Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

During the overhaul of an apartment, it is important to consider all the details – from the installation of the ceiling to the curtains on the windows. An important role in the design of the room is played by the doors between the rooms. They create a general harmony in accordance with the interior design, while performing the function of space zoning. This article will tell you which interior doors to choose for an apartment from a variety of models and designs to give the room more comfort and convenience.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

How to choose interior doors: important criteria

At first glance, the purchase of doors may seem like a simple trip to the hardware store, and the process itself is a pleasant entertainment event. In fact, the acquisition of the door you like (without taking into account certain factors) can spoil the entire general ensemble in the room and even create unnecessary inconvenience instead of comfort, turning into additional financial costs for repair or complete replacement of the structure. To avoid such problems, before choosing interior doors to an apartment, it is necessary to take into account such nuances:

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

  1. The choice of the type of doors occurs at the development stage of the project of repairing an apartment or building a house.
  2. It is better to entrust the selection of the model to a specialist. If a decision is made on independent design, then it is necessary to take into account such criteria as the parameters of the openings, the interior design, the type of floor covering, the placement of switches and electrical sockets.
  3. Depending on the chosen option, it is required to make changes in the installation of door openings and create a basic basis for the installation.
  4. It is necessary to choose the right mechanism for opening doors, to determine the material of the product and its shape.
  5. It is desirable that the shape and size of windows and doors in the rooms are combined with each other.
  6. Good interior doors must be of the same type for all rooms within the same apartment.
  7. Doors are installed at the final stage of repair – after finishing the walls, floor and ceiling.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

If we ignore the recommendations listed above, then there is a high probability of dissonance in the general concept of housing design.

In choosing interior doors one should be guided not only by one’s own taste, but also by technological, physical and design criteria. Their observance will help to choose the right and the right option, which will ideally fit into the interior and perform all the functions required from the door, providing a comfortable stay.

Helpful advice! When buying doors, it is advisable to study a fragment of the model in section or to get detailed advice from the seller on the material of the structure and its internal composition.

The basis of the correct choice of interior doors is a number of factors that need to be paid attention to and taken into account before purchasing or ordering a product from a master. Among the mandatory criteria that should not be ignored are:

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

  • material canvases, boxes and cashing;
  • functional purpose;
  • way of opening doors;
  • availability of product quality certificate;
  • staffing with additional elements;
  • options;
  • color and appearance of the door;
  • quality of accessories;
  • compliance with the style of the room;
  • the cost of the doors and their installation.

Analyzing each of the points, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of key features that overlap with each other. For example, the quality of products depends largely on the material from which interior doors. It is better to give preference to designs made of wood, which are characterized by excellent appearance, a variety of styles and average cost. In more detail with the criteria contributing to the successful choice, we will see below.

Door leaves are made from different materials, and each of them has a number of positive characteristics and its own drawbacks. The most common materials are:

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

  • solid wood;
  • chipboard and fibreboard;
  • typesetting wood and MDF;
  • various types of glass;
  • metal doors;
  • laminate doors;
  • Masonite or honeycomb doors;
  • eco shpon;
  • PVC doors.

Wooden doors belong to the premium class, they are valued for environmental friendliness, beauty, safety and solidity. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the doors are made of wood from laminated veneer lumber, the product is coated with chemical impregnations, varnishes and paints. The impact of these funds significantly reduces the status of the natural material.

Not only the material itself is important, but also its subspecies. In the case of wood, the wood species is taken into account. The best option is considered the doors of valuable wood slabs, covered with veneer. Such models will be durable, they have an attractive appearance.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

A special category is made of glass interior doors. Customer reviews indicate the benefits of their installation in order to provide additional lighting in rooms without light: hallways, corridors, bathrooms. That is why doors made of different materials with glass inserts are popular.

Helpful advice! Recently, widely used doors made of laminate, which is a chipboard or fiberboard, pressed with several layers of texture paper with a drawing. In order to protect against moisture, the surface of the products is impregnated with synthetic resin. This coating is provided and interroom door MDF.

Doors made of wood are considered the standard of naturalness, so experts recommend choosing wooden structures. The main advantages of such products are that they are environmentally friendly, durable, durable, have a high degree of soundproofing and low thermal conductivity. Such doors are easy to reconstruct, and their appearance will charm the most sophisticated buyer.

With all the many advantages, there are a number of disadvantages, among which are the ability to burn and low moisture resistance, so you should not install interior doors from the array in the bathroom. The price of wooden structures is also a significant disadvantage, since it is quite high.

Valuable wood products such as oak, beech or hornbeam have the highest value. Special luxury are the doors of white ash. You can choose more budget options, for example, from conifers. An excellent alternative for those who prefer naturalness and environmental friendliness, but do not have large finances, will be interior doors of solid pine for painting.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

The budget option is the doors of glued array. Their production lies in the fact that wooden bars are glued together under high pressure with a multi-directional arrangement of fibers. This technology significantly increases the resistance of the web to moisture and temperature changes.

To protect the doors of wood and preserve the natural beauty they are usually applied special means: paint, stain or varnish. Doors of laminated veneer lumber are often covered with veneer or PVC film.

The material received its name on behalf of the first manufacturer – the company in Canada Masonite. The design is a wooden frame made of uneven bars with external lining of MDF or fiberboard layers. The void inside the structure is compacted with special fillers in the form of thin paper folded in an accordion, or squared small hollow core filler. Thus, the design with a relatively low weight has a high degree of impact resistance.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

Cellular fiberboard is also used to fill voids. It is produced by cutting sheets into strips with a width slightly less than the thickness of the doors. From the filler depends on the weight, strength and price of this type of product. Which interior doors to choose – to decide the owners. From above, MDF or MDF sheets are coated with veneer, varnished, laminated or painted, imitating wood. Among the advantages of the masonite doors are the following:

  • budget;
  • ease of construction;
  • wide range of models;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • good sound insulation of the interior door, damping noise by 20 dB (this figure depends on the thickness of the structure and filler).

Helpful advice! Masonite doors are now very popular. This is used by unscrupulous manufacturers who produce low quality products. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to proven companies and purchase certified products with a passport and a guarantee.

The disadvantages of the masonite doors are low moisture resistance in direct contact with water, so they are not recommended to be installed in bathrooms and baths. By strength, the product is inferior to wooden and metal-plastic structures.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

Cloths from solid MDF sheets are considered to be denser than mazonite and are almost as strong as wooden structures. The material consists of wood chips pressed under high pressure and temperature. As a clutch, no formaldehyde-emitting resin is used, which is a toxic material. Therefore, MDF doors are safe for people. This is their main advantage. Among other advantages are the following:

  • strength and impact resistance;
  • durability and possibility of reconstruction;
  • the ease of the product;
  • reasonable price;
  • high degree of noise and heat insulation;
  • wide range of products;
  • presentable appearance.

In addition, the use of special additives makes the products resistant to moisture, so they can be installed in the bathroom, as well as in other rooms with high humidity. Among the shortcomings should be noted the flammability of the material and the high cost of products with thick cloths and natural coating. The canvas is easily damaged, and the effects of repair are unlikely to go unnoticed. The veneer for MDF doors are veneer, eco-veneer, laminate, enamel or PVC film.

Which interior doors are better to choose for an apartment: criteria, nuances, tips

Analogue of MDF doors are chipboard products, but their performance and durability are much lower. In addition, toxic formaldehyde is mainly used for bonding chips of wood boards.

A popular type of door for rooms is a combined version of wooden, plastic or MBF structures with glass inlays. Their main advantage is the maximum use of natural light in low-lit rooms. This is an indispensable option for installation at the entrance to the kitchen, living room from a dark corridor.

As a rule, all new products look great, and sellers in order to increase sales will advertise any model, hiding its flaws. Thus, consumer and professional reviews will help to make the right choice. What interior doors are better in a particular case – to decide the owners.

The choice of interior doors should be guided by both personal preferences and recommendations of experts. The optimal combination of price and quality should be chosen, the material should be selected in accordance with the style and purpose of the canvases, and the type of opening should be based on the floor space. No less important are such details as the choice of colors, accessories and the existence of a manufacturer’s warranty. Compliance with all these rules will help answer the question of which interior door to choose for an apartment, so that it is beautiful, high-quality and reliable, and also served for a long time, delighting the inhabitants of the home.

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