PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

In this article, PVC wall panels will be discussed in detail: the price, a catalog of photo-ideas and features of the correct choice of products taking into account the microclimate of the premises where they will be installed. In the text you can find descriptions and characteristics of the main groups of products, prices for them, as well as photos with good examples of decorative design of rooms with a high level of humidity and temperature differences between bathrooms, kitchens, balconies.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and rules for the purchase of finishing materials

Choosing the PVC lamella for repair in his house, a person asks the question: where to buy PVC panels for finishing work?

There may be several options:

  • online store;
  • building supermarket;
  • specialized salon;
  • market.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

In the catalogs of photo wall panels, prices and descriptions can be of great help in choosing a finishing material. But online stores place far from all information on their websites. Some of the important data from the manufacturer is available on the packaging and in the documentation that can be attached to the product. In addition, the images in the photographs do not always correspond to reality.

Before you buy PVC panels for the bathroom, the price of which is reduced on the website due to a sale or a seasonal promotion, you can visit a specialized shop, study the finishing material on site, examine it for quality, durability and other equally important characteristics. This also applies to panels for other rooms.

Modern photo catalog of PVC wall panels contains a huge number of products with different decor and level of quality. The first thing you should pay attention to when buying interior materials is the composition of polyvinyl chloride products. Quality panels contain particles of chlorine, hydrogen and carbon.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

Helpful advice! There is an optimal combination of chlorine components contained in the panels. This element should consist of 57% of bound chlorine particles, the remaining 43% should be ethylene.

Manufacturers use bonded lead for the manufacture of high quality PVC lamellae. It performs the function of a stabilizing element. Due to this, when a fire occurs in a room under the influence of high temperature, the panels do not emit harmful and toxic substances into the air.

Experts recommend to buy hard plastic lamellae – they are incapable of ignition, and also have excellent sound insulation properties and high resistance to temperature effects.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

In the photo of PVC wall panels, defects are not always visible. Finishing should fit well into the interior and have a perfect appearance, otherwise all the room decoration will look cheap. For this reason, many buyers would prefer to buy plastic panels for the bathroom, kitchen or balcony in specialized stores, rather than trying to assess the quality of the product from several photos.

Signs of quality slats:

  • uniform coloring;
  • no black spots on the paint;
  • the same width of the panels;
  • no drops, irregularities and waves (slight unevenness in length is permissible – after installation it will disappear).

Often, buyers deal with fakes. The chance to stumble upon substandard panels in a specialized real store is much lower.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

The main advantage of PVC slats is their ability to effectively hide irregularities on wall surfaces. For finishing work it is not required to prepare and level the base. For this reason, to buy PVC wall panels for repairs in the house every year an increasing number of consumers want to.

Helpful advice! This type of material is suitable for masking elements of electrical wiring. With the same purpose, you can buy PVC wall panels for the bathroom to hide the communication systems and perform the bath casing, erecting a box around it.

General prices for products from the PVC wall panels catalog:

Product type Width, cm Thickness mm Length, cm Price, rub. / Piece
Clapboard 13-30 4-8 90-300 from 45
Sheet pane 50-122 1-30 98-244 from 100
Wall (regular panel) 15-50 6-12 260/270/300 from 80
Tiled, mosaic 30-98 1-5 30-98 from 115


The table shows the minimum price of PVC wall panels. This indicator is averaged and may depend on the pricing policy of each particular store engaged in the sale of finishing materials from polyvinyl chloride.

On the market there are panels with a thickness of 1 mm (sheet, mosaic) to 40 mm (sandwich). The average thickness is 8-10 mm. This parameter is optimal, since products with such thickness have an average weight and at the same time provide a high level of strength. The price of PVC sandwich panels depends on the size of the lamella, as well as its thickness. The average cost of the thinnest element (10 mm) is 900-1000 rubles, the price of the thickest (40 mm) is 1930-2050 rubles.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

The choice of panels for interior decorating should be based not only on quality but also on the technical characteristics of the products. Equally important is the design. The presence in the composition of the material of polyvinyl chloride recycling significantly reduces the resistance of the coating, its strength and service life. Defining such panels in appearance is not so difficult. On their surface there will be inclusions of dark color.

Diligent manufacturers use only high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of finishing materials and do not save on lamella painting. As a result, the color base is obtained without stains, the drawings are not smeared, and the joining parts look neat and provide a tight fit of the panels to each other during installation.

Note! Ribs on the surface of the material stiffeners – a clear sign of poor quality raw materials.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

Depending on the operating conditions of the room, lamellae are selected with certain properties and technical characteristics. For example, the purchase of PVC panels for bathroom tiles due to the resistance of this material to the constant effects of large amounts of moisture. In addition, lamellas with imitation of a tile covering externally resemble tile, but cost much less.

Hygiene, resistance to temperature changes and moisture will be useful not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. In addition to elements that mimic tiled flooring, glossy PVC panels of white and other colors, as well as laminated materials are used to finish such rooms.

Loft style today is very common and is often found in the design of studios and ordinary apartments. But if industrial bare concrete walls are not so popular, then brickwork is always in fashion. Thanks to modern production technologies, it is possible to abandon the creation of decorative cladding in the house in order to buy PVC panels for brick. This finish option is much superior to the usual material.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

The advantages of PVC panels under the brick:

  • space saving due to small thickness (decorative brick takes too much usable space from the room);
  • simple installation system;
  • universality (similar PVC wall panels for interior decorating can be used for hallways, halls, corridors, living rooms, kitchens and loggias);
  • wide range of colors, textures and sizes.

In addition, the price of PVC panels for walls is much lower than the cost of decorative bricks and the services of a wizard who will do the work on its installation. These slats are rectangular in shape and very realistic imitate brickwork. Depending on the size of one panel can cover an area of ​​3 m? up to 8 m.

Note! The material lends itself well to cutting and is easy to handle. Due to this, the docking of the finishing in corners does not cause difficulties.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

If you decide to buy decorative PVC sheet panels for walls, they can be cut using stationery scissors or a knife. For a thick lamella, you will need a hacksaw to work with metal surfaces or an electric jigsaw.

Some consumers will find the loft style rude and brutal. However, in the assortment of shops you can find PVC panels imitating white brick, as well as products of other light colors to create English, Romanesque styles, as well as country and Gothic.

Construction stores offer dozens of different PVC panels under the stone, realistically imitating a natural stone surface. This material is most often used for decoration of living rooms, hallways, kitchens and corridors.

In some stores you can buy PVC panels for the bathroom with moisture-proof properties. Such an imitation of a stone will be great to show itself even in rooms with high humidity.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

The existing catalog of PVC plastic panels for walls with a decorative stone pattern is presented in:

  1. Rack PVC panels for interior walls – externally lamellas have the same dimensions as wooden slats. This type of finish is the narrowest and lighter option, despite the fact that the width, thickness and length of the elements may be different.
  2. PVC tiled panels for interior decoration – the material has the appearance of a square and has a small size. This type of lamellae is considered the most convenient and common.
  3. Sheet products – in width, these elements exceed 1 m, in length – more than 2 m. It is more expedient to buy a PVC sheet panel in the case when you need to cover a large area.

Helpful advice! Panels with “ragged limestone” decor are used to decorate fireplaces, columns and arches. Their use is allowed even for exterior decoration of buildings. Very profitable to look at the photo sheet PVC panels for bathrooms with a pattern of “Jurassic stone.” Punched relief surfaces effectively emphasize the interior of any bathroom.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

The advantages of such PVC panels for a bathroom are the durability of the coating and the pattern on it. Products do not fade in the sun, do not contribute to the development of mold and putrefactive processes, are resistant to moisture, and are not at all afraid of temperature changes.

The tile is used for finishing of bathrooms and kitchens. This material, in addition to its advantages, is also characterized by high cost, as well as a complex installation system. For this reason, many consumers prefer to buy PVC panels for the bathroom under the tile, which very reliably imitate tiled floors. In this case, finishing work becomes budget and more simple in execution.

In the same category of products can be attributed to PVC panels with a frieze for bathrooms. These lamellas are made on the basis of the same polyvinyl chloride, which foams using a unique technology. Due to this, the coating is easy, but at the same time high strength characteristics are preserved.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

In the assortment there is a large number of PVC panels under the tree and artificial stone. All of them quite reliably repeat the natural texture of natural and artificial materials. At the same time, the artificial stone is lightweight and occupies a minimum of space, and the plastic “wood” does not deform over time and is not at all afraid of moisture.

In addition, consumers can buy PVC panels with a frieze for bathrooms under the tile. At the final stage of production, the drawings are covered with a special varnish composition with waterproof properties. This layer protects the image from erasing for many years. With proper care, the slats will maintain their attractive appearance for up to 10 years.

Note! Some manufacturers carry out the drawing pattern to order. Of course, in this case the price of PVC panels for the bathroom under the tile increases, but the buyer gets the opportunity to choose the pattern for the frieze.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

Features and prices of PVC wall panels 3D: catalog of photo ideas

In the range of PVC wall panels for the bathroom and other rooms there are unusual product options. Lamellae with a 3D image are classified as such. Images repeat landscapes, various textures. Some companies produce PVC wall panels for bricks, wood, boulders.

This finish appeared on the market relatively recently. Nevertheless, in the bathroom PVC panels have already firmly established, as in other areas of the house. It’s all about the diversity and benefits of this material. Panels perform a decorative and corrective function.

The advantages of plastic PVC panels for the bathroom with a 3D effect:

  1. masking irregularities on the walls;
  2. additional sound and thermal insulation of the room;
  3. space zoning;
  4. expansion of space.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

Today it is quite often possible to meet on the photo of the design of the bathrooms the PVC panels for the bathroom with the effect of 3D, although this material has been successfully used in other rooms.

Zoning a room can be visual. The game with space is carried out due to the difference in the colors of finishing materials, differences in decor or texture. In this case, the presence of PVC wall panels for the bathroom in combination with lighting allows you to expand the room and add accents.

Zoning can also be done by plasterboard partitions. Plasterboard designs are not able to withstand a lot of weight. Therefore, the use of PVC wall panels for the bathroom for the purpose of finishing the boxes and other elements of the room will bring double benefit.

The price of PVC panels for the bathroom with the effect of 3D:

Name Price, rub. / Piece
Orchid 230
Sand beach 295
Apple blossom 235
House in the village 295
White brick 298


Note! On sale you can find PVC panels for the bathroom mosaic with a mirror surface. They can even be used for finishing furniture and interior elements.

Having studied the catalog of PVC panels for the bathroom, it can be concluded that any fantasy can be embodied in the interior, and in the most budgetary way. The main thing when choosing a material is not to make a mistake with the colors and decor.

Experts recommend paying attention to the bright colors. As the simplest solution, white glossy PVC panels are suitable, which look aesthetically pleasing, visually expand the space and are easy to clean.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

To create an unusual effect, you can buy plastic PVC panels in several versions of the decor and arrange the elements in the correct order. You can distribute the material on the wall, creating:

  • diagonal;
  • chess;
  • geometric shapes.

For these purposes, you can buy PVC mosaic panels, which are available in different colors. When combining lamellae that differ from each other in decoration, it is important to avoid the presence of a large number of patterns. It is enough to restrict 2-3 options.

Do not saturate the room with a decor consisting of very small elements. This type of coating will quickly become dirty and may cause mold formation. It should purchase panels with simple designs or large decor, placed loosely. PVC mosaic sheets in this case are an exception.

Prices of plastic PVC panels:

Decor The brand Name Price, rub. / Piece
Under the brick Vox Parete Bianco 330
Kronoplast White brick 277
B-Plast Brown brick 143
Under the stone Kronoplast Etna Pink 277
Vox Granito 288
Kronoplast Boulder Svetly 277
Under the tree Vox Pinot 330
B-Plast Yellow Bamboo 143
Venta Milano chocolate 260
Under the tile Vox Floreal 330
Kronoplast Kseniya 257
Aplast Aragon 299
With a frieze Kronoplast Ships 277
Novita Blue pattern 290
Novita Waltz dobor 290
Mosaic B-layer Azure Smalt 143
Kronoplast Enigma 277
Vivaldi Pearls 300


In the photo sheet PVC panels for the kitchen look quite neat and aesthetically pleasing. For decoration, panels, narrow lining and special ABS-sheets decorated with photo printing are used.

Note! Thanks to high-quality photo printing technology, it stays steady on the surface of the product. However, cleaning the panels with abrasives and hard brushes is not allowed.

Buyers can independently choose the image for drawing on a surface of finishing material. The size of PVC wall panels for the kitchen in the form of sheets may be different, but the most common are the following formats: 600×3000 mm (thickness 1.5 mm) and 600×200 mm (thickness 1.5 mm).

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

On many photos of PVC wall panels for interior decoration, you can see kitchen aprons, which adorn the magnificent views of night cities, colorful landscapes, bright flowers and juicy fruits. Considerable popular images of coffee beans or delicious food. Although there are no significant restrictions regarding design. Often in small kitchens used light-colored products. Also in demand are materials that imitate tile covering and are supplemented with a frieze.

Advantages of PVC aprons:

  • simplicity;
  • long service life by the standards of budget material – 5 years;
  • the products have practically invisible stitches or can be completely seamless;
  • the installation and dismantling process is as simple as possible;
  • no preparation of the wall before finishing;
  • resistant coating (drawing and color resistant to fading and erasing).

Pricing PVC panels (apron for the kitchen):

Name The brand Price, rub. / Piece
Fruits Penopol 1300
City Penopol 1300
Patterns black Penopol 1270
HDF Classic Comilfo 1450
Paris A-026 Comilfo 1525
Garden Comilfo 1450


Due to the high mechanical resistance of PVC wall laminated panels, this type of material is divided into a separate category. According to their strength characteristics, they are similar to high-quality plastic.

Note! In terms of scratches and image durability, laminated PVC products can easily compete with MDF panels. In both cases, the production uses the same kind of protective film coating.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

There are often examples of interesting designs on design sites: in the photo laminated PVC panels for balconies look not only beautiful, but also practical. Laminates with a laminate coating are premium class coatings. For this reason, similar material in the form of wall and ceiling PVC panels can be bought only in special studios or decorative salons. This type of finish can be made to order.

Laminated panels are best suited for interior decoration of a loggia or balcony space due to its excellent technical characteristics:

  • modern and diverse design;
  • resistance to sun and low temperatures (the material does not fade, does not undergo deformation changes, is not covered with cracks);
  • no unpleasant odors;

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

  • extensive color range;
  • full compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

Laminated PVC sheet panels for the bathroom, which can also have a design that imitates tiled floors, are widely used.

In addition to wall decoration for any repair, you will need to buy PVC panels for the ceiling: the price of these plastic products depends on the coating, decor, technology of drawing the pattern, as well as the structural structure of the lamella.

The range of plastic PVC panels for the bathroom is conventionally divided into two groups. In one of them is a coating with a matte surface, in the other – glossy products. Similar materials are used to finish the ceiling base in other areas of the house.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog of photo ideas and product properties

Helpful advice! Experts recommend for high ceilings to buy PVC panels with a glossy finish. Their surface well reflects the light, due to which you can improve the lighting in the room.

The advantage of PVC ceilings in the bathroom lies in the fact that the coating is easily disassembled, so that at any time you can get quick access to the elements of communication, lighting system. Plastic products allow you to seamlessly install ceiling recessed fixtures.

Price of PVC panels for ceilings:

Name Size, mm Thickness mm Price, rub.
The panel is white matte 375×2700 eight 1057
White glossy panel 375×2700 eight 1166
The panel is white matte 375×3000 eight 1175
White glossy panel 375×3000 eight 1296


The table shows the average prices of PVC ceiling panels manufactured by SV-Plast. This is the easiest ceiling design option. There are other manufacturers offering products with decorative elements and designs.

Selecting polyvinyl chloride panels for walls and ceilings, you should not forget about the quality of the picture. Printing patterns are applied to the surface of the material using a special roller. Such options are suitable for living rooms at home. The film also uses the technology of applying a thermal film under the influence of high temperature. Such a finish is better to buy for kitchens and bathrooms, because it is resistant to abrasion and is not afraid of detergents.

The modern range of finishes is quite diverse. You can find a lot of interesting options in the catalog of PVC panels for the bathroom 3D – photos of products in the interior can be used for inspiration. Simplified installation scheme allows you to repair the room with your own hands.

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