Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Comfortable conditions imply constant access to hot water, which, unfortunately, is not always able to provide the city water service. In order to solve this problem, water boilers were invented, which are very popular today and are widely used in residential buildings. Consider how the storage water heaters function, and which models are better than others have proven themselves in the market.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Water boilers: how storage water heaters are arranged

The very first water heaters were invented many centuries ago, and then steam was used to heat water. Today, the water in the tank is heated by the work of an external or external heater. The most popular solution today is to buy a boiler for hot water with heating elements capable of ensuring uninterrupted water supply at any time of the day.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

It is easy to choose the right device, if we take into account all the available data and conditions to be connected. Everybody can independently choose the best model, at least briefly acquainted with the basic principles of operation and the parameters of various devices.

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a boiler is how much liquid you will need during one day. It depends on the purpose for which the heated water will be used, as well as how many people live in the house.

The principle of operation of this device is quite simple and lies in the fact that the warm liquid does not mix with the cold one in the tank, but is gradually forced out by the cold to the point of the intake. At this time, the cold water that has entered the tank is heated as a result of contact with the heating element. In the process of water supply, hot necessarily diluted with cold in a ratio of 1: 2, which can significantly increase the useful volume of water.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Speaking about the main components of the boiler for hot water, it is worth highlighting:

  • accumulative tank, from 30 to 150 liters;
  • the outer part of the housing, which prevents external damage to the structure;
  • TEN – a steel heating element which consists of a tube or a nichrome spiral and processes the received electric energy into thermal energy;
  • thermostat – a device that is responsible for adjusting the temperature of the water and maintaining a certain temperature inside the tank;
  • Magnesium anode – an element that prevents the appearance of corrosion on the inner walls of the tank. It “sticks” all minor damage and cracks on the surface of the walls.

In such a system, each of the elements fulfills its important role and the quality of each of these parts determines the service life of the boiler. Therefore, thinking about how to choose an electric water boiler, you should pay attention to each material and element that was used in a particular device.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

If you want to buy an electric boiler for water, you should think in advance about the shape of the device that is preferable for your bathroom. In most cases, these containers are represented by cylindrical or flat rectangular structures. But depending on how they are oriented, the division is made into 3 groups:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • universal.

How the electric hot water boiler should be located depends on how the heating element is placed inside. In order for the device to function normally and provide a natural convection of the liquid, the heating element itself must be fixed at the bottom of the tank. Simply put, you can not just turn the boiler at its discretion and it should be placed strictly as recommended by the manufacturer. The only exception is universal models that can work in any position.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

In addition, devices vary depending on power. So, for example, in order to connect a low-power boiler (up to 12 kW), a single-phase power source will be sufficient, while a more powerful device will require a three-phase one.

Important! Although this measure is extremely rarely resorted to, it is still worth knowing that installing a water heater with a capacity of more than 6 kW will require laying a separate power line, as well as a separate automatic switch and RCD.

A gas boiler is a separate type of water heating structures, the use of which is permissible only in private houses. Such a restriction is easily explained by the need to install a chimney, as well as a gas connection for powering the boiler.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

But even if you want to install a gas boiler in your own home, in order to do this, you will need a special permit, which can only be obtained from a specialized service that deals with these issues. It is strictly forbidden to carry out such repairs without the approval of the special service, as this may provoke a dangerous situation.

So, if you still have the appropriate permission, the first thing to start installing a gas boiler is the chimney. If it is not there, then it will be necessary to carry out all the work on its installation, and if there is one, then the boiler is located strictly in the place where there is a chimney.

The main advantage of such a complex, at first glance, solution is economy. Yes, it is worth such an unit 10 times higher than electric, however, its operation will be much cheaper, which will not only cover the extra costs for the purchase, but also in the future to spend less money on payment. Another positive aspect is that the gas boiler produces a heated liquid much faster than an electric one.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Flow heaters are used on a par with accumulative, and in certain situations it may be more convenient. So, they have the following advantages:

  • smaller weight and size, which allows installation in a more limited space;
  • the amount of water that they can heat up is unlimited;
  • water temperature is not maintained, which means resource costs are reduced.

But the flow systems are far from perfect, because often, before getting warm water, it is necessary to let the water run hot or, conversely, boiling water can flow when the tap is opened. This is because temperature adjustment does not occur immediately. Another negative point – the change in pressure affects the water temperature.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Another important aspect is that in order to install a modern flow column, reliable electrical wiring is required, equipped with special fuses. And for the most powerful models, you will need a three-phase power grid.

Numerous reviews claim that buying a water boiler is a much more practical solution, since it is associated with less trouble in operation.

The price of the boiler for water, as well as its efficiency – these are two main criteria that buyers rely on when choosing a device. But in fact, there are several more important aspects and in order not to get lost in the wide range of the modern market, you should pay attention to several other aspects.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Despite the fact that the set of elements in all devices is the same, even very similar models in external parameters can differ significantly from each other in their characteristics. For example, the outer casing can be made of stainless or enameled steel, while other models use polymeric materials.

It is believed that models made of carbon steel or copper are much more resistant and significantly exceed the plastic in terms of service life. In addition, they are able to ensure the simultaneous use of several points of water intake, unlike plastic, for which the maximum allowable number of points of water intake is one.

For the manufacture of the inner tank using a material such as steklofarfor or just stainless steel. The first option is distinguished by its chemical neutrality, which allows the water to always remain very clean. But such a coating reacts negatively to temperature drops and tends to crack during operation.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

Interesting! Boilers in which glass porcelain was used as a coating for the inner surface are much cheaper, but this is due to their short operational life, which is limited to only 3 years.

If you want to get a really high-quality boiler with a good internal coating, then you should pay attention to the models made of stainless steel with a titanium coating. They are characterized by corrosion resistance and, despite the relatively high price, they are fully justified, since their service life is 7-10 years.

  • the device must be disconnected from the network;
  • water tap is off;
  • the water in the tank is cold and poses no threat;
  • water from the boiler will not pour on the floor.

Water boilers: a review of the best deals on the market today

To understand exactly how the procedure of draining the fluid takes place, it is helpful to read the instructions and also watch the video. For example, having understood how to drain water from a boiler Ariston, you will be able to cope with many devices of a similar design.

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