Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

Drywall is one of the most popular building materials. The main advantage of the material is that its use allows you to expand the range of design solutions and create designs of various forms, to finish the walls and ceilings in any rooms. This article describes the parameters that allow to choose the right drywall: price per sheet, size, thickness, purpose, and others.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

What is drywall made from?

The main material that is part of the drywall sandwich – gypsum. It is a natural salt that is formed naturally from seawater.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

In order to obtain a gypsum plasterboard (GCR), the mined raw material must undergo a preliminary treatment, which includes two processes:

  • burning. The temperature at which this process takes place is approximately 180–190 ° C;
  • shredding.

For the manufacture of plasterboard of the desired shape, a solution is mixed with water, sometimes fiberglass is added. It is a component that significantly increases the deformation resistance of gypsum plasterboard, and also has a positive effect on refractory qualities. On both sides of the gypsum sheet is fixed cardboard, which is environmentally friendly. Such cardboard is made from cellulose and is impregnated at the production stage with special flame retardant additives.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

Depending on the purpose and technical features, all GCRs are divided into the following types:

  • standard;
  • moisture resistant;
  • fire resistant;
  • waterproof and fireproof;
  • acoustic.

Standard and moisture resistant plasterboard sheet 12 mm. Price per sheet and specifications

Standard plasterboard is used in the case when it is necessary to perform internal finishing work. Using standard gypsum plasterboards, wall leveling is performed, and partitions, multi-level ceilings, etc. are equipped. To calculate materials for finishing work, it is necessary to know the length and height of the gypsum plasterboard. Sheet dimensions are usually 2500×1200 mm. Cardboard in standard sheets is gray and indicated by blue marking. Standard HLs are used in rooms with normal humidity.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

Moisture-resistant plasterboard sheets are used in premises whose moisture level exceeds permissible values. But its use is advisable only if the room has an exhaust ventilation system. In turn, the front surface of the sheet must be provided with a waterproofing material (paint, primer, PVC coating).

The dimensions of the moisture-resistant gypsum board are the same as for standard GCR. Such sheets are used for the construction of slopes. GKLV in combination with waterproofing materials are used for cladding working surfaces in rooms with high levels of humidity. These include the bathroom.

Useful information! Moisture-resistant drywall has a high strength; It can be used for decoration of public premises.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

The material includes various hydrophobic additives, due to which the sheet is able to absorb the minimum amount of moisture (no more than 10%). In this case, the sheet has a green color and is indicated by a blue marking. The price and size of moisture-resistant drywall sheet may be different. However, products of standard sizes (2500x1200x12 mm) are in the range from 295 to 395 r per sheet.

Refractory-type building products are used when it is necessary to finish the surface, which is located in close proximity to the source of fire (for example, the inner surface of the fireplace). This is exactly the option that includes fiberglass, which gives resistance to fire.

Refractory sheets are used in rooms whose moisture levels may be low or normal. Cardboard in this case can be both pink and red. Plasterboard refractory sheets are red marked.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

Water-resistant and fire-resistant gypsum plasterboard (GKLVO) has a high coefficient of fire resistance, and also has low water absorption. The combination of properties allows the use of such gypsum sheets in the baths and steam rooms. However, it can also be used for ordinary interior decorating. Cardboard GKLVO sheet is green and red marking.

Acoustic GCR differ from other varieties in that it has a high sound insulation coefficient. This property allows you to use this material for walls and ceilings in concert halls, dance studios, as well as in the premises where the recording is made. The main difference between acoustic drywall and standard is that its surface has holes, with a cross-section indicator of about 1 cm. The reverse side of the acoustic gypsum board is equipped with a coating that does an excellent job of absorbing sound waves.

The standard length of the gypsum plasterboard is 2.5 m, and the width is 1.2 m. Also, the following dimensions can be attributed to the standard length: 3 and 3.5 m. In addition to the standard sizes, plasterboard sheets can be found on the markets and in the building stores, maybe 4 m. Sometimes there are sheets with a length of 1.2 m (small-sized). Dimensions and prices drywall interconnected. For example, sheets with a thickness of 9.5 mm are cheaper than twelve millimeter products.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

The standard width of a plasterboard sheet is 1200 mm (1.2 m), however, there are products on sale in which this indicator can be 2 times lower (625 mm). Such sheets will cost less.

As for the GCR thickness, the following are standard indicators:

  • 12.5 mm;
  • 9.5 mm.

Departure from the standard thickness is also a common practice. If necessary, you can buy GKL 6.6 mm thick. In this case, their weight will be much lower, as well as the indicator of the cost of drywall per sheet. There are also sheets with a different thickness – from 8 to 24 mm, which allows them to significantly expand their operational area.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

The dimensions of wall plasterboard in the form of sheets can be different, however, they are all considered standard. The length of the wall gypsum varies from 2000 to 4000 mm. The minimum width is 625 mm, and the maximum – 1200 mm. The standard thickness of plasterboard used for wall cladding is 12.5 mm.

Note! For wall decoration, sheets are most often used, the dimensions of which are 2500x1200x12.5 mm.

If it is necessary to sheathe the walls in an apartment or house with high ceilings, then it is recommended to use sheets with the greatest length (4 m). Thus, we can conclude that the dimensions of the GCR are selected depending on the specific situation.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

Drywall, which is used for installation on the ceiling, in itself should be easier to simplify the installation process as much as possible. For ceiling cladding using plasterboard thickness of 8 or 9.5 mm. The minimum thickness allows for a reduction in the weight of the suspended ceiling, which, in turn, reduces the financial costs of purchasing profiles for fixing drywall.

The price of plasterboard ceiling is significantly lower than in the case of mounting wall material. If necessary, you can use the services of professionals, who on average take about 250 rubles. for installing 1 square meter of plasterboard ceiling. The price per m2 of installation of drywall on the wall and ceiling also depends on the complexity of the work.

Review of the cost of installation GKL:

Installation of drywall on the wall. Price per m? Installing ceiling GCR, m? Installation of plasterboard partitions. Price per m2
260–380 р 250–270 p 480–660 р


The price per m2 of installation of plasterboard partitions is calculated depending on the number of layers of plasterboard (1 or 2), as in the other cases. Thus, we can conclude that prices per square meter. The installation of drywall differs depending on the installation site, the complexity of the work (including the creation of figured elements), the number of layers of gypsum material, etc.

Drywall: price per sheet, dimensions and types of material

In order to answer the common question: how many sheets of drywall weigh, you need to familiarize yourself with the data presented below. The table below indicates the dependence of the GCR weight on their dimensions.

Dependence of GKL weight on dimensions:

GCR dimensions, mm HL thickness, mm Weight, kg Average cost, rub.
2000×1200 9.5 18 230
12.5 24 150
2500×1200 9.5 22.5 195
12.5 29 210
3000×1200 9.5 35 435
12.5 27 400


Note! The weight of a 12.5 mm gypsum board is not just indicated. These sheets are most in demand among buyers.

KNAUF drywall is the most common material used for interior walls and ceilings. In many ways, its popularity is due to high quality characteristics.

Size and name of the product, mm price, rub.
Angular aluminum perforated profile, 20×20, 3000 27
Profile angular galvanized mesh 35×35, 3000 39
Profile angular white PVC, 30×30, 3000 63
Protective corner profile, 31X31,3000 129
The corner metallized on a paper basis for internal corners, 3050 260


As a rule, when assembling plasterboard structures, experienced craftsmen try to use materials from the same company. For example, for mounting GKL, Knauf marks acquire Knauf profiles for drywall, the types and sizes of which are numerous. It makes no sense to use expensive drywall, but to save on the profile, because the durability of the whole structure depends on the quality and reliability of parts for the frame. And in order not to exceed the budget limit allocated for repairs, you need to carefully calculate the amount of materials, choose the optimal size of sheets to minimize the amount of residues.

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