Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

Traditionally, the cellar is used as storage for vegetables, fruits and various conservation. The plastic cellar, which is also called the caisson, is an interesting alternative to the traditional storage dug in the ground and has a number of characteristics. In addition, the plastic cellar has its own installation features, which should also be considered. Ready-made storage models may vary in size and price.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

The advantages and disadvantages of a plastic cellar

If you do not have the time and opportunity to independently equip a storage facility for products in a suburban area, the purchase of a ready-made plastic cellar can be an excellent solution. You can buy it directly from the manufacturer or with the help of intermediaries, and the product itself boasts the following advantages:

  • the placement of the plastic cellar for the summer house from the manufacturer is not affected by such factors as soil type, groundwater level, the degree of soil freezing and other parameters that can significantly complicate the construction of a traditional cellar with your own hands;

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

  • it is equally easy to install the structure both in open space and under a residential or commercial building;
  • plastic caissons for the cellar are well tolerated by negative environmental effects, such as temperature changes, high humidity, etc. In addition, if properly equipped ventilation is available, the storage quality of products in such a cellar will be much higher than in the traditional one;
  • When you buy a plastic cellar Tingard or another model, you save yourself from having to carry out a large amount of work. For example, additional decoration of walls and floors, structural insulation, etc .;
  • Ready plastic cellar does not absorb odors, reliably protects products from insects, rodents and mold. At the same time, the plastic walls of the structure are very easy to clean, unlike brick or concrete;
  • With proper care and proper operation, the plastic construction can last for about 50 years, and this is a very solid time for the cellar.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

However, judging by the reviews, plastic cellars are not without flaws. The main one is the high cost. Do-it-yourself construction from simpler materials will cost 50% less, but it will take much more time, so in this case you have to choose which is more important for you – time or finances.

The second significant drawback of plastic storage is its typical dimensions. Choosing a ready cellar, you can buy one of several standard options, and the design does not provide for the possibility of increasing the storage capacity. Of course, you can always purchase and install several adjacent structures, but it will cost much more than building a large storage facility.

Despite the relatively high price of plastic cellars, they are very popular and are mounted on sites of various types.

Note! It is believed that you can easily use ready cellars for high groundwater. In fact, at elevated levels of water in the soil, a plastic cellar can squeeze out of the ground. Therefore, in this case, it is better to give preference to the traditional storage or to fix the plastic in a special way.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

The price of a plastic cellar for giving depends on such parameters as its size and volume. For example, a cylindrical design with a volume of 3.5 m? will cost you about 60-80 thousand rubles, but the cellar with a volume of 9 m? – 150 thousand. A large rectangular cellar with a capacity of 16 cubic meters. will cost about 200-250 thousand rubles. Here it should be understood that the price depends largely on the manufacturer, and the cost may also include installation work. Ordering the finished version immediately with the installation, you significantly save your time and effort.

Also, the price of the plastic caisson for the cellar and the container itself depends on the quality of the materials from which it is made. It is on this parameter is primarily to pay attention to when buying. If you purchase storage directly from the manufacturer, then it must necessarily be accompanied by certificates of quality and documents showing that it is absolutely safe to use the cellar. The same documents should be provided by an intermediary in the sale of a plastic cellar. Buy such a structure will have a high price, so do not neglect this moment.

The second important nuance that you need to pay attention to when buying a structure is the ventilation system. It should be a series of pipes and holes that can be modified to suit the operational nuances. In the majority of ready-made plastic cellars in which it is supposed to store fresh food, you will have to make a forced ventilation system, since the built-in one will not cope with the moisture produced.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

When buying a finished cellar for the dacha, it is necessary to clarify whether the supplier company is engaged in the installation of the product. This is very important, since the price of a finished plastic cellar can be much higher if it includes installation. It is not too difficult to install the structure yourself, however it will take you more time than if specialists will be engaged in it.

If you order the construction of a turnkey cellar, prices can vary in a fairly wide range. It all depends on the complexity of installation, the size of the storage and the need for additional work. Usually the price of installation of a plastic cellar for the dacha from the manufacturer starts from 30 thousand rubles, and the installation of a large cellar of 16 m? will cost about 150 thousand rubles.

Additional work includes the installation of a staircase in the basement, wall insulation or the organization of the groundwater drainage system. In order not to order wall insulation after installation, you can buy a plastic cellar with insulation, it will cost a bit cheaper.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

If you decide to save and do self-installation, then for this you will need to perform the work described below.

Digging the pit. This can be done manually or with the help of specialized equipment, such as an excavator. The pit should be slightly larger than the finished product. If, as a result of the high level of groundwater, water begins to accumulate at the bottom of the pit, this problem can be solved by digging a hole in its center to a depth of 0.5 m. Water will drain into the pit, and you can safely continue working.

Concreting the base. When installing a seamless plastic cellar, the bottom can be poured with concrete, or you can install a reinforced slab. This is done in order to level the base, as well as to protect it from moisture. It will also be necessary to install the slab with the help of specialized equipment, for example, a winch or a crane.

For additional reliability, the concrete base should be installed on a sand pad 8-10 cm thick, over which you can lay roofing material or pour a layer of bitumen. This is done for the purpose of additional waterproofing and provides good protection of the bottom of the cellar from groundwater.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

Installation of the structure and its fixation. Continuing installation, the plastic cellar must be fixed on the base with the help of special lines. Under the bottom of the cellar installed caisson, which can be plastic or metal. In the caisson, the cellar case is also fixed in the manner provided by the manufacturer of the product.

Backfilling of the cellar. The construction is filled with soil and a mixture of sand and cement. A layer of soil around the cellar should be carefully tamped.

If in your area groundwater comes too close to the surface, then it is recommended to make a concrete floor inside the cellar itself, and when installing the structure under a residential building, you need to concrete the walls of the excavation. This is done to reduce the pressure of the soil on the storage wall, which can lead to their premature deformation.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

Helpful advice! If you are planning an installation turnkey cellars, under the house or another building, then it should be done at the construction stage, when the condition of the structure allows you to bring the plastic container inside.

The advantage of installing a plastic cellar with your own hands is that you save a lot of money, and also get the opportunity to install the structure at any convenient time and place. But here it should be understood that the wrong installation can lead to disastrous consequences. For example, with a high level of groundwater, the base of the structure must be further reinforced and reinforced with concrete to make it as heavy as possible. Otherwise there is a risk that the container will simply be squeezed out.

In addition, if desired, you can improve the insulating characteristics of the cellar for storing vegetables. It is possible to buy heat-insulating materials in any specialized shop, and their installation is carried out in the same way as with the insulation of any other structures. Even if you buy a fiberglass cellar, which has high thermal insulation characteristics, insulation may still be necessary.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

There are several popular manufacturers of plastic structures that are in great demand in the domestic market. For example, the cellar of polypropylene from the company Triton. They are manufactured by extrusion welding technology, they are of high quality, but also at a fairly high price. Seamless plastic cellars from the company can be of the following types:

  • semi-underground – with a protruding part of the earth;
  • completely underground;
  • drilling rigs;
  • ground;
  • glacial.

Triton plastic cellars are also characterized by the fact that they are able to easily tolerate high humidity, exposure to low temperatures and other negative environmental influences. There are many models on the market, differing in volume, shape and a number of other characteristics. Electrical wiring and various optional accessories may be included.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

The second popular manufacturer of containers and caissons for the cellar, which you can buy online or directly from the manufacturer is the Tingard brand. The designs of this company are manufactured using rotational molding technology and cost a little more than the previous company. When you buy a seamless plastic Tingard cellar, you get a wide choice of construction dimensions, as well as a high level of quality and reliability.

According to reviews, Tingard cellar is one of the most popular among domestic buyers, and complete with the container itself is usually a folding metal staircase, wooden shelves, a plain or warmed hatch and a lamp for lighting.

The price of the Tingard plastic cellar can vary from 100 to 250 thousand rubles, depending on the storage volume. If you order additional work, for example, the installation of the cellar, the price will be much higher.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

Among all brands of plastic storage facilities for products, Titan stores are distinguished. First, it is a plastic cellar with a side entrance. This is very convenient if you need not an underground, but a ground or semi-underground basement. Secondly, the company produces storage facilities of various shapes and volumes, well suited for any needs. In such a cellar there may be an enlarged or warmed hatch, temperature and humidity sensors. The latter is especially true for wine cellars or vaults, in which products need a special temperature regime.

Helpful advice! When choosing a brand of plastic storage for a country site, pay attention to reviews of owners of plastic cellars from the company whose products you are going to purchase.

In addition to the above brands, there are also plastic cellars Vityaz domestic production. They are characterized by relatively low cost with good performance. The company’s products have a manhole located on top, the shelves inside are made of plastic.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

If we consider the features of this design compared to a conventional basement, it becomes clear that the main parameter due to which plastic cellars are very popular is saving time for construction. In addition, such a cellar is usually airtight, complete with it there is a ladder and shelves, so that the amount of work required from you is reduced to a minimum. And if you look at a photo of a plastic cellar of a ground or semi-underground type, it becomes clear that he also does not need external finishing work.

On the other hand, the plastic construction is much higher than even the most expensive version of the basement, made by hand. In addition, you can not optionally increase the amount of storage, make it deeper or wider. Installation of a plastic caisson is also associated with certain nuances. Although the number and complexity of earthworks in this case is less than with the independent arrangement of the cellar: it will be necessary to install the structure with the help of specialized construction equipment, as it is put into the pit at once assembled.

If you plan to make a cellar under the house with an already completed construction, then the option with a plastic cellar will be difficult to implement. In order to place a bulk container under the floor of an already finished structure, you will need to disassemble part of the walls or the roof, and this is associated with additional difficulties and costs.

Cellar made of plastic: a good solution for compact storage of food

Many buyers note such factors as “for” such as ease of use and lack of need for care. Indeed, when acquiring a plastic cellar from a reputable manufacturer, you do not need to make additional shelves, waste time on arranging ventilation and carrying out electric lighting. The design can begin to use immediately after the installation. And plastic walls do not have to be regularly patched, cleaned from mold and repaired – even without care, they will last for several decades.

From all this, it follows that the main disadvantage of a plastic basement is its price. All other characteristics are at a high level and allow you to use the storage with great comfort.

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