Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

This article discusses in detail such devices as heaters for the garden: reviews, which one is better to choose the type of instrument and how to install it. The article contains tips and tricks to help you decide on the upcoming purchase. You can familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of floor, wall and ceiling type of structures. With their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the opinion of users who have already purchased a heater for the garden.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Heaters for cottage: reviews, which is better to buy a unit

An optimal heater for a country house should support the basic requirements for heating. The most necessary characteristics are:

  • the ability to quickly heat the room;
  • profitability;
  • availability of offline mode;
  • reliability;
  • security.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Helpful advice! When choosing an economical heater to give, you need to consider the size of the heated area and the features of operation. Even the type of material from which the house is built and the layout is of importance.

The market for climate technology has more than ten categories of heaters. Each device has its own advantages, type of installation and principle of operation.

Some designs contribute to the rapid warming of the room, others have a high level of performance, and others – are completely autonomous. And an electric heater with temperature control for the dacha can be the main source of heating in a house with fully controlled characteristics.

The most popular design types:

  • heat fans;
  • convector heaters;
  • oil radiators;
  • radiators (infrared);
  • quartz heaters.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

In order to identify the most economical heaters to give, it is necessary to carefully study the operational and technical characteristics of each of these types of devices.

The demand for oil modifications is due to the low cost of instruments and a simplified system of operation. Despite the simple principle of operation, radiators with oil are very effective. The body part of the design includes heating elements. When heated, this element increases the temperature of the oil, which is used as a coolant. Due to this, the radiator is heated to 150 ° C.

Design advantages:

  • lack of noise;
  • does not dry the air;
  • ease of handling;
  • fire safety;
  • no harmful substances.

Helpful advice! The more sections the structure has, the more heat the heater will emit. The body of large devices in the allocation of a similar amount of heat is not so much heated as in small ones. But the cost of units with a small number of sections is much lower.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

The drawbacks of oil modifications are local action and high energy consumption. Therefore, they can not be called the most economical electric heaters to give.

Air heating in the room is carried out due to the fact that its flows pass through the hot filament of tungsten. Due to the constant circulation, the room warms up very quickly. If you ask what heaters are better to buy for the summer cottage, the heat fan will be one of the first in line, because in winter the country house freezes over the apartment.

Advantages of the device:

  • high heating rate of the room;
  • mobile design with the ability to fix even on the wall;
  • compact dimensions of the case;
  • light weight.

Despite all its advantages, a heat fan can perfectly serve as an additional source of heat, but it cannot be the main one. Such designs are designed to raise the temperature of the air in the room, but they are not able to keep it at the optimum level all the time.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Disadvantages of the fan:

  • high energy consumption;
  • vulnerability to moisture, which can cause serious damage to the device;
  • high noise level.

The device strongly dries the air, therefore, with long-term use, the microclimate of the room cannot provide comfort to the person.

Equipment with a convective principle of operation can operate completely autonomously. Structures are equipped with effective functionality: systems that prevent fire, if the device is overturned, sensors that are triggered by overheating. The most significant advantage of such modifications is the small consumption of electrical energy, which makes them the best heaters for the garden. Such advantageous characteristics are unique to quartz heaters.

Advantages of convector units:

  • high reliability;
  • profitability;
  • security;
  • compact size;
  • low weight due to thin body design.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Note! In the process, the convector practically does not evaporate moisture from the air in the room. These devices, equipped with temperature regulators, today are considered the most rational and economical way to solve the issue with heating.

Disadvantages of heaters:

  • it is impossible to provide fast heating;
  • fixed structures do not allow to transport the device.

The convector is not suitable if you are supposed to stay at the cottage only on weekends. Transportation of structures is impossible, so you have to buy for giving other type of heaters or purchase a double set of equipment.

In this case, the convector heater is connected to the gas source, from where the latter enters the internal combustion chamber. As it passes through the body of an instrument made of metal, the cold air is heated. To output the products of combustion in the design provides a special tube.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Gas modifications of convector heaters can be powered directly from the pipeline or use gas from cylinders. Due to the possibility of using bottled gas, these devices are suitable for heating cottages remote from the main line. But in this case, the fuel consumption will be more.

The use of main gas can significantly reduce the cost of heating. Therefore, if there is a highway near the country house, it would be more expedient to connect the devices to it. Otherwise, maintenance of convector structures will be very expensive.

Gas convectors have some drawbacks. First, at low temperatures, the gas in a cold cylinder is not easily ignited. Secondly, for the effective operation of the system, at least one spare cylinder is required, which in turn increases the risk of a fire.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Ceramic modifications use balloon or natural gas. During operation, the device converts thermal energy from gas combustion to infrared radiation.

Note! Most manufacturers produce models that can run exclusively on natural gas. To use cylinders, you will need to additionally purchase a special adapter.

The advantages of gas infrared heaters for gardening:

  • reliability;
  • optimal dimensions (from 20×20 cm to 40×40 cm);
  • profitability;
  • high level of heat transfer.

The emitter wavelength is important when choosing a device. Shortwave devices are suitable for industrial heating. For giving it is worth picking up heaters with a long wave.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Structural deficiencies:

  • installation and further operation requires full compliance with safety regulations, because open fire can cause a fire;
  • it is required to equip a system for exhausting combustion products, as well as to install devices promoting air circulation;
  • the presence of an unpleasant odor (thanks to the gas discharge devices, it is possible to eliminate the unpleasant smell).

The nature of the arrangement of the structure affects the efficiency of heating with an infrared emitter. The more objects will fall into the wave action zone, the better the room will warm up.

Advantages of emitters:

  1. There is a heating of objects in the room, not the air.
  2. The scope of application is not limited to rooms, the unit can be installed on the terrace of the villa or in the gazebo.
  3. The effect of heating is felt almost immediately after switching on.
  4. The device works silently.
  5. Like the ultraviolet emitted by the sun, the waves from the device normalize blood circulation in the body, contribute to the rapid heating of the muscles (in moderation).
  6. In terms of energy consumption, appliances are considered the most economical.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

The disadvantage of the designs is only their high price. In comparison with convector and oil modifications, infrared emitters are almost 1.5 times more expensive.

Tiled designs appeared on the market relatively recently. These heaters have a monolithic body, made on the basis of quartz sand. Heating is due to chromium-nickel heating element.

The advantages of monolithic devices:

  • fire safety;
  • economical power consumption;
  • thanks to the thermostat, complete with a sensor that fixes the level of air heating, the unit can be left on for a long time (even without supervision).

Helpful advice! If the cottage is not a permanent residence, the purchase of a quartz instrument will be the most profitable and convenient solution.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Which heaters to choose for giving each customer decides for himself. There is no unequivocal answer to the question which of the modifications is the best. After all, the best device for each case is the one that meets the main criteria:

  • affordable price;
  • relevant technical specifications;
  • profitability;
  • security.

Economical modifications have already been identified. It remains to deal with the reviews. Infrared heaters receive the largest number of positive comments:

“Two years ago I purchased a Timberk TCH A5 1000 wall heater. The first few days I smelled of burned plastic. The rest of the design showed itself quite normal. The only thing that did not like: not quite comfortable in front of the included device. It is better to turn him away. So the room warms up much faster. ”

Alexey Simonenko, Moscow

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Ceramic devices are also in high demand among consumers:

“Recently I got a simple heater by Neoclima UK-04. I did not like that there is no gearbox and hose in the configuration. I had to buy these parts in addition. But it took me only 5 minutes to assemble the device. I chose this model because it is equipped with a nozzle for connection to the gas mains. Most heaters do not have it. My 36 m? warm up in about 40-50 minutes. “

Danil Osipov, St. Petersburg

“I liked the Demrad gas convector. To give this device is that. It is very easy to manage, gives warmth and comfort. We constantly have failures with electricity. It is possible to be in a house without light, but you cannot do without heating, especially in winter. A good device without significant drawbacks. I recommend it if you turn off the lights regularly. Very helpful.

Svetlana Prokhorova, Moscow

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

When choosing a heater it is necessary to consider not only the advantages and disadvantages of certain modifications, but also technical characteristics. Power is selected taking into account the cubic capacity of the room. Devices providing 1 kW can maintain a comfortable temperature in a room measuring 25 m ?.

Helpful advice! It is not recommended to take devices with indicators end-to-end. It is better to buy a device with an extra power reserve.

The average price of heaters to give:

Device modification price, rub.
Oil radiator 1600-2500
Heat fan 680-2000
Electric convector 2000-6000
Gas convector 2100-7000
Ceramic emitter on gas 2000-10000
Infrared emitter 2200-7500
Monolithic quartz instrument 1100-2500


There are two versions of convector structures on the market: low (plinth) and high. Plinth units better cope with the heating function, since they have a greater length, which can reach 2.5 m. Due to the fact that these devices are installed at the floor level, hot air evenly heats the entire room.

In terms of functionality and efficiency, it is better to pay attention to modifications that are equipped with an electronic type thermostat. Additional equipment allows to reduce the cost of electricity by 4%.

Convector heaters will not be able to fully replace the heating. This type of instrument is used as emergency or additional equipment. Before buying you need to calculate the power and number of heaters. If you buy the device in the calculation that 1 kW of power covers an area of ​​10 m ?, you can achieve optimal temperature conditions in the room.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Note! Country house of no more than 60 m? may well provide heating gas convector structures with a capacity of 2-6 kW. This requires cylinders filled with liquefied gas. As the filling mixture is used, consisting of butane and propane.

Before you choose infrared heaters to give, you should familiarize yourself with the range offered by the market.

The general classification of ceramic emitters on gas includes several types of structures:

  • wall mounted;
  • floor standing;
  • ceiling;
  • desktop

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device

Each design has its own specific installation and meets certain requirements. To pick up and purchase a device that really meets expectations, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Efficiency – the level of thermal efficiency of the device depends on its functionality. Devices equipped with a fan, warm up the room much faster. At the same time, gas consumption practically does not increase.
  2. Gas consumption – domestic models consume about 125-150 g / hour. Given this indicator, you can pre-calculate how much it will cost the operation of the device.
  3. Design purpose – industrial models, which are also present in the sale, will not be suitable for heating a country house, since they emit short waves that can harm human health. Therefore it is worth paying attention only to household modifications.
  4. Security level – when buying, you must make sure that the device has a sensor that detects a gas leak. This element also controls the level of carbon dioxide in oxygen. It is strictly forbidden to use equipment that does not have such a sensor.

Helpful advice! To calculate the power of the device, it is necessary to multiply the area of ​​the room (m?) By 100 watts. If the room has very high ceilings or a building project includes such an architectural element as a second light, more powerful appliances will be required. The same applies if the building has sources of heat loss.

Heaters for the garden: reviews, which is better to choose a device


Most of the reviews left by buyers of infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving are positive. There were no significant deficiencies in such structures (with the exception of rapid cooling).

Rating of popular models:

  1. Foreman PTC 20 DVRL – modern climate technology, equipped with a function to adjust the temperature. The heater is able to warm the room evenly up to 20 m2.
  2. AEG WKL 1003 F – the design has wheels that facilitate the movement of the heater on the floor. The advantages of this device are many: automatic shutdown when overturning, the presence of a thermostat, temperature setting function, low cost.
  3. Shinbo SFH-3390 – the device is safe and effective, fixed on a small tripod, blends harmoniously into any interior thanks to its stylish design.

Average prices for models:

The brand Model price, rub.
Foreman PTC 20 DVRL 2500-3000
AEG WKL 1003 F 3500-4200
Shinbo SFH-3390 2000-2200


The presence of a heater on the ceiling may seem unusual, but it does not affect the efficiency, safety and performance of the device.

Note! Most of them on the ceiling infrared heaters for giving customer reviews contain positive comments on the comfort that is provided by the working device. The device does not burn out oxygen, so even after prolonged use of the heater in the room it is possible to breathe easily and freely.

The following models of heaters lead in the ranking based on consumer reviews:

  1. Frico HP 600 – body part of the structure shows resistance to corrosion due to galvanized coating. Buyers note the ease of installation, which does not require additional fasteners. Installation of the heater can be carried out with the most common mounting brackets in a suspended ceiling type.
  2. Thermo Glass P-13 peony – a stylish rounded design, high power and the presence of universal-type suspensions in the instrument configuration are among the advantages of the model. The heating element of the device can be made of glass or ceramic.
  3. Neoclima IR-3.0 – anodized aluminum acts as a material for the manufacture of the hull, so that the heater can be installed in unheated or insulated rooms. The device is optimal for directional heating of a specific zone or point.

Average prices for models:

The brand Model price, rub.
Frico HP 600 13000-13700
Pion Thermo Glass P-13 8000-8600
Neoclima IR-3.0 4700-5300


Infrared emitters equipped with a thermostat are divided into three categories (according to the type of control):

  • mechanical (temperature range – from + 15 ° C to + 30 ° C;
  • electronic with programmable settings (temperature range – from + 5 ° C to + 45 ° C);
  • electromechanical.

Helpful advice! Most wall structures have limited functionality. To solve this problem, it is enough to purchase a model equipped with a thermostat. Due to it, you can customize the operation of the device according to your needs.

Rating of the best, according to users, models of wall heaters for giving:

  1. BALLU BIHP / M – the device has an anodized case with built-in thermostat on mechanical control. The package includes all the necessary elements for installation, which is especially pleasing to customers. The performance level is 90%.
  2. NOIROT Royat – the device is able to quickly warm up the room. Most often, these heaters are used to maintain an optimal climate in the room loggia, balcony, garage or cottage. The power regulator has three levels of control.
  3. Stiebel Eltron IW-180 – the heater is well manifested in those cases when it is necessary to provide local heating in the room. This model belongs to the class of budget devices. The manufacturer produces premium products.

Average prices for models

The brand Model price, rub.
BALLU BIHP / M 2600-3750
NOIROT Royat 4500-5000
Stiebel eltron IW-180 6200-7500


After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the structures, as well as reading the customer reviews, it can be concluded that gas and infrared convector heaters are the most economical and convenient. The type of attachment does not affect the functionality, but when choosing a device, you should consider the design features of the room.

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