Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

An indispensable assistant in the suburban area is agricultural technology. Universal devices are especially appreciated, and in this regard, the water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor knows no equal. Its use is relevant both in the area near the country private house and in the country – the equipment is reliable and has a wide scope of application. In the article we will understand how motorblocks are used and how to choose the model that is optimally suitable for specific conditions.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: application

The demand for the purchase of inexpensive diesel motoblocks is growing every year, as the functionality and scope of application of this type of equipment is expanding. Motoblock saves time and effort when harvesting and processing the backyard. Also, the use of powerful diesel tillers relevant when performing the following tasks:

  • transportation of goods – the walk-behind tractor easily performs the functions of a vehicle;

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

  • energy production – if necessary, the motorblock acts as an autonomous electric generator;
  • water pumping – the walker can be used as a pump;
  • Joinery – tillers are easy to use as a universal device for tasks in this area.

Given the versatility of this type of equipment, the motoblock is needed in every household. It is only necessary to decide which model to prefer.

On the modern market there are many variants of motoblocks. A variety of models allows you to choose the best fit your device. The main thing is to thoroughly examine the existing possibilities before purchasing.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

According to the type of engine tillers are divided into gasoline and diesel. Depending on the manufacturer, the walker can be domestic or foreign. In addition, it is important to understand the power of the device you need.

Note! Because of the confusion in the terminology, many people confuse the motor-blocks and motor-cultivators. The functionality of the latter is similar to the capabilities of the motoblock, but much more poorly. Therefore, before making a purchase, think about the type of work you need and decide whether you need a motor-cultivator or you still need to buy a heavy diesel motoblock.

In order to sensibly assess which type of equipment you need, and learn how to distinguish a motor-cultivator from a motor-block, you should understand the basic characteristics of each of them.

Comparison of cultivator and motoblock characteristics:

Characteristic Cultivator Motoblock
Power, hp to 5.5 6-10
Weight, kg up to 60 60-300 and more
Functional soil treatment, plant care, harvesting basic opportunities of a cultivator, use as a motor-pump, the electric generator, a grinder


For example, subject to the presence of a power take-off shaft, the functionality of the tiller is controlled by attachments. Thus, you can gradually expand the capabilities of this type of technology. And for this, it is not even necessary to purchase additional details: the video of attachments for power tillers with their own hands clearly demonstrates how to achieve greater functionality of the equipment at home.

At the choice of the motor-block the indicator of power of this equipment is of great importance. Naturally, a large farm and a small vegetable garden or a garden near the house require different characteristics from equipment. Thus, in order to choose a tiller of suitable capacity, it is necessary, first of all, to estimate the area of ​​the plot.

Helpful advice! Affects the power of the device and the price of diesel-motoblock. Therefore, if the site is light enough or ultra-light type of equipment, there is no need to choose a more powerful model and overpay.

Choosing a walk-behind tractor, proceed from the following calculations. Power tiller, depending on the area:

Plot area, hectare Required power tiller, hp
to 10 five
10-30 5-6
30-50 6-7
50-100 7-9
100 or more not less than 10


Depending on power, tillers are classified as follows:

  • ultra light;
  • lungs;
  • average;
  • heavy.

The ultralight motor-block weighs no more than 20 kg. The power of its engine does not exceed 3 hp. The width of the capture of such models is 30-40 cm. Such a device is suitable for processing a land plot of no more than 10 acres. As a rule, ultralight models are used for loosening: the device is able to go deeper into the soil by no more than 8 cm.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

Engines of such tillers are rarely diesel: usually two-stroke models operate on a combination of gasoline and oil, and four-stroke models on pure gasoline. The main advantage of such models is ease of operation, ease and convenience of transportation.

Engine power of light tillers is from 3 to 5 hp, and weight does not exceed 40 kg. The width of the grip is no more than 80 cm, and the depth of digging into the soil is 15-18 cm. Therefore, this technique is applicable only for working on soft ground – it cannot cope with heavy soil due to its low weight. Suitable land area for processing such equipment – up to 30 acres.

The weight of medium motoblocks reaches 60 kg, and the power of their engines is 6 hp. The capture parameter is up to 90 cm. They go deeper into the ground by 28 cm, and one of the main advantages of such models is the ability to choose between the front and rear gear, which greatly simplifies the processing of small and complex sections. This type of equipment is optimal for hilling and plowing. Often they make a plow for power tillers with their own hands or purchase a device complete with a small plow: this addition significantly increases the efficiency of work. A suitable area for processing such equipment is 1 ha.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

Engine power of a heavy motoblock exceeds 6 hp Heavy diesel tillers 12 hp may have a weight in excess of 300 kg, in general, devices in this category weigh from 60 kg. The seizure of such models is 100 cm. Buy a diesel hitch tractor 9 hp. It makes sense to treat plots ranging from 1 to 4 hectares. Buy the motor-block diesel 9 hp It is not only because of the power: the heavy models have a much wider functionality.

For example, a gearbox in a block with a four-stroke engine allows you to tow loads weighing up to 300 kg, as well as attach a reversible plow or tilled cultivator.

Helpful advice! You can buy a diesel horsepower 12 hp, complete with attachments. However, if you wish, you can easily find a video of attachments for the motor-block with your own hands: by doing everything yourself, you will not only save money, but also get a device that is perfectly sharpened for your needs.

Many people prefer to buy a diesel engine on a walk-behind tractor. But there are still petrol models competing with diesel for leadership among gardening equipment. We will understand the advantages and disadvantages of these species.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

As a rule, a gasoline tiller acquire, if necessary, the processing area of ​​a small area – their maneuverability and ease make it easy to cope with work in cramped conditions of a small area with a large number of plantations.

Petrol models are cheaper and with the purchase, and if necessary repair, however, the very operation of the device is expensive. The device of a gasoline tiller is simple: spark plugs give out a spark that ignites the fuel. This scheme of work allows you to start the device without any problems in any weather conditions, and simplifies the processing of the site.

As a result, the main advantages of petrol models include:

  • low cost;
  • low noise (on average 30 dB less than diesel counterparts);
  • no vibration during use;
  • possibility of operation even in the conditions of low temperatures.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

The main feature of diesel engines – cost. For example, for every 100 km you will spend 2-5 liters less fuel than in the case of using other types of equipment. The high rate of traction allows you to use equipment at low revs, which simplifies the long non-stop operation of the device – plowing, hilling, cultivation.

The main advantages of diesel models include:

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • ease of use;
  • the absence of candles, carburetor and magneto, which simplifies the maintenance of equipment;
  • the severity of the device, providing good adhesion to the ground;
  • high engine thrust;
  • possibility to choose a model with water or air cooling.

Helpful advice! Features of a diesel engine is that during prolonged idleness without load, it quickly fails. To prevent this, it is necessary to include a motorized block from time to time for 2-3 hours. This simple measure and change of oil for the engine will noticeably prolong the juice of the device.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

The only significant drawback of diesel models can be called the cost – the price of heavy diesel motoblocks averages from 30 to 60 thousand rubles. However, it has been verified that they are more than paying for their investments with their power, economy, functionality and long service life. That is why most hosts prefer these devices.

Of great importance when choosing technology has a manufacturer. On the modern market are presented both domestic and foreign models. They differ in their characteristics, as well as service base and cost: on average, the price of a diesel motoblock is 9 hp. foreign manufacturer will be less than the domestic counterpart.

Japanese devices are renowned for their efficiency, reliability and quality. However, when purchasing products from foreign companies, be prepared for the fact that components will have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer – in terms of the service base, domestic models certainly benefit foreign ones. Consider the best models from different manufacturers.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

Among the leaders of sales of Chinese manufacturers stand Kipor motorblocks. A variety of attachments gives technology versatility, the unit is especially in demand in horticulture, where its main skills are relevant: grass mowing and harvesting and root crops. The drawings of the snow blower from the motoblock do it yourself to adjust the device for cleaning garbage and snow, as well as to transport cargo at a speed of 9.5 km / h.

Depending on the engine, the power of such equipment is from 4 to 6.5 horsepower. These tillers can not be called the most durable on the market, but they are low cost, easy to operate and equipped with a special system that allows you to save up to 15% of fuel. The cost of Kipor equipment is from 35 to 50 thousand rubles.

It is also worth mentioning diesel foreman tillers: good endurance, efficiency and favorable price make them worthy competitors in the market of technology. The company has been developing for more than ten years and over the years of its existence has managed to establish itself as a reliable, reputable manufacturer.

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing

The most popular among the tillers of the foreman is the GT series. Its feature is the presence of an electric start system, which makes the device more versatile. The main features of the GT series of tillers include:

  • compactness, which adds convenience when processing small areas with complex terrain;
  • a wide range of areas of operation, from agricultural work to utilization of utilities for snow removal, transportation of solid fuels and other tasks;
  • on the video of the trailer to the motoblock, you can see with your own hands how to adapt the equipment for the transportation of goods, which is very convenient on the farm and much more economical than moto transport;
  • the possibility of year-round use;
  • high traction characteristics, which allow to save fuel without loss in work efficiency;
  • the manufacturer guarantees protection against accidental ignition of the device;
  • lights allow you to operate the motoblock at any time of the day, and also increase the usability of the device as a means of transportation;
  • ease of operation: to use the equipment, it is enough to turn on the equipment, place the walk-behind tractor on the site and monitor its operation. Thus, the use of the tiller does not require special efforts and skills, as well as physical effort.

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