Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Doors made of aluminum, compared with wooden counterparts, have many advantages. Their strength is higher and, moreover, they are more resistant to moisture. The aluminum door is a versatile design that can be purchased at a relatively low cost. There are several types of such doors. Each of them corresponds to specific operating conditions.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum doors: photo

The range of aluminum doors is incredibly wide. These products have gained popularity due to their versatility and other positive qualities. Before purchasing such a canvas, it is recommended to pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

The main advantages of these designs are ease of manufacture and low cost parts that are used in the production process. Today you can find products that have various forms, which contributes to the expansion of their operational sphere. You can order a profile door on one of the sites engaged in their implementation, or purchase a ready-made construction in a profile shop. There is an opportunity to issue an individual order entrance door custom size.

Another advantage of such products is a variety of opening options. The materials used in the manufacture of aluminum doors have a long service life and are resistant to low temperatures, moisture and mechanical stress. Of course, the strength of this canvas is lower than that of its metal counterparts. However, it is sufficient to ensure good resistance to normal operational factors.

Entrance and interior aluminum doors in case of breakage can be repaired, as their design contributes to this. It is also worth noting that such products have a presentable appearance and have a high degree of tightness. Remove dirt from the surface of the canvas is quite simple. The materials from which these doors are made are resistant to chemicals. It should be emphasized that such fabrics have a high degree of sound insulation.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Note! Experts recommend installing aluminum doors and windows in apartments, which are located in close proximity to busy roads and airports.

Aluminum structures are highly environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful substances that could harm human health. Entrance groups of this type have good fire resistance. Most of these products belong to the class of flammability G1. They prevent the spread of fire and when heated do not emit harmful substances.

As well as any other products, aluminum entrance and interroom cloths have the lacks. Experts recommend to get acquainted with the list of shortcomings in advance, in order to understand the feasibility of purchasing this type of door for a specific situation. The main disadvantages of these products are considered to be their rather large mass and the frequent need to order according to an individual drawing.

Aluminum canvases differ from each other in geometric characteristics and stylistic execution. The main features by which the separation of these products occurs are their thickness and color. The design features are also considered very important, since the number of flaps and the method of their opening depend on them.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Manufacturing technology of aluminum doors eliminates the presence of gaps. Profile elements that are used in the execution of such canvases can differ in their geometrical and physical characteristics depending on the operational accessories of the product.

In the case of installation of aluminum fabric at the entrance to the room that is heated, the presence of a thermal break is a prerequisite. This property has a material, a layer of which is used in these canvases to increase the hermetic qualities. This minimizes heat leakage.

In the case of the use of insulating material in the door structure increases its weight. When the weight of the canvas increases, it becomes necessary to use stronger and more stable reinforcement. Before acquiring such a construction, it is recommended to study the state standards governing such products. GOST aluminum doors contain information about the characteristics that should have a quality, standards-compliant canvas.

It should be noted that the special sealing elements are included in the door structure. They are located in those places that are most vulnerable to low temperatures. Sealing details increase soundproofing of a door, and also increase its operational term.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Most aluminum canvases include glass inserts in their construction. The size of the glass is selected when placing the order of the aluminum door. Glass can be made of different raw materials (depending on the operational need). The polymeric material that is present in the aluminum profile construction must comply with environmental standards.

Note! If you want to get a reliable and high-quality design, it is recommended to pay attention to the weight of the canvas. The weight of such a product varies from 100 to 120 kg.

Such canvases can have a different design. It all depends on operating conditions. First of all, there are several options for opening such doors. This feature is the differentiation of these products.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Swing doors. They are the most common type and are used in residential and office buildings as interior structures. Opening in this case occurs in one direction (left or right). The definition of the side depends on the operational factors and the location of the locking elements.

Sliding leaf. They differ from aluminum swing doors in that they do not open to the side of the street or the room, but linearly. They are equipped with a special mechanism, which includes aluminum profiles, carriages, rollers and clamps. The use of such doors can significantly save the useful space of the room. They are popular in small apartments.

Folding design. It is used both in cold and warm groups. It should immediately be said that such doors in most cases are mounted indoors. Their location at the entrance to the building or apartment is impractical.

Pendulum products. Aluminum sheets of this type are installed in cold entrance groups. Have a non-standard way of opening – double-sided. The possibility of plowing in two directions allows to increase the passage space. Most often, finished aluminum doors of this type are mounted in administrative buildings.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Revolving doors. This type of product is usually installed at the entrance to administrative institutions, airports, and universities. They have a rather complicated structure. In this case, the passage of people is carried out by moving the door around its axis. The apartments are not installed because of the bulkiness and high cost. The number of valves in this design ranges from 2 to 4.

Useful information! Revolving entry doors can be automatic.

Among other things, sliding canvases are classified according to the location of the valves. Depending on this indicator, two types of structures can be distinguished. The first option has sashes that move in the same plane when plowing. The second type of door opens a little differently: one of the doors slides off and becomes in a parallel position on the profile, after which it is rolled away.

All aluminum structures that can be found on the current market are divided into two groups depending on their thermal properties. The first group is conventionally referred to as cold, as it includes models without a thermal insert. These products are mounted in cases where there is no need to preserve heat indoors. The second group includes doors equipped with insulation. Consider their features in more detail.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Cold. As a rule, such models are mounted between the rooms inside the building. Cold aluminum doors do not contain a thermal insert, and therefore cannot provide heat retention indoors. In some cases, this may be the input group. As an example, the designs installed in stores.

Cold canvases are versatile and have a different number of cameras in the glass. Many such structures consist of only one glass, which is tubeless. The leaf in such products is characterized by small dimensions and low weight. From the point of view of designers, these canvases correspond to different styles, which increases the demand for them. It is important to remember that cold aluminum structures used indoors and at the entrance can be equipped with seals. The advantage of these doors is their unpretentiousness.

Warm. Such models are usually used as an input group. This is due to the fact that warm aluminum doors have insulating qualities. The features of their structure make it possible to effectively deal with the demarcation function. Such sheets are able to provide protection against the penetration of cold air into the room, as there are special sealing elements in their construction. Cloth often consists of three air chambers.

Useful information! The aluminum profile, equipped with a thermal break, protects the room inside the building from cold air. The number of glass chambers can be different, but the most popular are two-chamber and three-chamber cloths. Such designs are great for the domestic climate, especially for the northern regions.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

We should also say that warm aluminum doors with glass are made together with a special threshold. The threshold function is also to preserve the heat inside the room. To use such canvases to distinguish between rooms is impractical.

Modern industry is constantly evolving, which contributes to the emergence of new materials, simple to manufacture, with increased strength and versatility. Aluminum door leaves have glass, which can be made of different materials. There are many options for glass inserts in such structures.

Double glazing. The standard version of the insert, which includes one or more cameras. Single-chamber double-glazed windows consist of two glasses and a space that is located between them. In turn, the two-chamber design has three glasses and two gaps.

Triplex. In aluminum canvases, a three-layer version of triplex is used – 2 glasses fastened together with a film of a polymeric material. Such a protective shell performs a very important function: upon impact, it prevents the glass from scattering.

Aluminum door: a variety of entrance and interior designs

Strained glass. One of the most reliable options for an aluminum door. In this case, glass has an increased strength index due to the fact that it has undergone heat treatment during production. A significant minus of quenching is that after it has been carried out, the product cannot be treated with cutting tools, drilled, etc.

Note! The materials used for the manufacture of glass in door panels can be both traditional and non-standard. Silicate glass is a classic option. Non-standard options include organic and polycarbonate glass.

Armored glass. Like the previous version, it has high strength characteristics and resistance to mechanical stress. The resistance of this glass to shock due to the presence of a special film. In some cases, the reinforcement is made using thin metal filaments.

Interior doors have a less thick canvas, so their price is lower than the cost of input analogues. Prices vary depending on the design, manufacturer, region, as well as the design performance of products.

Doors, the design of which takes into account the presence of an aluminum profile, are divided into two groups: entrance and internal. When choosing such canvases, it is necessary to pay attention to three main factors: cost, appearance and technical characteristics. The design of these doors allows for independent installation, as well as repair and adjustment of the sash.

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