How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Every housewife, no matter how good she is, sooner or later faces an unpleasant phenomenon: clogging of the sewer pipe. How to clean sewer pipes at home, what methods of quick and high-quality disposal of blockages in the pipe exist and which of them are most effective? This article is devoted to the review of the most effective chemical products, as well as alternative methods for solving the problem of cleaning sewer pipes.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Causes and signs of clogged sewer pipe

Evidence of the need to clean the sewer in the house are the following signs:

  • the rate of discharge of water in the sink in the kitchen or bathroom slows down noticeably or stops altogether;
  • drain hole exudes an unpleasant smell.

Unfortunately, even a fine mesh at the drain hole does not guarantee that the fat and leftover food from the plates when washing dishes, hair or animal hair when bathing will not fall into the sewer pipe. In addition, the pipe itself also accumulates rust and mineral deposits from water, which, when combined with household waste, form a “plug” – a blockage that can stop the drainage flows.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Slowing the drainage of water in the sink or bathroom, as well as the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the drain hole means that the sewer pipe is clogged with grease, food debris and other small household garbage and needs urgent cleaning. Otherwise, it can lead to a serious problem in the sewer pipe, when cleaning it without the help of a professional plumber will no longer be possible. The reasons for clogging of the sewage system in a private house can also be the displacement or freezing of the soil.

To answer the question of how to clean the sewer pipe yourself in the most efficient way, it is necessary to take into account the place and degree of clogging of the pipe, as well as the material of its manufacture.

Today, the most popular methods of cleaning sewage at home are the following:

  • chemical cleaning of drain pipes using special preparations;
  • mechanical method of cleaning with a plunger or plumbing cable;
  • home remedies for cleaning the drain pipe.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

As for the differences in sewage treatment in an apartment and in a private house, the choice of a solution to this problem is about the same. However, in a private house there is also the possibility of cleaning pipes outside the house – if there is a sewer plan.

Modern chemical industry offers a variety of special tools that give a quick and high-quality result of sewage cleaning. The advantage of this method is the high efficiency of drugs and ease of use. Among the most popular chemical products that have received good reviews are Mole, Domestos, Tiret and Tiret Turbo, as well as Mr. Muscle and others.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Chemicals are available in the form of powders, gels and liquids. The effect of various drugs is almost identical and is based on the dissolution of deposits on pipes or hardened clogging. Chemicals are convenient to use, because To use them, you simply need to pour or empty the contents of the container into the drain hole, wait for a while and flush with a large amount of water into the sewer.

Helpful advice! Carefully read the instructions for use of the chemical agent, as some drugs are not used for all types of sewer pipes. Possessing aggressive properties, chemical preparations can negatively affect the coating composition of some pipes, for example, plastic, causing destruction of the material of manufacture.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Below we consider the most popular chemical means to eliminate blockages in the pipe.

The most popular chemical tool for cleaning the sewage system is the domestic preparation “Mole for cleaning pipes”. Reviews of numerous buyers and demand for the market for such products for many years, confirm the excellent recommendations of this tool for cleaning the sewage system. This chemical preparation is produced in the form of powder, which is simply poured into the drain hole when the pipe is clogged.

Important! When using the drug Mole, you must take precautions: protect your hands with gloves and prevent the ingress of powder into the respiratory tract.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

The mole has the strongest corrosive properties and copes well with fatty deposits on the pipes. However, we must bear in mind that the composition of the active substance of the drug Mole has a high aggressiveness and is only suitable for metal and metal-plastic pipes. At various trading floors, Mole is available in several versions: Mole-turbo, Mole-active and Mole-professional. The most powerful actions are possessed by the means “professional” and “asset”.

The second most popular means of cleaning pipes is the drug Tiret from the German manufacturer. This cleaner is a gel-like substance and is available in special containers in several versions: Tiret, Tireth-turbo and professional. Tyret can be used both to prevent clogging in sewer pipes, and to eliminate other serious plumbing problems.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

When Tirets gel gets into the sewage system, it spreads along the inner surface of the pipe, quickly neutralizing fatty and other deposits. One of the advantages of this tool is its sparing effect on pipes, so it can be used to clean pipes of any condition and material of manufacture. Despite the relatively high cost of the Tirat-turbo, consumer reviews indicate the efficiency of its use, because To eliminate the blockage, a small amount of the drug is sufficient and lasts for a long time.

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“Ambulance” methods for cleaning sewage in case of clogging are mechanical methods for removing a plug using a plunger and a plumbing cable.

The simplest option for mechanical cleaning of the pipe from the “tube” is a plunger. This simple device works on the principle of a pump, pumping water, air and dirt from the pipe to the outside. Sometimes the use of a plunger is the most effective way to eliminate the blockage, especially if the problem is not long-standing. The plunger should be on every hostess on hand, so that at the first signs of clogging of the sewer pipe, it was easy and quick to deal with this problem.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

To use a plunger, you need to fill the sink or bath with water, then put the plunger on the drain hole and press and pull the knob several times. The water and air in the pipe are “sucked in” and flow upward, dragging out particles of debris. After that, it is necessary to collect all the dirt from the drain hole and do the procedure again. It is desirable to repeat the operation until it becomes noticeable that the water becomes cleaner and easily goes to the sewer, i.e. blockage eliminated.

If clogging of the pipe is caused by the jamming of large parts of household waste or by a serious cork of grease and dirt, the plunger can not cope with the cleaning of the sewage system. In this case, it is advisable to use a more effective device – a sanitary cable for cleaning the sewage system. The cable is a flexible metal steel wire with a cross section of about 3-4 mm with a handle at the end. This sanitary assistant can be purchased in specialized plumbing stores.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

The technology of using the sanitary cable to clean the sewer pipe is as follows:

  • remove the siphon to access the sewer;
  • roll the sanitary cable into the ring and push the end of the cable inside the sewer pipe;
  • turn the cable handle, gradually pushing it further into the pipe;
  • periodically take out the cable from the pipe, clearing it of dirt and debris;
  • repeat the procedure several times.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Important! After applying the plumbing cable to clean the sewer pipe, it is necessary to rinse the sewer well with plenty of hot water, preferably with boiling water.

Many families, especially those with small children, fear the use of aggressive chemicals to clean sewer pipes and prefer to use a variety of safe home remedies. Indeed, too many chemicals surround us in everyday life, therefore, if it is possible to replace household chemicals with safe home remedies, it is appropriate to use it. An alternative to household chemicals used to clean sewage is ordinary soda and vinegar. The advantage of this method of eliminating the blockage in the pipe is its safety, low cost and ease of use. How to clean the sewer pipe with these simple tools?

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

As you know, soda is alkali, and vinegar is acid. The reaction arising from the combination of acid and alkali is accompanied by rapid heating and release of carbon dioxide. This “volcanic set” perfectly dissolves debris, dirt and grease accumulated in the sewer pipe. Conveniently, all the necessary components: soda, vinegar and boiling water are completely available and are available in every home. Moreover, despite the obvious cost-effectiveness of this method, it is quite effective.


Thus, if an unexpected blockage occurs, there is no need to run to the store to find the necessary chemical, just pour half a bag of dry soda into the drain hole and pour half a bottle of regular white vinegar into it (to improve the process, you can heat it up slightly). After that, you need to close the drain hole with a cloth and wait about 30 minutes to 2 hours. The resulting violent reaction will tell you that the process is going in the right direction. Then the cloth is removed and about 3 liters of freshly boiled water are poured into the sewer pipe. The dissolved dirt and debris will go down the drain and the pipes will be completely clean.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

This recipe involves the use of a mechanical method to eliminate congestion in the pipe, along with home remedies. With this option, the following sequence of actions is necessary:

  • clean the drain from debris and dirt;
  • pour 1 liter of boiling water into the sewer;
  • wait about 15 minutes;
  • apply a plunger;
  • pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain and pour boiling water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Soda not only cleans the sewage from fat deposits, but also disinfects the pipe, eliminating unpleasant odors.

How to clean sewer pipes at home: methods and means

Helpful advice! This method of cleaning the pipe at home can also be used for prophylaxis, from time to time following a procedure that helps prevent more serious sewage clogging.

As you can see, in order to eliminate the congestion in the sewer pipe at home, there is no need to call an expensive plumber. With the help of the above available and reliable recipes, it is quite possible to do it on our own.

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