Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

The choice of the construction of the greenhouse, which is planned to be installed on the site, largely depends on the goals that it should serve. Greenhouse Breadbox – one of the most common options, because it is easy to make with your own hands, and its design is suitable for growing many crops. Consider the principle of self-construction of such greenhouses, as well as their characteristics and features.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

Hotbed Breadbox: design features

The frame of the greenhouse Khlebnitsa is a structure consisting of three parts: the right and left half and the basement. Adjusting the microclimate inside is carried out by raising the side flaps through the use of hinge elements. You can independently make or buy a Breadbox greenhouse, in which one or both parts will open.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

The most common use of structures in which provided for the complete opening of one part up. For this, the hinges are mounted on the bottom frame of one of the sides. To be able to fix the frame in the desired position, use a wooden bar, on the end section of which make cuts.

Important! It is necessary to fix the sash in the open position with a wooden bar, because otherwise the strong wind can close it, which is not safe for the summer resident.

This model got its name because of the similarity of the mechanism of work with a conventional breadbasket, a semicircular lid of which is lifted. The axis of rotation of the upper part is located in the end of the vertical pipe. In this case, the sidewall tightly closed. In order to open the greenhouse, the turning part is raised up.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

As a material for the manufacture of the frame, use is made of metal-shaped or hollow polyethylene pipes, and polycarbonate or film is used as a covering material. In case of wear or mechanical damage to the coating, it is easy to replace it completely or partially.

Many gardeners prefer just such a design, because it has a number of positive characteristics that determine the ease of its installation and use. Consider the positive aspects of the operation of the Breadbox greenhouse found in user reviews:

  • self-production of the frame using ready-made diagrams and drawings is available even for a beginner;
  • simple assembly and installation in case of purchase of a ready greenhouse;
  • the ability to replace individual parts of covering material increases the life of the greenhouse;
  • This design is suitable for growing almost any crops. The only exceptions are creepers;
  • the greenhouse is lightweight;
  • affordable cost.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

At the same time, this option also has some disadvantages that you should know about and take them into account before you make or buy such a greenhouse:

  • for proper operation of the hinges, they must be regularly inspected and periodically lubricated;
  • over time, you may experience creaking or jamming of the sash during the opening process;
  • strong wind can cause the displacement of the greenhouse, if one of the valves will be open;
  • to install a large greenhouse will require the efforts of 2-3 people, as it will not be possible to cope with it yourself.

Helpful advice! You can fix the brushes on the opening part of the frame of the greenhouse. Then dust and dirt will automatically wipe off the surface with each opening.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

In order for the crop grown in such a greenhouse, to be pleased with its abundance and quality, even at the construction stage, you need to carefully approach the choice of the place to install the greenhouse. It is worth paying attention not only to its location relative to the cardinal points, but also to the presence of a number of bushes and trees that can shade a greenhouse.

It is best to choose a place that is far away from the buildings. Thus, it is possible to ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight reaches the plants. Here are a few basic standards to follow:

  • the distance to the nearest building must be at least 5 m;
  • if there is a bath, sauna or summer shower on the plot, the distance between them and the greenhouse must be at least 8 m;
  • in the presence of a septic tank, the required distance from it is 25 m.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

Another important selection criterion is the evenness of the site on which you are planning construction. In order to verify this, it is enough to use a simple construction level. Such a check is obligatory, since it eliminates the risk that the structure will be installed unevenly or skewed with time.

Greenhouse Breadbasket is well suited for growing many crops, however, among them there are those who will feel most comfortable in such a greenhouse:

  • strawberries and strawberries;
  • any greens: dill, parsley, sorrel, onion, garlic, etc .;
  • carrots, beets, lettuce, lettuce.

Suitable greenhouse and tomatoes. However, due to the large size of the bushes, over time they must be transplanted into open ground or a larger greenhouse.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

Helpful advice! If you equip heating in a greenhouse, it can be used not only in summer, but also in winter. So, fresh greens and vegetables will be on your table all year round.

The classic design of the greenhouse Breadbox – arched frame, made of a round metal or profile pipe. In order to make such a framework on its own, it is necessary to cut the material according to how indicated on the drawing. Covering material (polycarbonate or film) is bought separately and cut into pieces, the dimensions of which correspond to the openings in the frame.

If you buy a ready-made design, then various manufacturers may offer some additional features designed to improve the usability of the greenhouse. For example, it can be legs, intended for deepening into the ground, a curb to protect the landings.

Some models open from one side, and some from both, the pivot axis can be located on the bottom frame or in the middle of the vertical end column. The differences between these models are clearly visible on the photo of the Khlebnits greenhouses, which can be found on the Internet.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

The sizes of such greenhouses have some limitations: the width of the structures in which one part opens is up to 1.3 m, for a double-sided one it is up to 2 m. The length usually ranges from 2-4 m, and the height is from 0.5 to 1 , 5 m.

Helpful advice! It is preferable to use polycarbonate as a covering material, since it bends well, but at the same time has high strength. The film is harder to fix, it often breaks and requires replacement after 1-2 seasons.

In order to make a greenhouse with your own hands, you need a drawing with exact instructions of all sizes, as well as the necessary materials. For this purpose, using plastic or metal pipes, wooden bars, hinges, fasteners, covering material. The foundation will require bricks, boards, sleepers and wooden bars. You can see the exact information about the amount of materials needed by reviewing the drawings and dimensions of the Fedorov greenhouse.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

If you are planning to build a metal frame, you will need a pipe bender, a hacksaw, a drill and a welding machine. To work with wooden elements, you must have a saw, hammer, screwdriver and a knife.

You can make a wooden structure, however, it turns out to be heavier, cumbersome and requires regular maintenance from the owner. For this option, use spruce or aspen bars, which size is 40×40 or 50×50.

Helpful advice! For wooden greenhouses in places of fastening of bolts, metal strapping of bars is used to extend the operating period of the greenhouse. So, the hinges will be secured more securely.

The ideal material for the manufacture of such greenhouses are profiled metal pipes, the wall thickness of which is not less than 1.5 mm, and each side is 2 cm. With this combination, the design is as strong and durable as possible, but lightweight. It is worth considering that working independently with such material without having a special tool and skills will not work. In order to bend the pipe, you need a pipe bender and a welding machine to connect the individual parts.

Greenhouse Breadbasket: functional design for growing vegetables

Another option is to use polyethylene pipes for the frame, which are inferior to metal in terms of rigidity. Moreover, if it is wrong to choose the diameter of the pipes, the greenhouse will turn out to be unstable and will not be able to retain its shape. Here it is important to maintain a balance: thin pipes will not give the construction of necessary strength, and too thick will bend badly and will cause excessive residual stress in the pipe.

The first thing you need to create a greenhouse Breadbox – drawing. But construction work begins with the preparation of the foundation. This will require wood (timber and sleepers), bricks and concrete. It is necessary to begin with determining the desired size and marking of the beds. The trench is digging about 20–30 cm wide and 40–50 cm deep. From a sand and rubble one needs to make a pillow about 10–15 cm high.

Another popular option is the Snail greenhouse, which is built according to the same principle and has one opening flap. The product is made of steel pipe 20×20 mm, the strength factor of which is extremely high. The cost of this model in the amount of 2.1×1.1×0.75 m – 5000 rubles. At the same time, the frame can be painted gray or green, which will allow the greenhouse to fit organically into the surrounding design as much as possible and to be not only functional, but also a beautiful element of the site.

Regardless of whether you decide to make a greenhouse Breadbasket with your own hands, or get a ready-made structure, it is perfect for growing seedlings of any plants. Opening one or two doors, you will get comfortable access inside the greenhouse and will be able to water and fully care for the plants that are in it.

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