select parts that are suitable in shape and technical characteristics.

Note! Production and sale of these products are made in linear meters. The weight of the pipes is the main characteristic that influences the cost.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

All steel pipes can be divided into three categories:

  • round;
  • profiled (square and rectangular);
  • non-standard (multifaceted).

A serious advantage inherent in these products is that they have a high resistance to mechanical stress. Steel pipes tolerate pressure and shock. It is worth noting that they have an acceptable cost and belong to the average price segment.

A wide variety of types of parts allows you to use them in various fields: construction, economic, etc. Steel products have a small indicator of linear expansion. This is a very important advantage, since many pipes expand when heated, and if they are placed in a screed, this can lead to cracks.

In order to answer the question of how to calculate the weight of the pipe, it is necessary to get acquainted closer with all the methods that allow to make this calculation. Knowledge of the mass of steel products is required at all stages, from their acquisition to installation.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

It may seem to many people that determining the mass of pipes is a simple matter. However, this calculation has many nuances that need attention. First of all, it is important to remember that when purchasing a batch of steel pipes, it is imperative to check the weight. Any discrepancies in the calculations may lead to the fact that the material is simply not enough.

Excess weight may affect the construction characteristics of the future structure. The load applied to the structure must be within the limits calculated previously and indicated in the corresponding drawing. The weight of 1 meter of pipe is calculated taking into account the grade of steel from which the product is made.

It often happens that the actual weight of the pipe does not correspond to the specific mass prescribed in the regulatory documentation. This is due to the nature of production. A product that perfectly matches the documentation is almost impossible to complete. Therefore, state standards specify tolerances on the size of the deviation.

When determining the weight of a steel pipe meter, it is recommended to use at once in several ways. This will reduce the estimated errors to a minimum. If the formula is used to determine the mass, then it is recommended to verify the accuracy of the final results several times.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

Most often, manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacture of metal pipes of different types, sell their products in bulk. The sale of individual parts is also carried out, but its percentage is much lower compared to large orders that developers and private individuals draw up.

Useful information! Measuring the length of products that make up one batch is not a convenient solution. In order to simplify the implementation, the cost is calculated based on the weight of the lot, which is determined based on the mass of the part. To calculate it, you need to know the weight of 1 meter of pipe. This is the fastest way to calculate, but for the customer it is not the best. This is due to the fact that after using steel pipes, as a rule, there remains a certain percentage of surplus.

To determine the mass of the party in production using two methods. The first of these takes into account the use of an online calculator. This program allows you to quickly calculate the weight of steel parts. Often the online calculator is placed on the website of the company that manufactures steel products. Thus, each buyer can determine the required weight of the lot in a few minutes and place an order immediately.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

The second method to calculate the weight of the steel pipe for purchases is weighing. It is made using special trucks. This operation is performed in 2 stages. First of all, the car (or trailer) is located on the scales, which allows to determine its mass. Next, it loads a batch of metal parts. The initial weight of the vehicle is subtracted from the resulting figure – the total weight of the lot is obtained.

Each buyer can come to the production, if you want to determine other characteristics of the party. For example, you may need to calculate the number of pipes in one order. And also very often it is necessary to know the length of the products. As a result, carrying out such calculations will allow to make an order not by weight, but by the number of packages.

Round pipes made of steel are very popular when laying various communications. It is important to remember that such products have their own features for calculating the mass. To determine this indicator, you need to know some physical and geometric characteristics. Before starting the calculation, the following data will be required:

  • wall thickness;

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

  • outside diameter;
  • section shape;
  • steel grade (for precision calculations).

The easiest way to calculate in this case is to use a special online calculator. The calculation of the weight of a steel round pipe with the help of a special program, in which a formula is written that allows you to quickly determine the mass, is very simple. All that is needed is to enter the necessary parameters of the part in the appropriate cells.

Note! It is important to remember that when calculating the weight of a product with a circular cross section, the main indicator is the grade of the alloy. Experts do not recommend performing a calculation without this characteristic.

To find the desired value, the following action is taken: the volume of the material is multiplied by the density of the steel. The density indicator for steel is a fixed unit and is 7850 kg / m ?. Using this calculation, you can determine the mass of any round piece (for example, a pipe weight of 76 mm).

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

To date, there are two methods to calculate the volume of steel round products or parts from another material. The first one involves the calculation of the pre-workpiece (sheet) from which the pipe is made. In the second case, it is necessary to find the difference between the volumes of the outer and inner cylinders.

Weight of pipes: calculation using formulas, tables and online calculator

The weight of 1 meter of metal-roll is determined in three ways: by formulas, tables, calculator. Each of these methods is good in its own way, but they all have one thing in common – approximate calculations. Getting the mass of 1 meter of metal allows you to calculate the weight of the entire party.

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