Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

With the advent of plastic windows, the problem of protecting houses from burglars came to the fore. The most reliable way to deal with unexpected guests is to install wrought iron bars on the windows. This is especially true for residents of the first floors. The use of ordinary gratings turns the house into a medieval fortress, however, the modern design of products also allows you to perform a decorative function.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Metal bars on the windows: the scope of use

Iron bars on the windows – the best method of insurance against unpleasant situations. They are ideal for private houses and apartments, as well as for the protection of office and banking institutions, shops, utility rooms, garages and warehouses. In some cases, forged grilles are installed on the door, for example in government premises. Often install wrought iron bars on balconies and loggias.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

At this time, the wizard made a huge number of grids. All products can be classified according to the following characteristics:

  • according to the method of manufacture: welded and forged lattices;
  • as opening: sliding, oar and deaf;
  • at the place of attachment: external, built-in and internal;
  • as fastening: stationary and removable;
  • to destination: decorative, security and decorative and security.

The peculiarity of security and decorative security products is that the distance between metal parts is narrower than that of decorative analogues. Most often, consumers prefer decorative and security grilles, because they look beautiful and securely protect the room. Such models are ideal for courtyards and outbuildings. Among the above-described products, hollow forged structures are least often installed, since they contradict the fire safety rules. Also rarely used internal lattices on the windows.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Consider some types of forged products in more detail.

Welded grids are a cheap and reliable option. This type is made by welding and forging according to a previously created drawing. It strictly specifies the dimensions of the parts and the design of the elements for the grid on the window. The design of the product is created using cold or hot welding. The excellent quality of the external seams of the structure is achieved through the use of semi-automatic welding. Welded grilles are produced on windows made of shaped pipes, fittings, angles, circles and strips.

The assembly of such grids is carried out by electric welding. Manufacturers always have in stock ready-made models of this type, which allows to simplify the process of selecting a grid for a window. Welded models have an advantage – this is the price, their disadvantage – reliability is lower than forged ones. Also, such lattices must be painted.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Forged models are a guarantee of a unique style and reliable protection of a building. Welding machines have not yet been invented, hand forging was quite popular. The master blacksmith is able to turn a pile of metal into delicate lace, delicate flowers and grapevine. Forged products have become works of art. Minus metal bars on the windows – the price, it is quite high, but such products are extremely durable.

Stationary grilles are a security assurance, since the metal structure is inserted directly into the window opening tightly. The main advantage of this mount is to remove the grille quickly and without special tools is almost impossible. However, it is very dangerous.

Helpful advice! Put in the house at least one removable or hinged lattice, with internal or mortise lock. This will allow in case of fire or other force majeure situation to leave the building through the window, which can save lives. In addition, the presence of such a lattice complies with fire safety standards.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Removable models feature a simple and secure fit. Bolts are used for mounting such gratings. If necessary, they can unscrew and remove the metal structure. But it also takes time, and in the event of an emergency, it creates a life-threatening situation. Therefore, for the key from the lock, you need to choose a safe but easily accessible place.

Sliding grilles on the windows are rarely used in residential premises, because they are installed on the inside of the window and open only 80% of the opening. They are ideal for offices, shops and warehouses. Steel is most often used for their production. The internal sliding lattice on the window consists of rods, which are connected by a moving part in the shape of the letter “X”. This design allows the lattice elements to move. When opened, this model is almost invisible. Another advantage – they do not impede the care of the window. Fastening of the product is carried out to the wall.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Swing lattices are an effective protection and comfortable use. These window products consist of several shutters and are locked at the junction of the edges. Swinging lattices on the windows are convenient to use, they reliably guard the building and, if necessary, they are easy to open, which means such a product does not pose a threat to life in the event of an emergency. Despite the popularity of swinging bars on the windows, the price remains affordable for customers.

Deaf gratings are less likely to be installed, however, this is allowed in private homes with at least one hinged bed.

The design of the decorative model is determined by the customer. Masters also provide ready-made sketches and photos of forged grilles for selection. In terms of its functions, it is more a home decoration than a method of protection. Openwork lattices amaze with their elegance and lightness.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Decorative and security grilles – this is the optimal solution, since such models at the same time protect and decorate the house. The design of this product is reinforced. The distance between the individual elements is narrower than in decorative grids. The basis of the metal structure – simple rods, and on top they are decorated with decorative elements.

Security bars – is a strict and reliable protection of the building. Easier design than this type is not found. However, such models have the most reliable design. These grilles protect the windows of factories, warehouses and garages, as well as sensitive facilities. The presence of steel parts and locks increase the reliability of the product. And the color of the lattice in the color of the building makes them less noticeable.

Wrought iron bars came to us from the Middle Ages, when the castles were guarded by a powerful iron gate. At this time, forged grille looks much more beautiful and is an excellent decoration of the facade of any building.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Decorative details of forged models are made by cold or hot forging. The choice of method depends on the complexity of the sketch forged grilles on the windows and the presence of thin details. Small elements are attached to the frame by welding. The strength of the entire grille depends on the fit of the structure to the frame. Reliability also depends on the number of attachment points.

The main advantages of forged window grilles:

  • durability and reliability;
  • resistance to damage;
  • weather independence;
  • refinement and aesthetics;
  • versatility.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

At first glance, such qualities as reliability and sophistication should not be harmoniously combined in openwork window constructions, but even the most unusual and delicate design is distinguished by its power and durability. The price of welded window grilles is lower than forged structures. This is the only drawback of forged models.

Most often for the manufacture of forged gratings used special carbon steel, with impact-resistant function. The production uses rolled round and square profiles, as well as strips and rods with a cross section of 10 and 12 mm. Through the use of metals of different thickness, you can create elegant and expressive designs. This ensures the strength and durability of the entire product. Copper and brass are very rarely used. These metals are well forged and have excellent decorative characteristics, but the price of such window designs is much higher.

Forging involves flattening, and then stretching and arching. This is what guarantees the creation of original patterns. Separate elements are connected using electric welding or special rings and plates.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Transparent grilles on the windows: types of designs for home and garden, their advantages and characteristics. Pricing for the purchase and installation of products.

Regardless of the method of production, the pattern of designs can be varied. Decorative metal gratings are distinguished by smooth, pointed and curved lines. The combination of twisted rods of different thickness with stripes and round parts allows you to create a unique model. Geometrical details, ornaments with animals and plants, fantasy details are also often used in the design of window constructions. Thanks to these elements, the building takes on a romantic and sophisticated look.

  • classical;
  • Gothic;
  • Greek;
  • modern;
  • country music

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

The pattern of the product can be complex, with many branches, or simple. The shape of the product depends on the window opening: round, square, rectangular. Originally look convex grilles. Also complement the design can be a compartment for flowers.

In any workshop for the manufacture of these designs, customers will be offered a choice of ready-made models, or will recommend to view photos of forged bars on the windows. You can also create your own custom design for the future design.

In order for the grille to keep its presentable appearance for a long time and organically fit into the design of the building, it must be covered with special solutions or anti-corrosion paints, especially suitable for open air. The most commonly used varnish is black. Forged products due to such paint look elegant and elegant, and the design will be a great addition to the building of any design.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Helpful advice! Lattices painted in gold, silver or bronze color look rich. It looks beautiful, spectacular and luxurious. You can paint the entire structure or individual elements.

On painted metal products, dust and dirt are less noticeable, so they are more practical to use. Original look window grilles, made under the old. Balcony designs are supplemented with decorative glass, plastic, wooden details.

In case of severe contamination, the grill can be cleaned. To do this, use gentle detergents and a jet of water from a hose. Such actions will remove dust, keep the top layer of paint and prevent rusting of the metal.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

The grille should completely cover the window. There are two mounting options: inside the opening or cover plate. A more reliable way is directly in the opening, since it will be practically impossible to pull out the metal construction. The lining method is less reliable and therefore rarely used.

Most often, for fixing forged window grilles using two technologies:

  1. Fixation by welding to special metal rods. To do this, holes are drilled in the brick or concrete wall of the building from the end, in which iron pins of square or round cross-section are fixed. They are installed at a depth of 12 cm, and protrude outward by 5 cm. A frame is welded to them, to which the openwork protection of the window is attached. This method is considered the most reliable and is used most often.
  2. Fastening on the bolts. Installation is carried out over the window opening on the wall. In this case, hardware or anchor bolts are inserted into the drilled holes. Forged lattice bolted through special holes. For such an attachment does not matter the material of the walls. Anchor bolts are used for bricks only, and technical screws are used for wood.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

It is also possible to fasten the grill through the method. This option is best suited for wooden houses. In this case, the hole is drilled through the entire wall. The structure is fastened to the cover with bolts, which are tightened with nuts from the inside of the building.

Helpful advice! When installing the grille in rainy weather, it is necessary to exclude the ingress of moisture. Can be installed over the window visor or canopy.

Regardless of the installation method chosen, the product is inserted into the frame. Sash can be sliding or swing. They are locked on special locks, the key of which should always be at hand. Deaf grids are almost never used, although they used to be popular. It often happened that they were the cause of death of people who could not get out of a burning house.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

The grid design does not affect the protective characteristics of the product. Each customer chooses a model based on his taste. But it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics when buying a grill to protect the house from intruders:

  1. Fastening elements. Most craftsmen attach a forged product to a metal frame 5 mm thick, which is used to fix the lattice to the wall. When placing an order for making a grid for a window, ask the master to use a T-profile. The usual 5 mm strip is not difficult for an experienced thief to cut off, but you will have to tinker with the profile.
  2. Parameters of the product. Regardless of the lattice sketches on the window, the distance between the bars should not be too large. If anyone can easily put their hands with tools between them, this design does not perform any protective functions, but is only a forged decoration.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

The forged window grille, made according to all the rules, is installed only from the side of the room with the window open. Quick installation from the street means that anyone can just as easily remove the structure and enter the house. Of course, the forged grille does not provide a 100% guarantee of protection, but a reliable design will significantly complicate hacking.

The cost of the product is formed depending on many factors, namely:

  • mode of production. Manual manufacturing is always more expensive;
  • amount of metal. The more steel you need, the higher the price;
  • design. For a significant amount of small parts in the ornament will have to pay more;
  • the size. Small designs are cheaper.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

On average, window grilles of conventional construction cost 2-3 thousand rubles. per m2. The cost of exclusive grids with a complex ornament before making is discussed with the master personally. The price of making lattices on handmade windows with a special design starts from 7 thousand rubles.

Helpful advice! Order grilles only from proven masters with a reliable reputation. Since the protection of your home depends on their work.

The price of installation of the forged structure depends on the dimensions of the window or door opening. The cost of installing a regular product is 20-30% of the market price of the lattice itself. Installation of decorative lattices on the windows involved companies that specialize in their manufacture. The reputation of such firms should be flawless, because the security of your home depends on their work.

Wrought iron bars on the windows: decoration and reliable protection of the house

Professionally made and well-built forged gratings will emphasize the building’s individuality and become a reliable protector against burglars. If you wish, you can make a grille on the windows with your own hands, but this will require you to purchase all the necessary materials and work hard.

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