Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

The durability, tightness and aesthetic appearance of plastic windows have made their use optimal for premises of any purpose. They are easy to operate and easy to maintain. However, like all mechanisms, in the process of using plastic windows some elements may wear out, the structure may stick and it will need to be adjusted. On ways to eliminate the causes of problems and adjust the mechanisms of plastic structures, find out in the article “Adjusting plastic windows by yourself: video instruction”.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video tutorials settings

Despite the simplicity of operation, the design of plastic windows from time to time require maintenance: debugging the work of mechanisms and adjusting accessories. Plastic windows, even from the most reliable manufacturer, may not work properly over time. In new buildings, this is most often observed due to shrinkage of the house, as a result of which the sash windows may loosely adhere to the frame. In addition, in the process of long opening and closing fittings wear out and weaken. Knowing the basic rules, you can adjust the plastic windows with your own hands. Online you can find video adjustment plastic windows do it yourself.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

With a significant decrease in air temperature outside it is necessary to carry out winter adjustment of plastic windows. Despite their tightness, it is possible to blow cold air in winter due to improperly adjusted construction mechanism. Professionals recommend not to wait for the onset of extreme cold, but to set up window fittings for the winter mode in advance.

Helpful advice! Making the transfer of accessories to the desired mode, carefully read the instructions for adjusting plastic windows for the winter. Mistakes made when improperly configured, can lead to breakage of the entire construction of the plastic window.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

Adjustment of various modes is necessary due to the fact that during the summer period, in order to provide ventilation, the sash must be in a position of a loose fit to the frame. In winter, such ventilation leads to weathering of warm air and lowering the temperature in the room. By independently adjusting the plastic windows for the winter, you will ensure that the window sash is tightly pressed against the frame and that you will keep the heat indoors.

It should be noted that not all window designs support seasonal adjustment mode. If at the end of the window sash there are special eccentrics (small metal cylinders), equipped with a hole under the key-hexagon or a slot for a screwdriver, then this design can be adjusted.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

The procedure is as follows:

  • on the eccentric fittings find the mark (a small risk);
  • With the hexagon, we turn the eccentric in such a way that the mark on it points towards the room – in this case the clamp moves closer to the compactor and the shutter presses stronger;
  • we turn all eccentrics in the end of the window with a mark in the direction of the seal;
  • when you close the window, translated into winter mode, you will feel a noticeable force applied to the handle.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

Adjusting the window fittings for the winter mode and ensuring a tight clamping of the sash, you contribute to the preservation of heat in the room.

Adjust the winter mode for new plastic windows very carefully, as a fairly tight clamp increases the load on the rubber seal, up to its damage. As for the windows that have been in operation for more than one year, their seal already has wear and is not so sensitive to the maximum load. Recommended for viewing the video “Adjusting the plastic window for the winter.”

Adjusting the plastic window “winter-summer” with his hands provides control of the temperature mode in the room all year round.

With the arrival of the warm season, as soon as the heating in the house is turned off, it is necessary to loosen the clamp and relieve the rubber seal from excessive pressure. In the summer, the windows are more often open, which in itself also relieves the rubber seals.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

The transfer of the window structure to the summer operation mode is carried out in the same way as in the winter, with the only difference that the mark on the roller is directed away from the window (on the street). Timely adjustment of the plastic window “winter-summer” can significantly increase the life of the window structure.

If you do not switch to the summer mode, the sealant will remain in the tensioned state for an excessively long time, which will lead to its stretching and loss of the necessary qualities. In this case, you will have to replace it with a new one.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

For replacement, the old rubber sealant is removed from the grooves and a new one is inserted into it using a regular screwdriver. At the same time, it should not be strongly tightened. In order for the seal to last as long as possible, it is recommended that it be treated every six months with a special silicone gel.

Helpful advice! When replacing the rubber seal, get the original material, as different models of plastic windows have different in shape and stiffness sealing rubber. A seal that does not match the profile will not provide the structure with proper clamping.

Many manufacturers provide an intermediate mode “autumn-spring.” In this mode, the sash tightly pressed to the frame, but without excessive force.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

Watching the video “Adjusting plastic windows for winter-summer” will allow you to correctly switch to the desired mode.

Clamping is the degree of density of closing the window. To check the level of density, it is enough to bring a lit match or a candle to the window. If fluctuations of a flame are noticeable, then in this place there is a crack. You can adjust the plastic window clamp by means of eccentrics located at the ends around the perimeter. In order to achieve a tight fit of the sash, the eccentric is shifted to the right (clockwise), in order to weaken the pressure density – to the left (counterclockwise).

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

It should be noted that the position of all eccentrics along the perimeter should be identical. Change their position to no more than 2 mm. This can be done with a wrench or hexagon. In some types of profiles, the presser changes due to a tongue mechanism located on the hinge side of the window. In this case, if the tongue is pushed – tightly pressed, retracted – weak.

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Pay attention to which side the loops are located on. If on the left, the hexagon is rotated to the left; if the loops are on the right, we rotate it clockwise.

The process of setting the clamping mechanism can be seen in the video “Plastic window adjustment”.

If the sash sags in the window system or when it is opened it rubs against the frame, you can make an independent adjustment of the sash of the plastic window.

Usually, the sash sag occurs when the window is quite long in the open position or when it is opened / closed abruptly. If the sash touches the vertical lower or upper part of the striker plate, the skew can be removed by adjusting the hinges of the plastic window. When the window is open, adjust the top canopy: turning the key clockwise, the sash will move to the right, and vice versa.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

The lower window loop is responsible for moving the sash to the right / left and up / down. The bottom loop can be configured when the window is in the closed state. After inserting the key into the hole in the loop, we move the key up – the flap moves to the right, we turn it down – the flap moves to the left. It is also possible to move the window sash higher or lower by means of the lower shed. To do this, remove the decorative cap on the loop. They find a hole into which they insert the key. To raise the sash, turn the key in the clockwise direction, in order to lower it – turn it in the opposite direction.

The video “Adjusting the plastic window by yourself” will allow you to visually get acquainted with the technique of setting the loops.

Some problems with plastic windows can be fixed by yourself. This may be the situation when the window opens in two modes at once: for airing and in the “open” state. In this case, install the PVC window handle horizontally, close the window and, pressing the sash, lift the handle up. Then, slightly holding the window, move the handle to the position of the open window. After this simple manipulation, the leaf opens and closes freely in one particular mode.

If it is necessary to replace the handle, it is necessary to turn the decorative overlay on the handle to the side by 90 degrees. Under the protective cap are the fastening screws of the handle. The screws are fastened with the help of a figure screwdriver.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

Helpful advice! When replacing or fixing a loose handle, do not over-tighten the fastening screws. They must be twisted without effort.

Sometimes, with a vigorous turn of the handle window, it wedges. This triggers the locking handle to avoid failure of the design mechanism. In this situation, the repair can also be carried out independently. To do this, you need to know the brand of fittings installed on the window. On the metal constipation has an inscription. For example, GU, Roto or Winkhaus accessories will have a tongue located at an angle to the frame just below the window handle. It is necessary to turn the tongue down so that it is set vertically, and then give the handle the desired position.

In some types of accessories, you should find a plate with a spring located in the area of ​​the handle. This plate must be pressed to the rubber seal and rotate the handle to the desired position. All these actions are done when the sash is in a strictly vertical state, otherwise a tilt-and-tilt lock may work.

Adjusting plastic windows yourself: video instruction

If the sash handle opens with some effort, there are several possible causes. This may be the contamination of the mechanism and accessories, drying of the lubricant or excessive force of the clamping mechanism.

To clean and lubricate the handle of the sash, it is removed, cleaned of dust and other contaminants, lubricated with impregnating compound WD-40 and assembled into place. For the convenience of coating fittings with grease, use a nozzle with a tube. It is recommended to use impregnation every time the window is adjusted.

By following the rules and recommendations for self-adjusting plastic windows, you can ensure long-term and comfortable operation of window designs.

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