Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Every owner of a country plot in the summer season there is a daily need for warm water. A shower for a heated cottage is the right decision, as it will provide comfortable bathing in any weather. In the southern regions, where there are many warm days, it is most often cost-effective to economically heat a dark tank from the sun’s rays. But it is better not to hope for it and to get a full-fledged room for a summer shower with heated water.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Where to install a shower for giving heated

Water heated in summer from the sun will not maintain a comfortable temperature for long, it cools off at night. If heating occurs in the most economical way (without electric heating), then the shower box under the tank for a summer shower should be placed somewhere in the backyard, in an open place where the shadow of trees and buildings does not fall.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

At the end of spring, in the midst of working with saplings and seedlings, there is still little heat, and the water does not warm up to the required level (above 28 ° C). Each gardener solves this problem in his own way, for example, by installing a shower barrel on a country house with heating. Someone prefers to prepare a self-made booth structure for a heated tank, others don’t want to waste time on an unsightly building.

Helpful advice! There is a large selection of ready-made facilities for the summer season with all the contents, for example, a portable shower for giving with heating.

For travel enthusiasts, portable models for feeding water during bathing, such as a shower toptus, will be convenient. In it, the necessary pressure arises under the influence of the mass of his own body on the rubber mat, and while bathing he holds the watering dispenser in his hands above himself.

When choosing a place under the shower, you need to take into account several factors:

  • water supply method;

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

  • the possibility of power supply for the heating element of the heated shower;
  • arrangement of a pan for used water and its drainage into drainage;
  • access to a shower in inclement weather (preferably a paved walkway);
  • the amount of direct sunlight coming to the heated tank in a combined way.

As the sales statistics clearly demonstrate, most often get aesthetic models – a ready-made plastic shower with a changing room and a container heated from the power grid. Solar tank is not a determining factor for a tank-maker; therefore, this shower cabin can stand on the north side of the villa, behind a building or in the shade of a large tree. It is more important to determine how to fix and seal the electrical cable leading from the access of moisture, leading to the shower tank to the country house with heating.

Important! When it comes to ancillary buildings, it should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to put a toilet and a shower next to it. An unpleasant smell will spoil the comfortable bathing, and the drained water will overflow the cesspool.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Each site has its unprofitable and fertile zones. It is better to install the shower enclosure closer to the residential building so as not to freeze on the way to the house in cold weather. It is advisable to put it where nothing grows. The shower will fit into the landscape design quite harmoniously.

Every summer resident should understand that if the drainage leading to the shower in the garden is poorly organized, water from the tray can fall into the basement or cellar. This usually happens if a tank of 150-250 liters is installed and water is consumed every evening almost to the remainder.

Note! If a shower cabin for gardening with heating is rarely used and no more than 20-30 liters of water are drained per day, the drainage groove can be avoided.

When buying a finished shower structure, it is worth assessing what its base should be in relation to water consumption. Liquid in ordinary soil does not stagnate, especially if it is a small amount. It badly allows precipitation and drainage of water from the shower and baths to stony or clay soil on which large puddles form.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Masters who prefer the economical construction of auxiliary structures often make extensions to existing buildings. This is justified when there is a common drainage system, for example, a summer shower for the dacha with a dressing room and heating near the capital bath with a sauna. Such an arrangement is economically feasible: the installation of a ready-made booth (or extension) progresses much faster.

Before you make a country shower, dig a recess to 0.5 m around the perimeter of the proposed structure. A pillow of sand and crushed stone falls asleep at the bottom – about 10-15 cm. A shower grate or a shower tray is installed on top:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • acrylic.

Important! If at the end of hygienic procedures water stagnates in the stall, then a drainage groove leading to the waste pit is necessary.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

If there is a need for a large flow, if a lot of people regularly wash in the shower room, the foundation is concreted and a complete drainage system (sewage) is made. Depending on the chosen water discharge scheme, the summer building and a heated shower-barrel for gardening provide:

  • sewer pipes (any type);
  • perforated systems (especially for drainage).

A small amount of water can be used for watering garden trees. A significant amount of liquid must be directed somewhere in such a way that there will be no flooding of the cellars and semi-basements. To do this, you need a sump into which the grooves, drainage system or pipes for drainage.

The excavation is carried out at some distance from the main buildings, also maintain an interval of about 2.5-3 m from the house to the shower box. The depth of the pit is small – about 2 m, it is desirable to strengthen the walls, for example, using concrete goods for cylindrical wells. The budget option – old tires. The bottom is lined with rubble. Air and gases must be removed from the sump through a vent pipe. It can be closed with a net so that garden slugs are not diluted in a moist environment.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Any products are classified according to several important characteristics, including, among other things, a heated shower box and shower cabins. Structurally, they are divided into the following types:

  • boxes for indoor and outdoor accommodation;
  • stationary and portable options.

It is very important to make the right choice with such an extensive assortment of models, as at the present time trading networks and catalogs are full of offers.

Functionally, any summer room for hygienic procedures in the minimum version assumes the presence of:

  • accumulative capacity for warming water from sunlight, including with heating elements;
  • watering cans with spray and spray adjustment valve;
  • pipeline and pump for organizing water pressure in the country with their own hands;
  • shower tray.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

It makes sense to use a home-made frame-type construction with walls (boards, slate, plastic), to him separately buy a garden shower for giving with heating in a compact version. A ready-made shower box will cost more, but it usually has a thoughtful design and maximum comfort.

Note! On sale there are cabins for 2-3 compartments, including the compartment for washing itself, the dressing room and the entrance hall that unites them.    

Natural heating of water in the summer is possible only in clear weather with a prolonged day light. If the tank is dark in color, the heating process is faster. On cloudy days, as well as in May and September, when there is no necessary heat, the street shower is the most relevant for giving with heating and thermostat. However, the relay and the presence of various auxiliary functions determine the high cost of construction for swimming.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Fully equipped booths with tanks and all options that regulate temperature are available in two versions:

  • metal (steel, zinc, light alloys) construction;
  • Capacity for summer shower plastic.

It is important to know! Plastic is less reliable, it is subject to mechanical stress, especially in regions with adverse natural factors. But plastic products practically do not react to temperature fluctuations, therefore they are used in regions with temperature fluctuations from -30 to +60 ° С.

Almost all metal containers, except stainless steel, are subject to corrosion. But in the technical specifications it is usually stated that the tank has an appropriate protective coating.

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

The shape of the tank under the shower in the country with heated water also varies:

  • flat oval capacity;
  • barrel-shaped;

Shower for giving heated: comfortable rest at any time

Manufacturers have developed all sorts of options for a comfortable swim in a country site. Structurally, they are all different, but the scheme of heating water and its supply to the spray nozzle is about the same. The practice of sales confirms that the cheapest models and showers with changing rooms and a heated large tank remain in demand.

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