Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Modern developments aimed at reducing energy costs have become particularly popular in recent years. At the same time, such devices also make it possible to increase the efficiency of heating devices by monitoring their operation. A common example is a thermostat for an infrared heater. Consider the features of his choice, connection and operation.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Types and characteristics of thermostats

A thermostat is a device that makes periodic measurements of the air temperature in a room and, depending on the results, adjusts the operation of the heater. That is, if the air temperature has reached the set mark, the power is limited and the heater stops working. As soon as the air cools down, the device again enters the active phase, thus constantly maintaining the desired level of heat in the room.

The design and principle of operation of devices that regulate temperature may differ significantly from each other. There are two main types of thermostats:

  1. Mechanical.
  2. Electronic.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

The first version of the thermostat is a small plastic box, the outer part of which is equipped with a switch. As a rule, it is round, which allows you to smoothly change its position. The division value may be different, for example, in some models it is 1 °, and in others the transition occurs immediately from 2 ° to 5 °, etc. In addition, there is a power button on the case and a light indicator indicating whether the device is active or not moment.

There are more modern mechanical models of thermostats, which are equipped with a display. True, there is not so much data displayed there, and the temperature is controlled with just two control buttons.

Helpful advice! It is convenient to use a mechanical thermostat only if there is someone in the house for a considerable time. This is an important point, since in the absence of people it is better to turn off the device. Remote control function is not provided.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Electronic thermostats have much greater control. The design and construction of these devices are constantly being upgraded – even modern liquid crystal screens are used to manufacture modern models.

Depending on the model chosen, adjustment and control can be carried out using buttons or touch. In some devices to protect the screen, as well as create a more attractive appearance, use special flip covers.

Such devices without problems can be used even in those houses where the owners are often absent or live seasonally. The device is easy to program and easily controlled remotely using mobile devices. The only difficulty in acquiring such a thermostat is quite a high cost.

Whichever of the above options you choose, correct installation is required for its accurate and correct operation. This is primarily due to the choice of a suitable place, making which you must consider the following factors:

  • high humidity can damage the device;

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

  • there should be no sources of heat or sunlight nearby.

If you do not take into account these factors, temperature measurements will not be made accurately, which will lead to incorrect operation of the heater and its inability to maintain the required temperature in the house.

A separate question – the connection of the device to the network and infrared heater. In order to connect all these elements to each other, it is necessary to use an automatic relay. That it will serve as a power source for the heater. Consider some of the most common connectivity options.

The fastest and most understandable way to connect a thermostat to an infrared heater is to use 1 thermostat for 1 heater. In this case, the connection diagram is as simple as possible: the automaton has 2 pairs of wires, one of which goes to the thermostat. One wire is zero, the other is phase. And they need to connect accordingly. Using the second pair of wires, the connection is made to the heater itself.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

The second, slightly more complicated, method of connecting an infrared heater through a thermostat involves the use of a parallel connection. Thus, two heaters can be connected to one thermostat at once. One pair of wires from the machine is connected to the thermostat, from which, in turn, is wired to two different heaters.

The most difficult, but at the same time, the most practical option is to use one thermostat for several domestic heaters. For this purpose, it is necessary to use a magnetic starter, and the connection scheme should be developed individually. Of course, you can try to find a ready-made one, but this method will not exactly guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the system.

Helpful advice! Paying special attention to the calculations and development of an individual plan is also worth it because your security depends on it. Malfunctions in the heating system can lead to fire hazards.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

There are even manufacturers who produce original magnetic starters for their devices, as well as sets of wires needed to connect them. Due to this, it is much easier to make the connection, and the quality of such goods is considered higher. But in any case, if earlier you did not deal with electricity, it is better to entrust the development of the circuit and the connection of the system to professionals.

Wall and ceiling models of infrared heaters are quite popular, their main advantage is their compact size. In addition, buyers are attracted by the design and the opportunity to choose a model for the interior of the room. Below you can see the characteristics and prices of several popular infrared heaters with a thermostat.

Nicaten 200 – one of the most modern infrared heating plates. The control of the dynamics of temperature changes is regulated by the built-in thermostat. In addition, there is a security system that automatically turns off the device in the event of a dangerous situation or the threat of fire.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Main characteristics of a heater Nikaten 200:

  • ceramic panel;
  • size – 30×60 cm;
  • cools down for 90 minutes, continuing to release heat;
  • silent operation;
  • as simple as possible.

The distinctive qualities of this panel can be called a huge selection of colors, as well as an affordable price – about 3,500 rubles.

Heater Zilon IR-0.8 S was designed as a wall-ceiling. This model can be fixed on any suitable surface. The kit includes a thermostat that regulates the compliance of the set and real temperature parameters. To protect the device, an automatic shutdown is provided in case of overheating.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

The main characteristics of Zilon IR-0.8 S:

  • power – 0.8 kW;
  • size – 119x13x4 cm;
  • weight – 3.2 kg;
  • does not affect the carbon dioxide content in the air;
  • consumes the minimum amount of electricity.

However, users point out some drawbacks of using this model. So, during warming up or cooling down, the device produces a characteristic crackle, which not everyone likes. And being located on the ceiling, it is not always good enough to warm the floor. And yet, if we consider that the cost of such a heater is only 2400 rubles, the device can be called one of the most worthy.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Noirot Royat 2 1200 – universal wall heater, equipped with three modes at once, which makes its use convenient throughout the year and in any room. The direction of heat flow can also be adjusted by turning the surface at different angles (up to 30 °). In order to make the regulation as convenient as possible, the developers took care of the possibility of mounting the control unit both on the right and on the left.

The main characteristics of Noirot Royat 2 1200:

  • quartz heating element;
  • three power modes – 0.3 / 0.6 / 1.2 kW;
  • size – 45x12x11 cm;
  • there is a thermostat and fuse from overheating;
  • running silently.

Perhaps the only drawback of this device is the relatively high cost – about 9,700 rubles. The rest of the appliance is considered reliable and is often used to heat rooms such as a bathroom.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Another popular type of device is infrared floor heaters with a thermostat. The price of such devices is not very different from other options, however, due to its mobility, they are often more convenient. If you want to buy an infrared floor heater with a thermostat, you can easily choose the model that fits specifically to your conditions among the vast number of offers.

As an example, we will consider such a popular line as Ballu infrared heaters, it is impossible to connect the thermostat to which you cannot, but it is very easy to choose an already completed model.

Connecting an infrared Ballu heater through a thermostat takes place according to standard schemes. The monitoring device is built into the heater body.

One of the most popular heater data models is the Bali BIH-L series Bali. Included with this device is a modern steel telescopic stand BIH-LS-210. It provides a strong fixation of the device and allows you to use it on summer platforms, verandas, in the garden.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

The main characteristics of the heater BALLU BIH-L:

  • power is 2-3 kW;
  • installation height on a tripod up to 4.5 m;
  • for uniform heating it is equipped with a special reflector with fins;
  • the kit includes brackets for mounting to the surface;
  • the body is made of steel;
  • connection of the thermostat to the Ballu infrared heater produced by the manufacturer;
  • There is a function to control the heating of the device.

This model is considered to be the most universal, since it can be installed almost anywhere: in the house, on the street or on the veranda. Providing a uniform warm-up, it creates a comfortable temperature for everyone who is in range, without spending extra energy on heating the air.

Thermostat for infrared heater: installation and use

Helpful advice! As a stationary outdoor heater, you can consider the purchase of an infrared umbrella, designed specifically to create comfortable conditions in the yard.

If we talk about the acquisition and connection of the thermostat to the infrared heater as a separate element, then the main thing is to make the right choice when buying. With the help of a small table, you can compare several of the most available models.

Brief description and cost of thermostats for heaters:

Model name Features and specifications Cost, rub.
Ballu RTR-E 6202 Simple mechanical control. It is universal for use with any devices, and in any premises. 1100
Ballu TA2N-S Mechanical adjustment of temperature conditions combined with the function of on and off. There is a diode lamp indicating the current state of the device. 700
Eberle RTR – E6163 Universal device, suitable not only for heaters, but also for connection to a floor heating system. It has a temperature adjustment range of +5 to + 30 °. 1150
Eberle Instata 2 Push-button model, equipped with a small black and white display to set the temperature. 2850
Eberle Instat + 3r Modern model of electronic thermostat, which is programmable. 3600


What kind of model you want to purchase depends only on your desires and capabilities. The variety and functionality of the devices presented in the sale can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer. Today, you can easily purchase devices for your home or garden, and, for example, infrared heaters with a thermostat for a chicken coop or any other purpose.

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of using thermostats in the operation of heating devices. After all, it is not only about maintaining a comfortable temperature at any time of the year, but also about significant savings and safety. Especially considering the fact that everyone can acquire the simplest mechanical thermostat.

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