Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

The kitchen is the place where any housewife spends a considerable part of the time. Here the whole family gathers for breakfast and Sunday lunches. Therefore, the room should be as comfortable and functional as possible. If there is enough space, you can experiment with styles by choosing any one you like, but when space is limited, the Scandinavian-style kitchen is the most acceptable option. The secrets of design, including the choice of finishes, decor and furniture, are revealed in this article.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

The main features of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style: interior photos

The Scandinavian style is literally saturated with nature, comfort, purity, breathes freedom and restraint. It is especially relevant in the design of kitchens. Not for nothing designers give preference to him. The specifics of arranging such a room has both cooking and eating.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

Thanks to maximum functionality, everything is in place. Unity with nature and the predominance of natural materials are associated with climatic conditions, because in the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, daylight and the warmth of the hearth are appreciated. From other styles, the interior of Scandinavian cuisine is distinguished by a number of characteristic qualities:

  1. Naturalness In the Scandinavian style, the local northern nature found the maximum display; therefore, in the arrangement of the kitchen, natural wood in bright colors is preferred, emphasizing naturalness and contributing to the creation of comfort.
  2. Maximum lighting. Finns, Danes, Icelanders and Norwegians appreciate daylight, which is especially lacking in winter, so they came up with a lot of tricks to use it as effectively as possible in the interior. This helps large windows, the predominance of white in the design of the room and the presence of several types of artificial daylight.
  3. Versatility and functionality. In the north direction, time, convenience and automation are appreciated, so there should not be unnecessary things in the Scandinavian-style kitchen, even the decor items carry a certain functional load. For convenience, use a variety of sliding systems, in the doors – closers, over the dining area – convenient shelves.
  4. Simplicity and practicality, expressed in strict forms and straight lines, which is akin to minimalism.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

Designers identify two main options for color design kitchens in the Scandinavian style. Photos in the apartments clearly demonstrate the sustained Gustavian style, which originates from the reign of the Swedish king Gustav III, who lived in the XVIII century. Gustavian direction is distinguished by muted and dull colors with a certain, minimally visible texture.

Helpful advice! So that the Scandinavian interior does not look too sterile, they use not its pure white color, but its various shades: beige, creamy, cream, the color of milk and natural wool.

Another more common option is rural. It is characterized by a clear, transparent color gamut. Both in the first and in the second type the main color of such kitchens is white, and also its shades are applied, in particular light gray, blue, and coffee with milk. It is the choice of color – an important point, so it requires separate attention and more careful consideration.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

Furniture and main interior details are wooden, as wood has always been valued in the Scandinavian Peninsula. People live there in unity with nature, the area is rich in forests. Locals literally feel the soul of the trees.

The main advantages of the Scandinavian-style kitchen interior should be noted:

  • large amounts of light and air;
  • plenty of space;
  • the style is suitable for the design of a small kitchen;
  • lack of plastic and synthetics, priority is given to natural materials;
  • thoughtful practicality and functionality, where every object is at hand;
  • maximum automation is assumed, so there is a large number of kitchen appliances.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

There are also certain drawbacks that are typical for this type of kitchen design, in particular:

  • while arranging the kitchen, it is important not to overdo it with white color, otherwise the room may lose comfort and become similar to the operating room;
  • there is little space for fantasy, since the style presupposes simplicity of forms, design and a minimum number of decorative elements;
  • this direction provides for the presence of small curtains or their absence;
  • the predominance of light shades requires an appropriate, more thorough care of the walls, floor and furniture, and natural materials – careful attitude.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

The main drawback in creating the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style is the high cost of building and finishing materials, as well as elements of the decor, since everything natural has a high price.

Of course, the most popular in the list of color design is the white kitchen in the Scandinavian style. Photos of various interior options can be found on the Internet. Pure white color, no doubt, out of competition. This is a classic and virtually indispensable background for a room decorated in this style. Color is necessarily present in the painting of the ceiling and almost always in the decoration of the walls.

In this case, one should not forget about its various shades, which allow to experiment with the design, giving different interiors both warm and cold notes. Style involves the use of such shades:

  • snow white;
  • classic white;
  • colors of baked milk;
  • milk;
  • coffee with milk;
  • white sand colors;
  • Ivory;
  • lotus tones;
  • creamy;
  • egg shell;
  • camellias.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

Helpful advice! The white kitchen in the Scandinavian style (in a clean version or with shades) can have a mirror-smooth or matte texture of the surfaces. Also no less interesting are the variants of the Scandinavian kitchens, where other light shades are added.

The standard in the design of the kitchen in the style of scandi are such details as the white ceiling, light surfaces with a smooth texture, the floor is made of natural, whitewashed wood or tiles of the corresponding color. Apron can be a bright accent on white Scandinavian kitchen. Multifunctional furniture and an abundance of light are integral attributes that give the room warmth and comfort.

The pastel-colored kitchen occupies an honorable second place among Scandinavian interiors. Against this background, the tones of the northern lights will look fabulous as decorative accents. Especially effective is their use in lighting. All shades (from deep purple to bright yellow) can be created using multi-colored light bulbs.

Gray Scandinavian cuisine is also very popular, as this color in the landscapes of Norway, Sweden and Finland dominates in the form of fog, clouds, autumn forest in the evening time, rocks, stones and roads. Gray color can be presented in various shades:

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

  • glossy or matte metallic;
  • smoky;
  • silver;
  • graphite, bordering with black.

Due to its naturalness and many shades, the color gray in the Scandinavian-style kitchen can be successfully used in decoration, decor, and also in various objects, for example, in appliances or furniture.

The blue kitchen in the Scandinavian style reflects the color depth of the dark water or the winter sky. Design in this color requires a smooth surface. It is most often used to create an unusual contrasting background. Also original and beautiful look small pieces of furniture or wall decor, executed in cool blue shades.

A special attraction is the blue kitchen in the Scandinavian style, symbolizing the azure spring-summer sky, which on the Scandinavian peninsula can enjoy a short period of time.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

The color of bleached wood, especially oak, pine or spruce, deserves special attention. The wood of these breeds gives the interior of the kitchen a special peace and nobility. These colors are ideal for parquet flooring, facades of cabinets, countertops, tables, chairs, doors and window frames. Permissible additions in the form of ceiling beams.

Helpful advice! Contrasting tones such as black, graphite, the color of wet asphalt, as well as saturated red, yellow, and turquoise will help to highlight the accents in the Scandinavian style kitchen. Green color in Scandinavian cuisine is associated with pine needles, mosses and water. Only minor inclusions are allowed, otherwise the style will turn into a provenance.

Scandi? This is the best solution in terms of styling small-sized kitchen. For a miniature kitchen in Khrushchev, the Scandinavian style fits perfectly. Due to the predominance of bright colors, this room looks much more spacious. In addition, the style suggests the absence of frills in the decor and the presence of only the most necessary items and technology. For example, open shelves are usually placed under the ceiling. The presence of decorative elements is permissible on them.

Scandinavian cuisine: aesthetics combined with comfort

An excellent focus on a small Scandinavian-style kitchen can be a small-sized crystal chandelier that will effectively diffuse and refract light. It is the replacement of the missing light, which is characteristic for the northern countries, that helps to visually expand the space in small rooms. The predominance of white color and the presence of various sources of artificial lighting also contribute to the visual increase in the area.

The absence of bulky curtains also helps to visually expand the area, since the release of unnecessary elements is one of the main characteristic features of the style. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, then in order to hide the room from prying eyes, it is better to prefer roller blinds or blinds. In the event that the owners can not do without curtains, it is recommended to choose light, translucent curtains to the kitchen in the Scandinavian style. Material – flax or cotton. The curtain can be a bright element in the interior.

A characteristic borrowing of scandi from a loft is the presence of brickwork on one of the walls. The main thing is not to overdo it in order not to completely lose the outlines of the Scandinavian direction.

Scandinavian style in the classic version or in combination with other areas is ideal for a small kitchen, and for a spacious kitchen-living room. Create an interior is quite simple: for this you need to follow the above recommendations. The main ones are simplicity, practicality and plenty of light. Also, do not save on materials, because the inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula prefer all natural. To transform such an interior and give it a new touch, it is not necessary to do repairs – just place the accents anew and change the decor elements.

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