Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

The acquisition of furniture is the final stage of arrangement of any room. At the same time, think about the style, design and design features should be at an early stage. This should be taken into account when choosing a set, as well as a table and chairs for the kitchen. A well-thought-out model, properly selected dimensions, practicality and aesthetics of these items will be the key to a comfortable meal and a good time at the dinner table.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

Kitchen tables and chairs: the main criteria for successful selection

A dining area with a table, chairs or sofas is an important place in the kitchen. This is where the whole family gathers for dinner, family meetings are held, and often receive guests. Therefore, this area should be as comfortable, convenient and at the same time as possible to correspond to the design design of the entire room. To achieve these goals, you must be guided by certain selection criteria, which include:

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

  1. The combination of the table with chairs and other furniture in the kitchen, as well as the harmony in design and compliance with the overall style decision in interior design.
  2. Proper zoning of space. In the kitchen, every square centimeter is valuable, so the placement of furniture should be as ergonomic as possible. Proper distribution of working and dining areas will create an atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen.
  3. Compliance with the shape, material and color design of furniture. For example, in a classic kitchen you need to eliminate bright colors as much as possible, since this is an option for modern. In Provence, the best solution would be to purchase a round table in a bright pastel range.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

An important criterion is the selection of an appropriately sized interior. It depends on how many people are supposed to be placed at the table. This factor should be taken into account first of all, because by reducing the area of ​​the table, additional space will appear in the kitchen. The correct size can be calculated using the following standards: 60 cm table length is required for each person plus the distance between the chairs is at least 25 cm. The minimum table width is 90 cm. A quality chair must withstand a load of up to 120 kg, it should not squeak and swing when sitting on it.

Dining groups are conventionally divided into massive and compact. For example, buying furniture for a small kitchen, you need to choose options not only small sizes, but also with additional functional features. Actual will be chairs and tables transformers, folding furniture. The classic is a small set with stools that hide under the table.

Helpful advice! Significantly expand the functionality will help the installation of a sofa with poufs, but only if the necessary space is available.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

It is much easier to choose interior items for a spacious kitchen. A large area allows you to purchase almost any type of furniture, while paying proper attention to style, design and comfort. Here you can give full imagination. Often for such kitchens use massive chairs at a round table, special sofas or soft corners.

The number of items also depends on how many people will simultaneously gather at the table. The traditional dining group consists of a table and four chairs, sometimes this number is limited to two stools or, conversely, expands to six items.

The dining group should also fit into the room in size. Before buying a headset, it is necessary to measure the floor area where the table and chairs will be installed in the kitchen. It is necessary to take into account the availability of additional space for the free movement of furniture for seating. The recommended stock should be at least 60 cm.

Kitchen tables can have the most diverse shapes: they can be in the form of a circle, a rectangle, a square, an oval, a semicircle, a triangle, an irregular polygon, and even with curly edges.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

Round tables are considered the most attractive in aesthetic terms. In addition, they fit perfectly into any interior. At the same time, acquiring a table in the shape of a circle, you need to be prepared for the fact that there may be a problem with its location. The accommodation option in the center is the most ideal, but this is only possible in the spacious kitchen. Installing it in the corner will be irrational and will only accommodate 2-3 people.

If, nevertheless, the desire to have a round table in a small kitchen is large, then it is recommended to use an alternative option in the form of a semicircular table. It can be placed against a wall or near a window.

Numerous photos of rectangular dining tables indicate the popularity of this configuration. Due to the spaciousness of such a table, 6 (and even more) people can sit down at once. The choice of location is also wider. Most often it is located near the window. The main drawback of a rectangular table – sharp corners, which are easy to hit. This problem is solved by purchasing furniture with corners rounded on the tabletop.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

A square table is considered a mini-option, as it usually has a small size. It is installed in a small kitchen, and you can place a maximum of 4 people behind it. This table is located most often in the free corner of a small dining area.

Helpful advice! Sliding tables for kitchen are very popular. Photos clearly demonstrate that such a functional feature can have both round and rectangular or square tables. The cost of such a kit, respectively, will be significantly high.

Items for seating must comply with the dining table, which is why it is best to purchase a set of furniture. Chairs for the kitchen, depending on the form, there are these types:

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

  • stools (round or square chairs without a back);
  • classical chairs with a back of different heights and shapes;
  • half-chairs or chairs;
  • folding or transformers;
  • bar stools with high legs with or without backrest.

In addition, the chairs can be hard or soft with a variety of styles. Often, manufacturers offer several models that fit the specific table. For example, a set of 6 chairs may include a pair of chairs equipped with armrests and a wide backrest.

If the kitchen is spacious, then the interior may include several types of chairs. For example, near the dining table is recommended to place the chairs, and near the bar counter – high stools. An alternative to chairs and armchairs is often a comfortable soft sofa or corner. Such furniture is usually located in the dining area created in the corner. The sofa is different spaciousness, comfort and functionality, as it can serve not only for meals, but also for recreation.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

For a family with a small child, you should take into account the fact that until the age of two in the kitchen you will need a special stable children’s highchair with high legs. This piece of furniture allows you to feed the child at the same time as the common meal.

Soft can be not only the seat, but also the backrest. For this it is better to give preference to materials from leather, leatherette or textiles. The fabric in the kitchen will be impractical, especially in the case of close placement of the work area.

The standard height of the dining table is the distance from the floor to the top surface of the table top, corresponding to 75 cm (+/- 2 cm). In this case, from the edge of the seat to the table cover, the height should be equal to 40-42 cm. These indicators are used when calculating the depth of the seat. The process of sitting should be comfortable, with full emphasis on the back, and the edge of the chair should not be located close to the popliteal cavity. Thus, the optimal width of the chair is from 40 to 50 cm.

The seat should not be strictly horizontal with respect to the floor. The quality models have a slope of 3-5 °, then the case will not slide forward with an emphasis on the back. Higher are bar stools. There are models where the height of the legs is adjustable.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

The minimum size of a kitchen table is 120×80 cm. If it has the shape of a circle, then its diameter should correspond to a figure of at least 90 cm. Such dimensions are necessary for comfortable accommodation at a dinner for a family of four. Experts do not set maximum indicators. Under the order you can make dining tables and chairs for the kitchen of any size, especially if space permits.

Helpful advice! Removable covers can help protect expensive chairs from dirt and damage. Comfortable seating will provide special pillows that are fixed on the furniture with the help of ties. The fabric colors should be chosen according to the curtains, tablecloth and napkins.

To determine the optimal number of chairs for one table, one should proceed from the recommendations that for one chair you need 60-65 cm of space, for a chair with armrests – more than 70 cm. Thus, a maximum of 4 chairs will be placed at a table with a length of 130 cm. If the length is 160 cm, the installation of 6 chairs is permissible.

In the furniture industry to create tables with chairs for the kitchen using a wide range of materials. Glass is quite common. Its popularity is due to the airiness that glass models acquire, as if “dissolved” in the interior.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

In addition to the glass tables and chairs for the kitchen used metal, plastic, wood. The surface can be glossy or matte, a great decoration – special drawings or photo printing. Most often glass is used for the production of countertops. The main disadvantage of a transparent material is its fragility. In addition, the slightest pollution is visible on the glass surface.

  1. The material of manufacture. The price of tables and chairs made of natural wood, including natural rattan, is much higher than the cost of items made of plastic, MDF or chipboard. The quality of accessories is also taken into account.
  2. Manufacturer. Famous brand sets higher prices for tables and chairs for the kitchen. Prices will also be higher for imported products, since the goods include shipping costs and customs clearance.
  3. Preparation method. Furniture under the order can cost significantly more, due to the need to reinstall equipment and a large amount of manual labor.

Table and chairs for the kitchen: traditional and non-standard solutions

The main condition for the successful purchase of furniture for the dining area is a combination of functionality with durability and aesthetics. In addition, the seat at the dinner table should be as comfortable as possible, and the dinette itself should be cozy. To make the right choice will help all of the above requirements, including the shape, size, type of material and finish, matching the price and quality.

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