Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

The entrance hall is considered to be the face of an apartment or house, because each guest first of all gets here. Furniture in the hallway and accessories are required to choose as taking into account personal preferences, and based on the size of the room and the overall style of the apartment. The furnishings should not only be harmoniously combined, but also distinguished by convenience and functionality. When choosing furniture, one should not save – materials are better to choose high-quality and resistant to damage.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

Hallway furniture: basic furnishings

In most cases, the hallway is a limited room in which you want to place only the most necessary pieces of furniture. If the small hallway is filled with massive wardrobes or hangers with shelves, then there is practically no free space left. Therefore, the first thing to consider when choosing a set of furniture for the hall is the size and shape of the room. If there are niches, then first of all you should fill them.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

Important! The first priority is the installation of furniture for the storage of outerwear.

If the room is large, you can not save space and arrange even a dressing room with spacious closets and a large number of shelves. In a small hallway furniture should be selected carefully so as not to fill it with all the free space. In the catalogs of furniture for the hallway you can see the most common models.

Cabinet furniture for the hallway. Most often it is a double-wardrobe, equipped with a galoshnitsy. In order for the furniture to be perfectly matched in color and texture, it is necessary to select options from one model range.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

Wardrobe hanger. There is both a storage compartment for hangers and separate shelves for bags, shoes, hats and other accessories. In general, with such a set, the entrance hall does not need other pieces of furniture necessary for the maintenance of things.

Normal hanger. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose a wall or floor fixation option. If the room is very small, it is recommended to think over the ceiling mount products, but only in the absence of tension or suspended ceilings. The hanger can be a separate element or be part of the cabinet. Designs are also made, complemented by drawers for small items and hats.

Closet. It is considered the best option for roominess. Ideal if the hallway has a niche for embedding. Choosing a closet for a small hallway, you should pay attention to the internal organization of space. It is desirable that the wardrobe is divided into two halves: one of them is a place for outerwear, the second is shelves for accommodating other items. The advantage is the presence of drawers.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

When purchasing furniture in the hallway or hallway, you need not only to carefully choose the material from which it is made, but also to pay attention to the quality of the assembly, the accuracy of the joints, the reliability of fastening components and the condition of the fittings. The main thing is to move the drawers smoothly, without effort, and move, and the doors can be easily closed. Hooks should not bend under the influence of gravity. As a decor and to give uniqueness to the design of the furniture of the hallway, various inserts of glass and metal are used. However, other materials are commonly used to manufacture the structure.

Wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, one of the advantages of which is considered an unusual wood pattern. Classic furniture for the hallway, made of solid wood, will be a decoration for large and spacious rooms, made in the style of a chalet. Oak furniture is considered the most durable, but it has a high price. More budget are considered items made of pine.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

Chipboard and MDF on the invoice closest to the tree, but they are several times cheaper. The walls in the hallway and other elements of the situation are laminated or veneered. Furniture made of laminated chipboard is made in any color and texture, resistant to moisture, temperature changes and mechanical stress. MDF veneer plates are considered to be a more natural material that resembles wood as much as possible. It is important to pay attention to the thickness of the walls, because the strength of furniture depends on this indicator. This value should not be less than 1.6-1.8 cm.

Helpful advice! Veneered MDF is a safer option than chipboard, which can release toxic substances when heated. When purchasing a chipboard kit, be sure to pay attention to the certificate, which indicates the ecological class of furniture. The most non-toxic product is considered with the marking E0 and E1.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

Sometimes in the photo of furniture for the hallway you can see items made of plastic, but it must be borne in mind that this option is not considered durable and wear-resistant. Plastic furniture or furniture with plastic elements is better to use for the arrangement of the country house.

For the hallway, you can use different color options. In this case, when selecting the color of the decorative material there are no clearly limited frames – you can choose any shades. A combination of colors looks good, for example, a black and white corridor or a combination of blue and gray tones is considered the original version. If the hallway is square and monochrome, then it is recommended that one wall be made in a contrasting color in order to give the interior a special atmosphere. For example, you can install a bright closet in a gray hallway.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

When choosing a color you need to remember that dark shades visually reduce the volume of the room. A medium-sized hallway will seem small, and a small one will look altogether like a closet. Therefore, designers recommend dark shades to leave for large areas. In the hallway or corridor, where there is not enough natural light, it is recommended to choose light-colored furniture, which is additionally equipped with point light sources. Dark furniture is allowed to use in small areas, but one should not give preference to black color, it is better to choose coffee shades with glossy surfaces.

Before choosing furniture in a small hallway, it is recommended to draw a plan for placing objects. This will help to arrange the furniture in such a way that there is enough space for walking, dressing and undressing. It is the size of the room that is decisive when choosing a variety and a complete set of a furniture set.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

It is necessary to purchase modular furniture for the hallway of small size, which includes a coat rack, a stand for casual shoes and a small mirror. Sometimes you can find mini-hallways for a small corridor, which is a miniature wardrobe. If the room does not fit the minimum set, it is advised to buy items separately. For example, you can purchase a cabinet hanger, behind the mirror of which there are hidden shelves, a small chest of drawers, where there is a shoe stand or dressing table. A convenient option is a hallway with an ottoman or stool, inside of which there is additional space for storing things.

If you choose furniture for a narrow hallway, you should give preference to models that are characterized by the minimum number of corners and protruding elements. Typically, a narrow room set consists of a closet, a hanger fixed to the wall, a small dresser and shelves for shoes. In a small space, a cabinet with a radial facade that visually smoothes out the corners will look good, but it must be borne in mind that the interior equipment of such a cabinet is not very spacious.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

In the hallways of medium size, you can place a standard furniture set or a hall-compartment. The optimal solution for the average room is the corner wardrobe. If space permits, it is advisable to install a chair or small sofa in the hall. Below you can view several options for photos of furniture in the hallway, hallway of various sizes.

Selecting furniture for the corridor or hallway, you need to take into account its size. If the store did not find a suitable model, it can be made to order. The furniture should ideally match the parameters of the room. When ordering a wardrobe, it is better to stay at the option of making the ceiling This model will not accumulate dust at the top and is considered more spacious.

Important! When choosing furniture, you need to remember that it will stand more than one year, so it is better not to save on materials.

Furniture in the hall: the rules of selection and proper placement

Often the corridor is a narrow space, so in many photos of the furniture in the hallway you can see not swing doors, but sliding doors that allow you to save space better. A good solution is the installation of mirrored sliding doors. Besides the fact that such a wardrobe visually expands the area of ​​the hallway of any size, it fills the space with additional light and makes it possible to see yourself in full growth. To make the mirror as close as possible to the interior of the apartment, you can additionally apply a pattern on it.

A mandatory element of the arrangement of a modern hallway is artificial lighting, which should be rich. For lighting furniture using special built-in lights. Other light sources are also popular, for example, small wall lamps, wall lamps, illuminated interior letters, etc.

Choosing furniture in the hallway is easy, if you provide all the parameters and layout of the room. It is equally important to correctly assess the need for all items and stop the choice only on those products that are really needed. This is especially true for small hallways. Following these rules, it will be easy to create a comfortable and functional hallway that will warm everyone who enters the house with their comfort.

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