What kind of lighting should you choose for your bathroom?

Well-designed bathroom lighting is just as important as functional furnishings. First of all, this affects the convenience of performing hygiene procedures for the owners. The lack of natural light makes it difficult to daily care, and after all, the bathroom should be associated with relaxation and comfort..

To create a comfortable environment, you need to consider all types of lighting in the bathroom. The ideal solution is to introduce several light sources so that the whole room is well lit. Using overhead lights alone may not be sufficient. It will be helpful to create additional light above the mirror, washbasin and around the bath – for example, using LEDs.

Bathroom lighting – features

High-quality light is comfort when performing hygiene measures, so you should be able to adjust its intensity and setting. So how many light sources do you need? First of all, the main light should be on the ceiling, which does not create unnecessary shadows. It is worth considering the illumination of the mirror and washbasin..

The intensity of the light in the shower or above the bath is also important. However, it all depends on the size of the room and the preferences of the owners. From a wide range of products, you can choose an option with LEDs, halogen lamps or decorative lamps of various shapes with decorative chandeliers.

Bathroom ceiling lighting

Trying to find the answer to the question – what kind of lighting is best done in the bathroom, close attention should be paid to the ceiling lighting. Ceiling light is essential for proper lighting of the room. It plays the role of a general light that illuminates the entire space. A decorative chandelier or decorative lamp will make the room more attractive.

The second solution is to evenly distribute the halogens on the ceiling. Their body can also become a decor. In a more spacious room, a ceiling light would be an excellent solution, in which the entire lighting installation is hidden. Instead of a classic light bulb or halogen lamp, you can install LEDs or shades.

Illumination above the mirror

INDo you spend a lot of time in the bathroom doing various grooming and hygiene activities? Good illumination should provide comfort for hygiene procedures. Beautiful light that does not create shadows will help ladies apply makeup, men – make shaving easier. So what matters is the location of the light source. The convenience of using the mirror space, as well as the arrangement of the room, depends on it. The light above the mirror is usually complementary. Sometimes a sconce is enough. You can also use halogen lamps in the ceiling, which give strong light without creating shadows..

On the other hand, lack of access to natural light requires more intensity. In this case, the lamps above the mirror should be placed on the side, along all edges, or pointwise. This way, you can get rid of unwanted shadows. Be sure to consider examples of bathroom lighting, you must be careful not to drown out too much light..

Lighting in a small bathroom

What kind of lighting in a small bathroom would be the best option? This issue must be approached carefully, because the correct distribution of light not only facilitates the use of the room, but can also visually enlarge it. With its help, we can form the microclimate in the room, which is extremely important in the case of rooms without a window..

A small bathroom should have at least two light sources. First, the ceiling light effectively enlarges the room. The use of halogen eyelets in false ceilings is common. At the same time, even in the smallest room, one should not forget about the appropriate illumination of the most frequently used place – mirrors. The even arrangement of the lights around it will get rid of shadows. Decorative lampshades will make the room look more inviting. Illuminated mirrors are a good solution for a small bathroom, as LED lighting around the mirror optically enlarges the wall on which it is located.

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