LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

LED – lighting a new generation. In a relatively short period of time, they have gained wide popularity due to high luminance rates at low energy costs. Advantages provide design features and operating principle based on light-emitting diodes. This article will help you learn more about how the LED floodlights are used, where they are used and how you should choose them for street lighting.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

LED outdoor spotlights: features and benefits

Lamps with LEDs are characterized by high quality, economical power consumption, reliability and long service life. That cost and durability – the main features of LED spotlights, thanks to which they differ from ordinary lamps.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays


Diode searchlights have a certain number of advantages, among which are the following:

  • low electricity consumption;
  • high illumination;
  • safety for the environment;
  • wide scope of application.

The main disadvantage of LED spotlights is their high cost, which has led to restrictions on the widespread use of lamps in various fields. They still remain leaders in the list of the most expensive ways of lighting. The high price of LED spotlights due to the significant costs that are required for the manufacture of devices. At the same time, long lamp life and low power consumption guarantee 100% payback of products.

The minimum lifetime of LED devices is estimated at 50,000 hours. This figure is twice the warranty period of energy-saving lamps, which regularly serve 25,000 hours.

LED devices are successfully used in almost all areas where you need efficient and economical outdoor lighting. With the right choice, the versatility of the product will provide good high-quality lighting for a long period, measured in years.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

Ice projectors are very widely used in public utilities as street lighting of roads, yards of apartment buildings, squares, parks, territories of various enterprises, organizations, institutions. Fixing the device to the base at an angle of 100-110 ° allows you to achieve maximum dispersion of the stream of light. This is the way to provide coverage of the streets of megacities. Lamps of this type are also used to illuminate administrative buildings, which gives them majesty.

Helpful advice! LED spotlights in their device have a set of diode lamps. If one of the diodes fails, then the other mini-lamps continue to operate with minimal loss of efficiency. This advantage is not typical for other lighting devices, except for LED lights.                                                               

Recently, LED lamps have become very popular among residents of private country houses and holiday villages. Thanks to only one spotlight, it is possible to achieve effective illumination of the entire local area, including outbuildings and garden beds. This effect does not provide even a pair of incandescent bulbs. At the same time, electricity will be consumed less than when using an ordinary lamp.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

Lamps are used at night as a decorative highlight of monuments, works of art, fountains, plants, objects of architecture and sculptures. As a very convenient type of illumination, LED lamps are used in billboards, on signboards and billboards. At manufacturing plants, car parks, parking lots, gas stations, open workshops and warehouses are illuminated with spotlights. At the same time, one LED flashlight-projector works several times more efficiently than several lighting fixtures of a different type.

Choosing a LED-type lighting device, you need to know its functional features. Such floodlights are usually equipped with a set of diodes.

Power is one of the main indicators of the LED spotlight, which consumes the minimum amount of electricity. Thus, for the operation of the device will need a minimum network capacity. For the functionality of the lamp requires at least 5 watts. The amount of energy consumed depends on the intended purpose of the device. The most widely used LED floodlights 50 watts. Such a device, despite its low power consumption, gives a light of 4000 lm, which provides effective illumination of a space of 100 m ?.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

The following technical parameters are typical for LED lamps:

  1. Prolonged operation, which consists in the fact that the device works for a long time without requiring repair and replacement of lamps. One diode in permanent operation mode can last 100 (or more) thousand hours.
  2. High efficiency, which reaches 98%. Thus, the energy of the lamps are spent solely for their intended purpose – to create a light flow. They practically do not heat up.
  3. A quality level of protection that must be at least IP65. Thus, the device is protected from dust and moisture. Luminaires with less protection (IP44) are installed in closed places.
  4. Safety for people. LED lamps do not pose a threat to health and do not require special recycling, unlike energy-saving mercury lamps.
  5. Elementary installation of the device and ease of maintenance. The lamp is attached to special brackets, which allows you to adjust the direction of light.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

The size and weight of the projector depends on its functional purpose, that is, on the number of diodes and the power of the lamp.

Helpful advice! If one LED lamp fails, it is very easy to replace. To do this, simply open the cover of the spotlight and replace it. In this case, you can not be afraid of dropping the light bulb, since the diodes do not break due to mechanical action due to their lack of a glass bulb.

For example, to provide street lighting with incandescent lamps with a power of 500 W, installation of a large-sized luminaire will be required – from 60×60 cm. In turn, the outdoor LED 50W spotlight has dimensions of 20×20 cm.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

LED lamps for street lighting have a different configuration. They can be made in the form of a square, rectangle, circle, oval or ruler. These lamps are characterized by additional technical parameters:

  1. Wide power range – from 100 to 240 volts. If the voltage drops, then the LED spotlight continues to work as usual.
  2. Work both at alternating and at direct current.
  3. A certain number of diodes.
  4. Different colors of light – hot or cold, different temperatures.
  5. The ability to change the angle of scattering. Most often, the angle of installation of floodlights for outdoor lighting is 50 ° or more.

It should be noted that frequent voltage drops adversely affect the service life of the lamp, reducing it. At the same time, the searchlight start-up block very quickly fails.

Selection of luminaires depending on the destination: floodlights 12 volts and above

When choosing a spotlight for street lighting, you need to consider a number of factors. Often people are guided by the low cost of the product, although the low price does not guarantee the quality and compliance of the lamp with all the necessary technical parameters. An important point in choosing a spotlight is its location.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

To illuminate the area around the cottage or near the entrance of the minimum lamp indicators must correspond to 12 volts. LED spotlight for this purpose should provide a luminous flux of 600-1200 lm. Basically, it is a rectangle-shaped structure, which is attached with a bracket to any base. If the area of ​​the local area is extensive, then it is better to make a choice in favor of the LED street light 20W.

It is important to consider the degree of IP protection. Devices for lighting on the street must be IP65, which will ensure reliable protection of the product.

For illumination of parks, squares and sidewalks use more massive and powerful searchlights. Most often, this matrix lights. A matrix of LEDs in the device ensures uniform light distribution. The lighting level depends on the height of the luminaire, and the power consumption ranges from 15 to 50 watts. The most popular category is a 30W outdoor LED floodlight. Light flux at such power ranges from 1000 to 6000 lm. Lamps with high power must be placed on high pillars.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

For decorative lighting use lamps less powerful – from 5 to 20 W with a scattering angle of up to 90 °. Original look floodlights with colored LEDs.

LED Floodlights 100W and above for street lighting, roads and highways

Floodlights with a power of over 80 W are used for outdoor lighting of large areas, for example, open warehouses, the roadway within the city and the highway outside.

Helpful advice! When choosing a floodlight for street lighting, special attention should be paid to the power and luminous flux of the lamp, and only then to other parameters.

For example, an illumination of 1 km of the carriageway with a width of 7 m is capable of providing a street-light LED 100 W, having a total power of 2 625 W (taking into account the idle speed of the drivers). At the same time it is necessary that the luminaire be installed at a height of 9 m, removed from the border by 1 m, the distance between the supports should be 40 m. Installing LED luminaires, compared to fluorescent lamps, provides energy savings of up to 30%.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

If the distance between the supports is reduced by 15%, that is, to 34 m, then, accordingly, the level of savings will also increase to 34%. This type of lighting using LED spotlights 100 W is suitable for illuminating roads in the city, especially in places where pedestrian crossings are located.

150W LED floodlights are used for both outdoor and indoor lighting. They are installed in economic and administrative buildings with a large area, as well as in trading floors and warehouses. With their help, illuminate large windows, sports halls and advertising banners.

LED spotlights for street lighting: safe life in bright rays

Thus, LED spotlights are widely used for both outdoor and indoor lighting in different areas. Devices come in different capacities, can be equipped with additional sensors, which provides energy savings and is the main advantage of LED products. After analyzing all the characteristics, properties and capabilities, you can choose the most appropriate version of the projector.

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