Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

The operation of gas heaters largely depends on a properly selected chimney: it must be fireproof, durable and easy to operate. These requirements are met by stainless steel sandwich chimneys: prices for products of leading manufacturers are presented in catalogs on company websites and online stores. An overview of popular products and their performance will help in the selection of high-quality chimney system.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Sandwich pipe for chimney: the price matches the quality

A growing number of consumers in the operation of heating equipment use a sandwich chimney. The unique design of the channel “pipe in pipe”, the space between which is filled with a layer of insulation, allows the use of such systems both inside and outside the room without degrading performance. They have become an alternative to brick and concrete chimney systems due to a number of advantages:

  • fire resistance – the effect of high temperature takes on a layer of basalt insulation, protecting the outer surface of the pipe from overheating;

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

  • resistance to corrosion – due to the use of high-grade steel for the production, pipes perfectly resist to the influence of aggressive environment;
  • fast warming up, perfectly smooth surface – ensures proper draft, eliminating the formation of condensate and soot on the pipe walls;
  • universality – chimneys made of sandwich pipes are compatible with all types of heating equipment, regardless of the fuel used, and can be used in premises where it has not previously been provided for the placement of flue gas systems;
  • ease of construction, simplicity and speed of installation – the chimney system does not require the creation of a base, it is quickly assembled and, thanks to the release of various components and fixtures, can have any configuration;
  • elegant appearance – sandwich tubes are compact and do not take up much space.

Another indisputable advantage of stainless steel insulated chimneys is the lack of need for thermal insulation. The pressed layer of basalt cotton wool reduces the amount of heat loss, prevents the formation of condensate and reliably protects the internal contour of the chimney from the effects of natural factors.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Despite the fact that the prices of stainless steel sandwich pipes for the chimney are far from budget, an impressive set of excellent technical characteristics makes them all the more relevant among users of heating appliances. To reduce the cost of construction of the chimney is possible using chimney pipes made of galvanized. Their prices are more moderate against the background of good performance indicators.

For the manufacture of pipe sandwich chimney use special alloyed and heat-resistant steel, whose thickness is 0.5-0.6 mm. Due to the material’s resistance to aggressive chemical attack and condensation, stainless steel pipes for chimneys can be used in combination with any type of heating equipment. The main requirement is to accurately select the steel grade for a particular instrument.

If the temperature of exhaust gases does not exceed 450 degrees, chromium-nickel steel of grades AISI 304, AISI 321 is used, for removal, accompanied by a temperature of 800 degrees, austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel of AISI 316 grade will be suitable. (AISI). They are also used in the domestic production of pipes for chimney systems.

Given that many make products in an artisanal way, you can buy pipes for chimneys of low quality stainless steel. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the availability of certificates that meet the requirements of European standards. Manufacturers of such products introduce modern technologies of world leaders in this field and adopt their experience. They can not only buy products of standard diameter, but also order parts of non-standard dimensions.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

In addition to stainless steel sandwich constructions, galvanized chimney pipes are available. The price of such products is much lower, and the service life with proper use can reach 12-15 years. To do this, use steel, the thickness of which is not less than 1 mm, as chimneys with thin walls quickly burn through.

Buy galvanized chimney pipe type sandwich can be in two versions. In one of them, both pipes (external and internal) are made of galvanized, but it is worth noting that this design can be deformed at temperatures above 450-500 ° C. Another option is when the internal contour of the structure is made of stainless steel, while the external one is made of galvanized. In this case, the outer tube has a thickness of 1 mm, for the inner one 0.5 mm is sufficient.

The use of galvanized steel chimneys serves as a reason for disputes. This material is cheaper, compared to the price of a stainless chimney pipe, the cost of a meter-long sandwich pipe in a galvanized case will be about 900 rubles. However, there is a danger of the harmful effects of galvanizing on the health of people in the house. Before you buy a galvanized steel chimney, you must take into account the existing risks and features of operation.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

The fact is that with the use of such chimneys there can be negative impacts described in the reference books of galvanized metal characteristics:

  • pure zinc itself does not pose a health hazard and is found in some human organs;
  • galvanized steel, heating to above 420 ° C, produces toxic fumes that can cause poisoning;
  • during the production of technical zinc, its composition adds harmful impurities: arsenic, lead and others, thereby giving it the necessary operational properties. It is these supplements that are harmful to humans.

For these reasons, it is safer to use chimneys made in the form of a sandwich construction, where the inner pipe, exposed to high temperatures, is made of stainless steel. Also, it is possible to use a chimney from galvanization, it is possible for systems of chimney with a low temperature lead.

Helpful advice! If in heating equipment the heating temperature of a sandwich pipe for a chimney does not exceed 350 ° C, it is possible to use products made of galvanized steel without damage to health.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Manufacturers produce single-circuit galvanized pipes and using a sandwich construction in which the inner pipe is made of stainless steel. The first can be used as a temporary chimney of non-residential premises: cabins, warehouses, garages. For apartments and cottages, it is better to buy insulated pipes for a sandwich type chimney.

As for the price of galvanized chimneys, it is 2-3 times less than the cost of similar stainless steel pipes. However, the latter are distinguished by reliability, long service life and can last up to 25 years. And considering the possible negative effect of zinc on human health, a clear advantage remains with stainless steel products.

In the technical documentation manufacturers indicate two values ​​of the diameter of the sandwich pipe for the chimney. The first is the cross section of the inner tube, the second is the diameter of the outer tube. The sizes of a sandwich of pipes for a flue are selected depending on in combination with what equipment they will be used. The less powerful the heating device, the smaller the cross section is necessary for the flue duct.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

The internal cross-section of the chimney must match the diameter of the outlet of the heating device. It is the inner tube that is experiencing the main effect of the temperature of exhaust combustion products. Therefore, its cross section should not be less than the diameter of the output. The power and dimensions of the heating equipment used are governed by the requirements of SNiP.

You can buy sandwich pipes for chimneys produced by leading manufacturers with such dimensions:

  • diameter of the internal section – 110, 115, 120, 150, 200 and up to 300 (mm);
  • diameter of external section – from 200 to 430 (mm);
  • the thickness of the steel of the inner tube is 0.5 and 1.0 (mm);
  • the length of an individual pipe segment is half a meter and 1 m;
  • the thickness of the insulating layer is from 40 to 60 (mm);
  • shaped parts – a swiveling elbow at 45 and 90 degrees, a tee 45, 90 and 135 degrees.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

In addition to the main components of the chimney sandwich, you can buy additional elements for a complete assembly of the structure. Manufacturers offer for sale:

  • revision tee to remove dirt on sunbeds (horizontal sections);
  • compensator – regulates the change in linear dimensions of the sandwich structure with temperature changes;
  • knots of the passage of the roof and floors, decorative lining nodes of the passage;
  • roof sealer for roof outlet;
  • plugs, flyugarki, tip;
  • protective aprons, support sites;
  • brackets, clamps extensions.

Thanks to the factory production of a large range of fittings and accessories, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of installing chimneys of sandwich pipes (prices for products do not include installation costs). Simple installation allows you to assemble the design of the chimney yourself.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

One of the main factors for the effective operation of heating equipment is the height of the flue duct. The thrust formed in it depends on the size of the stainless steel sandwich chimney. And if its strength does not meet the norm, there is a threat of carbon monoxide entering the room and stopping the operation of the device. To ensure a normal thrust, the length of the chimney must be at least 5 m.

How tall should a chimney pipe be? There are standards for the height of the chimney relative to the roof, nearby housebuildings, windows, doors, ventilation ducts. The main ones are presented to chimneys, regardless of their design and used heating equipment.

If a ventilation duct is located in the immediate vicinity of the chimney, the chimney pipe should rise 0.2 m above it, since otherwise carbon monoxide may flow into the room.

The height of the chimney relative to the roof of the house:

The distance from the chimney to the ridge of the roof, m Chimney tip length, m
? 1.5 ? 0.5
from 1.5 to 3 Flush with skate
? 4.5 Below the ridge so that the angle between the ridge level and the edge of the chimney is 10 degrees
In the case when the building has a flat roof ? 2


Pipe, towering above the roof of more than 1.2 m, must be fixed with braces.
If a residential building is located next to the boiler room, the chimney should rise 1.5 m above its roof.

Properly sized sandwich chimney pipe sizes play a key role in the formation of thrust. If the chimney is narrow and excessively high, an increase in the aerodynamic drag and, as a result, a deterioration in the thrust may be observed. If the pipe is wide and has a small height, the smoke will cool quickly, which will lead to condensation on the walls, the formation of soot and also reduce cravings.

Helpful advice! The height of the chimney must comply with fire safety standards. Do not place the chimney pipe of the boiler room close to windows, doors and roofing, as sparks that form can cause a fire.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Before you buy a stainless steel sandwich chimney, you should be familiar with the main selection criteria, as well as user reviews about a particular manufacturer. First of all, the material from which the inner contour of the sandwich structure is made is selected. Professionals recommend that the inner tube is made of stainless steel. The external circuit can be made in several ways: here the choice of the price affects the chimney pipe.

If we talk about the economic benefits, you can buy a stainless steel chimney along the internal circuit and galvanized outside. Thus, the cost of sandwich construction will be much lower, and the technical indicators will not change. It is necessary to pay attention to the heat-insulating layer: it can be of different thickness, which also affects the cost of construction.

Helpful advice! In order to save in one chimney, it is impossible to use single-wall and sandwich pipes simultaneously. This will lead to a deterioration of thrust and deformation of single-channel sections of the channel.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

It is possible to purchase pipes and accessories separately or as a complete set. In order for the kit to be fully matched, it is necessary to first prepare a chimney diagram. The scheme takes into account all the available sections of the passage of pipes through the roof or wall, as well as the accessories necessary to assemble such a configuration. It is important here that all the elements are kept in the same diameter.

It is also worth focusing on the total length of the chimney. It must be calculated in advance so that you can determine the number of pipe sections required for installation. Given that manufacturers produce pipe segments of various lengths (0.5 and 1 m), this will help avoid buying unnecessary items.

As for the service life, quality and price of pipes for chimneys made of stainless steel from different manufacturers, here you may need feedback from customers who use this product for some time. On any of the company’s websites there is a section with consumer reviews, where you can get acquainted not only with the cost and quality of purchased products, but also with the level of customer service.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

The modularity of the design and the ability to not only buy pipes for a stainless steel chimney sandwich, but also all the components for them, allows you to easily make an independent assembly. But still worth a look with some installation guidelines:

  • installation begins with a horizontal section from the outlet of the equipment;
  • observe the slope of the horizontal section of the pipe for the discharge of condensate;
  • the connection of the internal pipes between themselves is carried out by putting the subsequent pipe on the previous one, in order to avoid the penetration of carbon monoxide into the room. External pipes are assembled on the contrary, by installing a subsequent one into the previous one, thus providing protection against moisture;
  • docking places are treated with heat-resistant sealant;
  • sections of pipe passages through the ceiling or wall are insulated with non-combustible materials;
  • in places where a chimney passes through a wall or ceiling, only solid pipes are used: in these places, pipe sections cannot be joined;
  • with the passage of the chimney through the roof using a special passage node;
  • immediately after the pipe is placed on the street, a tee is installed for subsequent collection of condensate;
  • the outer mounting of the sandwich pipe to the wall is performed at least once every 1.5-2 m;
  • chimney installation work is always completed by checking the thrust in the system;

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Helpful advice! The fire safety design of the sandwich chimney allows you to install them for heating equipment in homes built from virtually any material.

To be sure that the design complies with all established requirements of the SNiP, it is better to invite experts to assemble and install the chimney. The cost of work is determined in different ways. Some companies link the cost to the price of installation of one section, which can vary from 1600 to 2100 rubles. The price of installation of a chimney sandwich in a standard set excluding materials ranges from 20,500 to 35,500 rubles.

This range of installation costs is determined by many factors: the number of passes through the ceiling, the wall, the roof, the total length and configuration of the route, the possible manufacture of the box and many other circumstances. Pre-orient on the price of installation is possible by inviting a specialist to measure and budgeting for services.

Like many other products, you can buy stainless chimney pipes by ordering them from an online store or on the websites of manufacturing companies. Online stores have a convenient search system that allows you to quickly find the desired product among a huge range. All products sold on sites are accompanied by photos with an indication of the main characteristics, sizes and prices. Existing customer support hotlines provide consulting support for ordering and purchasing goods.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Companies selling these products offer for sale additional elements for the assembly of stainless steel sandwich chimneys. Component prices are listed in the prices. Before purchasing products, it is worth making a comparative analysis of the cost, visiting several websites and online stores, and also asking about consumer feedback on this product.

Referring to reliable companies for the production of chimneys, there is no doubt about the quality of the products offered on the site, since the entire product has the appropriate quality certificates. In addition, experts can assist in the selection of all the necessary components for the assembly of a complete structure and recommend the most effective and safe model for each case.

As a rule, many online stores, in addition to selling pipes, provide services for the assembly and installation of chimney systems by experienced specialists. This will significantly save your time, and most importantly – will guarantee compliance with all safety requirements, which will extend the life of your heating equipment. Installation usually takes 1-2 days. It should be noted that the installation of the chimney at the passage through the roof is carried out in the absence of snow or rain.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

Before buying pipes for chimneys, it is necessary to get acquainted with the level of prices for products. The cost indicated in the catalogs may differ from the real price when ordering products. Be sure to ask the managers about the current price for a particular product. Many companies and online stores periodically hold promotions. Following the information on the sites, you can purchase products at a discount.

Stainless steel sandwich chimneys: prices for pipes with a diameter of 150 mm

The choice of the diameter of the cross section of the chimney depends directly on the type and power of the heating equipment used. Chimneys 150 mm sandwich used for gas boilers up to 40 kW. The price of sandwich pipes for chimneys with a diameter of 150 mm may vary depending on the thickness of the insulating layer, which ranges from 3 to 8 cm. The required layer of insulation is determined by the operating conditions of the channel.

Each manufacturer may have its own cost of stainless steel pipe for a chimney of 150 mm. Since each company takes into account its production technology and the steel grade of the product. The table shows the approximate prices of sandwich pipes for a chimney with a cross-section of 150 mm in size from different manufacturers.

Manufacturer product name Metal thickness, mm price, rub.
1m 0.5 m
NEST company Pipe sandwich n / a 150/250 0.5 / 0.5 1150 670
Sandwich pipe n / n 150/250 1750 990
Ferrum PC Sandwich pipe n / n 150/210 0.8 / 0.8 2600 1530
Craft Digging Sandwich pipe n / n 150/250 0.5 / 0.5 4950 3120
Sandwich pipe n / n 150/250 0.8 / 0.5 6200 3700
Vivatex digging Sandwich pipe n / n 150/250 0.5 / 0.5 2870 2040


The cost of components for a sandwich pipe 150 mm NEST company:

Name steel grade price, rub.
45 ° tap AISI 430 780
AISI 321 970
AISI 409 940
90 ° tap AISI 430 995
AISI 321 1260
AISI 409 1215
45 ° tee AISI 430 1650
90 ° tee AISI 430 1100


Pipe a sandwich for a flue with a diameter of 115 mm

The chimneys of the sandwich pipes with a diameter of 115 mm provide proper traction, thanks to which the combustion products are brought out with the least soot formation and without additional noise. Such channels are used for heating devices operating on solid and liquid fuels. For their production single-pipe pipes made of stainless steel and sandwich-type structures are used.

Due to their low weight, pipes can be easily mounted, forming a chimney channel. The cost of the chimney sandwich pipe 115 mm depends on the materials used, performance and manufacturing company. With proper installation and operation, the service life of the chimney can be over 15 years.

The prices of the warmed pipes for flues of 115 mm and accessories to them:

Name steel grade price, rub.
Pipe 115/200, length 0.5 m AISI 439 1365
AISI 430 1145
Pipe 115/200, length 1 m AISI 439 1785
AISI 430 1900
135 ° knee AISI 439 1269
90 ° knee AISI 430 1290
AISI 439 1890
135 ° tee AISI 430 2700
Cap AISI 430 525
Cone AISI 430 745
Crimping clamp AISI 430 175
Cap AISI 430 295
Assembly site AISI 430 1275


If you are planning an independent installation of a sandwich chimney, the company’s specialists can help to calculate the entire chimney kit and suggest the necessary number of required components for assembly. In addition, you can get advice on any issue of interest regarding the installation of the system.

Chimneys “Volcano”: design features

For more than 20 years, Vulcan has been manufacturing stainless steel chimneys, producing models with diameters from 60 to 2000 mm. Thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies using robots, products with the most accurate geometrical dimensions and high quality come out of the conveyor lines of the enterprise. Chimneys “Volcano” are very popular among Russian consumers.

The chimney systems “Vulkan” are used for all types of industrial and domestic heating equipment. The range of production includes models of single-circuit, insulated and coaxial chimneys. Given the smooth production of standard products, products are available in the shortest possible time. All products are tested in laboratories of the plant for compliance with international requirements for smoke channels.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

The range of products under the brand “Volcano” includes the production of stainless steel oval chimneys. Such structures are designed by leading engineers of the enterprise together with European experts. The scope of application includes the discharge of combustion products from stoves, fireplaces, boilers, diesel generators.

The contour of the pipes is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm, resistant to aggressive media, grades AISI 321 316, 310 (on order). The assembled design of the oval chimney has high strength and low weight. Flue gas performance for the oval chimney “Volcano”:

  • design temperature up to 750 ° C;
  • limiting (short-term) temperature up to 1000 ° С;
  • intrasystem pressure up to 1000 Pa;

The main advantage of the oval section is the smooth passage of the combustion products through the pipe, eliminating the formation of turbulence and the formation of soot along the entire length of the chimney. Oval chimneys are optimally suited for installation in existing brick chimney ducts, making the work of heating equipment more efficient.

Sandwich stainless steel chimneys: prices for pipes and components

You can purchase Volcano chimneys by contacting the official site of the plant or authorized dealer sales centers. It is worth noting the high level of professional service of all the centers, as well as technical support in the form of consultations and official video instructions for assembling and installing modular chimneys. All products are certified and have a warranty of 50 years.

Helpful advice! In the sales departments and on the websites of official representatives of the Vulkan plant, you can find the entire range of products.

The cost of a single-wall chimney with an oval cross-section of 100×200 mm and a length of 1 m is 2040 rubles A pipe of the same length oval section 120×240 mm will cost 2300 rubles. The price of a condensate collector with a section of 100×200 mm is 1970 rubles. Tee 90 ° oval section 100×200 mm is sold for 2250 rubles.

Given the main advantages of stainless steel sandwich pipes for chimneys, their prices are fully consistent with their operational and technical performance. Lightweight, modular design and a full range of components for the assembly make it possible to install a chimney on its own.

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