Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Today there are many ways to design bathrooms. Along with the classical forms, modern methods and functional objects, such as a glass partition for a shower, are rapidly gaining popularity. It copes with a number of tasks, both practical and aesthetic. In more detail about the features of the design and the rules of its choice will tell this article.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Shower partitions made of glass: appearance and structural features

The shower screen is the best way to solve the problem in creating a small enclosing structure in the bathroom. The purpose of using such a product is to make the room for water treatment not only functional, but also practical, comfortable and beautiful. The peculiarity of this piece of furniture is its versatility. The partition can be chosen literally for any bathroom. Ideally – to produce custom-made, taking into account the necessary dimensions and features of the room.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

The lack of frames, jumpers and frame give the product a visual lightness, airiness, even weightlessness. As a rule, for the manufacture of glass partitions in the bathroom use tempered glass, characterized by heat-resistant and ultra-strong characteristics. Such material is stronger than ordinary glass several times. Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be blunt, so the chance to cut yourself is excluded.

Externally, this piece of sheet glass of a certain size. Most often there are models without a frame with fittings, which is mounted directly on the glass. This is a frameless partition. If the structure has a frame, aluminum framing in the form of a profile can be added. This is a frame partition.

The partition in the bathroom is installed in two cases: if it is necessary to divide the room into functional zones without damage to the total area or with the aim of arranging the shower stall. Both options are advantageous in favor of glass partitions, since two problems are solved at once: design and functional.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Partitions help to rationally distribute the space in a bathroom of any size, fully coping with its original functions:

  • definition of boundaries;
  • protection of the room outside the shower from splashes and foam;
  • visual isolation to hide the person taking a shower from prying eyes.

Helpful advice! A glass partition with an opaque or matte finish is ideal for combined sanitary facilities, as it allows two people to use the room at the same time.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Due to the functionality, the partitions in the bathrooms are used not only in small apartments with a shared bathroom, but also in private houses and public spaces. For example, in sports clubs, medical or educational institutions they are used to separate several shower sections. The functional features of the partitions formed the basis of their classification. In addition, the designs are distinguished by the use and combination of materials, the availability and number of components.

The main advantages of glass partitions are precisely in the material from which they are made, since the tempered glass itself has a number of advantages:

  1. Shockproof Practically full resistance to mechanical damage is guaranteed by a fairly thick glass of 5-12 mm, which is hardened by high temperatures.
  2. Ensuring hygiene. Steklopaneli can be washed using a variety of abrasives, without fear of turbidity or damage.
  3. Safe use. Even as a last resort, when the glass did break, it does not pose a threat. This is due to the fact that very small fragments are formed without sharp edges, and a special protective film prevents their scattering.
  4. Universal design. Glass partitions for shower will ideally fit into any interior.
  5. Compactness. Individual orders are made partitions of small sizes with low weight, which allows them to be used both in spacious bathrooms and in compact bathrooms.
  6. Aesthetics. Stylish and beautiful appearance, as well as the possibility of decorating deserve special attention. Glass partitions have a stunning appearance. They serve as an excellent addition to the interior, while protecting the environment from the harmful effects of moisture. And the opportunity to make a product to order allows you to purchase a practical thing in accordance with the overall design.
  7. Tightness. Fastening to the wall using special seals and high-quality fittings provides reliable protection against water penetration beyond the limits of the partition.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Using the design in conjunction with the appropriate lighting will add stylishness to it, giving the room an extravagant look. If to add the general interior with original accessories and elements of a bathroom decor in the form of shelves from glass, the chromeplated holders, hangers and hooks, then endurance of style and a cosiness are guaranteed.

Important! The main tightness of the partition provides a special transparent seal. It is attached directly to the glass. Due to the plasticity of the material creates maximum fit openings. Thus, the threat of leakage and splashing of water is minimized.

Along with the aesthetic characteristics of the partition performs another important role, ensuring the integrity of the room. Reliable fastening, the use of silicone seals and special profiles eliminate any possibility of leakage. For use in conditions of high humidity, the highest quality fittings are used that do not require special treatment. Products of branded manufacturers enough to wipe with a soft cloth, so that it shines like a new one.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

There are three degrees of tightness of partitions in the bathroom:

  1. Contour provides protection from dripping and spreading splashes along the entire line.
  2. Profiles from the profile and seals prevent water from flowing out of the shower enclosure from the glass.
  3. Partitions without a contour, a protective profile and a nut have the lowest level of impermeability. Such structures are installed as a decor, and not for the sake of tightness.

There are several significant features that underlie different classifications of shower partitions. First of all, designs differ depending on the presence or absence of the frame.

Frameless partitions have a more airy, even weightless appearance. In a small room visually increase the space. At the same time, such structures due to the lack of a sealant do not have reliable protection against moisture and are more susceptible to mechanical damage.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Frame models are more reliable, because the protection profile prevents the splashing of water behind the partition. Frameworks are made of metal or plastic. Between this material and glass stack silicone profile. If you add equipment, several accessories and additional accessories, the design is easily transformed into a comfortable shower cabin.

The lack of a septum in the frame is that dirt can accumulate at the junction of glass and metal and, as a result, a fungus can form. If the chrome plating is damaged, metal may cause rust.

Partitions are divided into several types, based on their shape. In particular, they are angular, U-shaped, triangular, multifaceted and even rounded. At the top of the design can be flat, arched or have a wave shape.

Depending on the structure of the glass, the partitions can be matted, transparent, tinted, stained glass, decorated with photo printing or other types of decoration. According to the principle of mobility, stationary or mobile structures are distinguished, the location of which is changed with the help of special rollers.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

In the presence of doors, partitions, based on the method of their opening, are divided into swing, sliding, pendulum and accordion-type products. Swing models are installed in shower rooms with a large area. A separate view in this classification consists of structures that do not have doors at all – with a simple opening.

Helpful advice! Installation of a glass partition for a bathroom is possible in different places: on the bathroom, on the shower tray or in order to divide the space in the shower room. This must be taken into account at the design stage under the order or selection of the product.

The functionality of the partition depends on the material used. In accordance with this feature, structures are divided into thin-sheet and glass-block materials. Translucency also underlies a separate classification. Products can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Impermeable is usually used in a joint bathroom (in order to use the bathroom at once by two family members).

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Mobility also underlies the classification. On this basis, stationary partitions and transformers are distinguished. The latter can be easily reinstalled at any convenient place or simply removed. For movement used roller mechanism. Depending on the purpose, partitions are used for mounting shower enclosures or for functional zoning of space in a shower or bath.

A shower cabin and a glass partition have a number of indisputable advantages, but there are a number of reasons why the installation of a partition becomes the preferred option. First, it is relatively low cost. The price of the partition can be several times less than the cost of the shower.

Secondly, partitions are widely used in the interior. The range of cabins is limited and can not always fit into a small room. In choosing a partition, the keyword remains for the buyer, who himself decides on its size. Moreover, the owner can order the manufacture of structures of suitable dimensions and design.

Glass shower screen: beautiful and functional bathroom design

Thirdly, the efficiency and ease of installation of the partition. This advantage allows you to self-install, requiring minimal construction skills from the owner. Specialist services will also be inexpensive. A professional approach is required for mounting the cabin, as well as a considerable amount of time, cost and effort.

The main advantage of the partition in front of the shower is its compactness. The cabin is more bulky, it literally eats usable space, especially in a small room. This fact explains the growing popularity of glass partitions in recent times.

In the manufacture of partitions using a variety of materials. When making a choice, they are guided by the price, practicality, functionality and durability of the finished product. Mostly used various types of plastic and glass. Consider the features of each of them.

Even taking into account the fact that the tempered glass used in the manufacture of structures for bathrooms is sufficiently durable and shockproof, in the process of installing and operating the glass partition, care should be taken to avoid sharp movements and slamming doors (if any). During transportation and installation, the end parts of the product should be covered with a soft material. Works are recommended to be carried out with the assistant.

Thus, the elegant partition has several advantages over the traditional curtain in the bathroom. With its help, you can visually increase the space and make the room more functional. Installing a matte partition in a niche will limit the area of ​​water treatment from the rest of the room and make it possible for the bathroom to be used simultaneously by two family members. With appropriate experience, the partition can be manufactured and installed independently, otherwise it is better to use the services of specialists and make glass partitions for custom-made showers.

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