Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

Everyone in life has repeatedly had the need to find out the temperature outside the window. Many people are interested in this indicator several times a day, while the goal may be both the everyday desire to understand how warm it is to dress today and the production need. For this, you need an electronic thermometer with a remote sensor.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

The use of electronic thermometers to measure air temperature

This digital device is practical and easy to use. Its main purpose is to measure the temperature conditions both indoors and outside.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

First of all, electronic thermometers are relevant in everyday life: they allow you to quickly and easily find out the temperature outside. In addition, modern window thermometers for plastic windows fit perfectly into the design of today’s apartments, unlike the old pre-revolutionary thermometers.

In addition to home use, such thermometers are used:

  • in technological rooms;
  • in aquariums;
  • in tanks where animals are kept;
  • in warehouses;
  • for bath and sauna.

One of the important qualities of electronic thermometers with a remote sensor for home and industrial needs is the ability to continuously monitor the temperature conditions both indoors and outside, which is especially important for the safety of products, maintaining the vital activity of some animals and creating a comfortable microclimate.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

Helpful advice! If you need to measure the temperature not outside the window or within the room, but a specific object, pay attention to the infrared electronic thermometers: they determine the temperature by simply aiming at the object of interest.

In order to use this device was convenient and bring maximum benefit, it is worth understanding the principles of its operation.

The unit package includes two parts:

  1. The main unit. It is equipped with a display and is located in the room.
  2. Remote sensor. For effective work it should be located at a distance of no more than 65 m from the main unit.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

Sensitive thermocouple enclosed in rubber, plastic or metal sheath. From her temperature impulses come to the main unit. In wire models, the wire length is 1-3 m, however, recently wireless options are becoming more and more popular, where a radio transmitter with a thermocouple is located on the street.

A miniature sensor is pushed out onto the street, drilling a small hole in a wooden window frame, or through a rubber splash in the case of plastic doors. Often the sensor is carried out through the rubber seal of the plastic flap and fixed to the window glass with the help of a suction cup. At the same time, it is easy and convenient to place the main sensor in a room on a window sill, table, rack or even hang it on a wall.

The principle of placing a thermometer in a refrigerating chamber is similar. The housing is mounted on the refrigerator with a sucker or near the refrigerator, while the sensor is placed inside the chamber.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

Due to the high sensitivity of window outdoor thermometers for plastic windows, the accuracy of the measurement results is minimal. Measurement data you see on the display of the main unit. Thus, the additional convenience of a street digital thermometer in the absence of the need to peer into a mercury thermometer, trying to discern the indications by a barely perceptible column. On an outdoor window thermometer with a remote sensor, all the information is clearly and visually displayed on a contrast display in your room.

Helpful advice! When buying an outdoor electronic thermometer with a remote sensor, pay attention to models equipped with a humidity sensor. Thus, you can track the changes in this indicator and you will be warned about the probability of precipitation.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

When purchasing a thermometer, pay attention to its characteristics and additional features that make digital window thermometers more convenient and functional.

Thanks to the achievements of modern technology, digital thermometers are able to work under different conditions and are as comfortable as possible in everyday life:

  • Household electronic thermometers operate at a wide temperature range. For the indoor main unit, the operating range is -10 to + 50 ° C, the outdoor sensor retains its operating characteristics at a temperature range from -50 to + 70 ° C. This allows the use of thermometers in all climatic zones of Russia;
  • You can not worry about the safety and accuracy of the readings of the device in all weather conditions: thanks to the hermetic case, the sensor is not afraid of snow, wind, rain and the scorching sun;

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

  • Interestingly, a radio transmitter with a thermocouple can be installed not only on the street. If you need to measure the temperature in a room or inside another object, you can place the capsule with the sensor in a greenhouse, garage, cellar, workshop and even a refrigeration chamber;
  • wireless electronic outdoor thermometers with a remote sensor is easy to place in any convenient place, they do not have to be near the window;
  • Modern devices do not just record the temperature, but carry out full monitoring and analyze the data obtained.

Modern devices have various additional features that extend the functionality of the thermometer. When choosing a thermometer, these characteristics can play an important role.

Function Function description
Determination of the probability of ice At temperature conditions ranging from -1 to -3 ° C, the device warns you about the increased probability of ice on the street.
Data analysis The thermometer records the maximum and minimum temperature and records this data in the memory.
USB connection Through the USB port, you can connect the interface to your computer, copy, analyze and process the received data and compile reports based on information in the device’s memory.
Additional indicators The thermometer can be equipped with a clock, a built-in alarm clock and a calendar, combining in one device all the useful indicators we need daily. Among the best multifunctional models are rst window thermometers, equipped with a clock and a smart alarm clock.
Determination of humidity The humidity indicator allows you to predict the probability of precipitation outside.


Helpful advice! When buying a digital thermometer, pay attention to the full functionality of the device and do not take too “smart” models, if you do not need all their capabilities. So you will significantly save money, because simpler models cost much less than multifunctional ones.

If you have a need for data analysis, make sure that the selected model is equipped with a USB port and the ability to handle the recorded indicators. If your only purchase goal is to find out the temperature outside, choose the simplest concise thermometer model.

Buy a window thermometer, equipped with additional features, can be useful for:

  • Amateur weather forecasters: without leaving your home, you will be able to monitor all weather indicators and obtain highly accurate data;
  • meteo-dependent people: an early prediction of weather changes will help to predict health and adjust plans or take the necessary medications in time;

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

  • gardeners: understanding the nuances of weather conditions will allow time to take care of plants, choose the best time to plant or harvest;
  • Extremes: understanding the coming weather conditions will help you choose the best day for paragliding, surfing and other activities dependent on the strength of the wind;
  • people whose work and hobby depends on weather conditions: you will be able to decide on your plans in time and choose a good day to fulfill your goals.

One of the important advantages of such thermometers is their mobility. You can not only place the main display anywhere in the room and change the location according to your mood and need, but even carry it with you.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

The most popular options are:

  1. Desktop electronic thermometer. You put a stylish display on a table, window sill or shelf and always get the information you need quickly and easily.
  2. Wall-mounted electronic thermometer. In this version, you can hang the display on the wall. Modern models fit well into any interior; thermometer options with clocks are particularly convenient in this context.
  3. Portable electronic thermometer. Such models, in particular, are in the line of digital thermometers rst: they are no bigger than an ordinary smartphone in size, easily fit in a pocket and, if necessary, are convenient to carry around.

Helpful advice! Remember that even portable thermometers are limited to a radius of 60 meters from the sensor – it is within this distance that the device functions.

Electronic thermometer with remote sensor: features and benefits

The peculiarity of the bath or sauna in conditions of high temperature and humidity within the premises. Therefore, it is extremely important to accurately measure and maintain a given temperature regime. Electronic thermometers with a remote sensor are optimally suited for this purpose.

Electronic thermometers with remote sensors make the following characteristics ideal for baths:

  • resistance to temperature extremes and exposure to very high temperatures;
  • adaptability to the effects of high humidity;
  • built-in hygrometer to measure the humidity of air outside the window, because without this indicator it is difficult to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the room; However, most thermometers measure the humidity of the air only indoors, so you need a thermometer with a remote sensor;
  • household home thermometer with a hygrometer allows you to more accurately navigate in weather conditions and will become a real home meteorological station, because the indicators in your area may differ significantly from the one where meteorologists take measurements;
  • the presence of a hygrometer allows you to monitor climate change on the street during the day and, for example, choose the right moment to ventilate the room;
  • By comparing the moisture values, you can determine the source of moisture in the room.

Thus, modern thermometers with a remote sensor are not limited to simply measuring the temperature outside or indoors, and allow you to analyze weather indicators in all conditions.

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