How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

A toilet bowl is a subject without which it is impossible to imagine a single modern apartment or house. It’s difficult to underestimate his role in a person’s life, however, very often, insufficient attention is paid to the selection of the most appropriate model. We will look at how to choose a toilet, how to choose an installation for a toilet, and how to choose the right toilet without splashing so that you do not regret it.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

Development sanitary ware: toilet bowls and the history of their improvement

Today the toilet is called a technical device designed for sanitary needs, which is equipped with a flushing system (automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the model). The existing construction has made the conduct of all hygienic procedures as comfortable as possible, but it did not happen right away. The history of the toilet has a few centuries.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

The first toilet, which was equipped with a flush cistern, appeared at the end of the 16th century, and was installed in the apartments of Elizabeth 2 itself. the city simply did not exist.

The second attempt to introduce the use of toilet bowls in everyday life occurred in 1738, when the first toilet with a flush valve system was invented. After that, another important event for this industry occurred – the invention of the water seal, which allowed to solve the problem with unpleasant odors.

The first device, designed to dispense water for draining, was invented in Britain, and it is under this scheme that most of the toilet bowls are still functioning. Over time, other useful additions appeared, such as an anti-splash in the toilet. What it is, we learned much later, however, this development took root pretty quickly. The toilet became an integral part of any home only in the 20th century, so it can be said that the development path of this device was very long and difficult.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

In order to understand which toilet to choose, you need to understand what its characteristics are of paramount importance and determine the comfort of its use, as well as functionality. Every day the assortment grows, and new models differ from the previous ones not only in design, but also in some technical characteristics.

For an ordinary buyer, who has no relation to plumbing equipment, the choice may be difficult, but if you know the most important selection criteria in advance, then the chances of making the right choice increase significantly.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

In total there are 5 options of materials that can be used for the manufacture of toilet bowls. And each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should familiarize yourself with them before buying:

  1. Earthenware toilets – extremely popular and in demand, because of their low cost. The technology of their production involves firing of faience using a special technology with the application of a special protective coating, which reduces the porosity of the base material. However, the pores still cannot be completely closed, so that such a toilet bowl is much more active than any others, and in order to return it to its original appearance, it will be necessary to put a lot of effort into it. In addition, these toilets are fragile and they often appear cracks and chips.
  2. Porcelain toilet bowls are much more durable and reliable products that are able to serve regularly for entire decades. Such toilet bowls also look very attractive, but their cost is quite high. As for the porosity of the material, it is much lower than that of earthenware, which means it is easier to care for porcelain.
  3. Steel toilet bowls are a somewhat non-standard option, however, it has its own advantages. So, for example, it is easy to clean and the material from which it is made is extremely resistant to damage due to mechanical stress. By the way, it is steel products that most often make non-standard shapes. These toilets are also a lot.
  4. Toilets made of natural or artificial stone. This is a very durable and original version. The main differences between these two options – the weight, as the product of artificial stone will weigh less, as well as the cost – natural stone is more expensive. But both of these options – a great opportunity to originally design your bathroom.
  5. Plastic toilet bowls are a special type of products that are made from acrylic, and then coated with a special resin compound or fiberglass. This treatment gives the toilet the necessary strength. Among the positive characteristics of such a solution, it is worth noting an extremely smooth surface that is easily cleaned, as well as ease of installation, which is ensured by the low weight of the product.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

Helpful advice! An inexperienced buyer will not be able to visually determine whether there is a faience or porcelain toilet in front of him, so in order to be confident in his own choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the documentation attached to the product.

No less important than the material of manufacture, has the design of toilet bowls, namely the type of bowl and cistern. The bowl can be round, oval and even square. However, this is only the external part, and when choosing, you need to pay attention to the way in which the shape of the bowl affects the drain. So, there are the following options:

  • a funnel-shaped bowl is the most economical option when it comes to flush flow. The truth is to know in advance that in this case a considerable amount of spray is formed;
  • a toilet with a shelf (dish-shaped bowl) is a container, the lower part of which has a special platform filled with water. In that case, the formation of splashes is minimized, but it is quite difficult to care for such a structure, and the water flow is considerable. Such bowls were extremely common in the Soviet Union, but nowadays they are extremely rare;
  • Visor Bowl – type, which is also based on the platform, but it is inclined from 30 to 45 degrees. This placement method provides reliable splash protection. Moreover, some models are equipped with an additional anti-splash feature, which is represented by the presence of a narrow hole at the bottom.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

Helpful advice! Many users have noted the enormous benefits of having an anti-splex system in the toilet. What it is will help to understand, just by looking at the scheme, which can be easily found on the Internet. And moreover, in the selection process, many consider only the toilet bowls of anti-splash, which also speaks of their merits.

The structure of the toilet bowl initially determines how it will be connected to the sewer system, and therefore it is also worth paying attention to this parameter. Drain, or as it is called the release of the toilet, can be of three types: vertical, horizontal or oblique. Which option is to give preference, you can find out in advance inquiring about what type of sewage is laid in the building. So, for example, in old houses you can often find a slanting toilet bowl, and in more modern buildings there are direct plums.

Helpful advice! Even if an unsuitable device was purchased by mistake, it is possible to connect it to the existing sewage system. True, this will require additional costs for the purchase of adapters and will create unnecessary trouble associated with installation.


How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

An integral part of any toilet bowl is a flush tank, which can also differ in shape, size, design, and most importantly – the method of connecting to the plumbing. There is another important selection criterion – the internal filling of the tank. Depending on what valves were used for a particular model, depends on the speed with which the tank will be filled, and the level of noise during pouring water.

The main requirement for filling the tank – the high quality of all elements. It is necessary that all elements can withstand the constant effects of hard water, and be able to serve for a long time. If you also strive to save water, then it is worth considering the option of buying a toilet with two-button fittings, which allows you to lower the entire volume of water from the tank or only half. Despite the fact that such systems are somewhat more expensive, their purchase is very quickly justified as a result of water saving.

When deciding how to choose a toilet, attention should be paid to the fact that the tank can be located in several ways. In this case, there are two options: hanging tanks, those that are attached directly to the bowl, as well as installation systems.

Suspended tanks that are attached to the wall separately from the toilet, to meet in our time is quite difficult. The second type, when the tank is attached directly to the toilet – the most common option, but the installation system is always hidden behind a false wall. The last option is relevant for wall-hung toilet.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

There are also two types of flush – on the back of the bowl and circular. In the first case, the flow of water turns out to be more powerful, which makes it possible to effectively eliminate the pollution that is on it. But still, the circular flush is considered more modern and convenient, since such a system allows you to clean the entire surface of the bowl, and further spray and water drops will not dry out on the surface, which is not washed.

Floor toilets are used much more often than wall-mounted ones, however, now the second type is also beginning to gain popularity. Still, it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer to the question of which option is preferable, and therefore it is worth considering the features and advantages of each decision in order to make the right decision.

Floor toilets saw everyone, because this option is universally used in all homes. To date, the range of such toilets is extremely large, so finding an option that would fit the interior is not difficult. But the suspended models that appeared quite recently, although they do not have such a rich lineup, still surprise with their unusual appearance.

Important! Many apartment owners are worried about the reliability of fixing toilet bowls, however, experts say that such structures are not inferior in reliability to floor structures, as they are fixed with the help of special fasteners capable of withstanding loads up to 400 kg.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

Another important point that you need to know before you make a purchase – manufacturers often use as an argument in favor of acquiring a suspended toilet – saving space in the bathroom. In fact, you have to install and fix all the same elements as in the floor model, only they will be hidden from view. But this will have practically no effect on the consumption of space, but the procedure for further repair and maintenance may be somewhat more complicated.

Having received a general idea about the features of each type of toilet, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each type in order to compare them, and on this basis to understand how to choose a toilet for an apartment or house.

So, the advantages of floor toilets include:

  • the largest assortment of various models of toilet bowls, as well as the opportunity to purchase all the necessary component parts;
  • The installation procedure of such toilet bowls is as simple as possible, and it is easy to cope with this task without special tools and special knowledge;
  • to maintain and repair floor toilets is much easier and more convenient than other, more complex structures;

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

  • the cost of floor-mounted toilet bowls largely depends on the material used for its manufacture, however, among such models it is quite possible to find low-cost products, especially if we consider the proposals of the domestic manufacturer;
  • It is these models that are best suited if you want to arrange a bathroom in retro style. The toilet in this style has a special shape that was once popular.

How to choose a toilet: the main criteria and features of various models

Many are interested in the question of how to choose the toilet correctly so that it can wash well, so that it is comfortable and attractively looked. Perhaps the only general recommendation that no doubt can be given to anyone who has faced this issue is to consider as many models with different characteristics as possible. In addition, you can read reviews, which toilet is better to choose and, of course, see the pictures. Toilets are very different, so, having given this question due attention, you will surely choose the model that suits you.

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