Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

From this article you can find out what features a bath may have: photos, projects and reviews of the most popular turnkey design solutions that are in high demand from developers, are contained in this publication. The text discusses the main types of materials used for the construction of baths in the suburban areas: rounded log, brick, foam blocks, laminated veneer lumber. All these data will help determine the choice of the optimal project and raw materials for construction.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

Bath: photos, projects and basic types of layouts

Having a private plot of land at your disposal, it is possible not only to build a country house suitable for temporary or permanent residence, but also to improve it. For this purpose, various objects are located on the territory, for example, a summer kitchen, an outdoor recreation area with a barbecue or a barbecue, etc. These additional facilities include saunas and steam rooms. Beautiful pictures of the baths, which are found on the net, will help to shape the landscape of the territory and the overall exterior of the courtyard.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

To avoid mistakes during the construction of the bath, it is advisable to think in advance about your actions:

  • select the optimal project of turnkey bath (prices and photos of finished structures in large quantities and diversity can be found on the websites of construction companies);
  • think over the features and nuances of each stage of work;
  • purchase material with suitable properties and characteristics;
  • carefully plan the layout and placement of communication systems;
  • decide on the material and method of installation of interior decoration.

Helpful advice! Before proceeding with construction, it is necessary to take into account additional parameters that affect the quality of the structure and its further operation: the design of the structure, the particular soil on the site, climatic conditions, and the requirements of the building regulations.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

In order to avoid serious mistakes, it is desirable to start planning a bath with drawing up a drawing of the future structure. With a lack of financial resources, small-sized wooden bath projects are most often used. If the internal area of ​​the building is limited to 3×4 m or 4×4 m, the free space should be used as much as possible. Typically, the layout includes a steam room, washing room and a rest room.

If the territory of the suburban area is quite extensive, it is better to give preference to more capacious options, since a compact bath over a large area will look out of place. In addition, it will not have all the conditions necessary for a full and comfortable rest.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

The simplest layout scheme includes a shower room, a steam room and a boiler room, as well as a wardrobe storage area. And all these rooms can be combined with each other. This type of layout is suitable only for mobile or compact baths, since the temperature cannot be distributed indoors properly. For this reason, developers seek to divide the space between several small, but completely autonomous rooms.

A small boiler or a wood-burning stove will be sufficient for heating a 3×4 m bath. In some cases, the structure can be complicated. Projects of baths with a lounge and a terrace or a veranda are in high demand among the owners of summer cottages.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

The advantages of small projects:

  • low consumption of materials;
  • minimum amount of construction waste;
  • high speed performance;
  • reliability and durability of the structure, since structures with a small area do not need additional reinforcement.

In the presence of a large suburban area, you can think about using the project of a bathhouse made of brick or wood with significant dimensions, for example, from 6×6 m. Such buildings can be used not only for taking water procedures, but also for family recreation and receiving guests. Such projects allow you to organize a recreation room of impressive size, up to 20 m ?. Usually in this area is a staircase that goes to the attic or second floor.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

The advantage of two-storey buildings or baths with a mansard over the projects of single-storey buildings lies in more extensive planning possibilities. Additional space can be used to organize zones for leisure and recreation.

Helpful advice! The turnkey sauna project and the cost of construction will be much cheaper if you make an attic instead of the second floor. The load on the foundation and partitions will be significantly lower, which will reduce the cost of work, and the area of ​​the internal space will remain almost the same.

Most often on the attic floor is located:

  • bedroom;
  • the guest room;
  • a small gym;
  • billiard room.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

In the majority of its projects, the construction of a turnkey bath at the first stage involves the creation of a foundation base on the supporting pillars with the mandatory installation of a waterproofing layer. Professionals recommend using boards with a section size of 5×10 cm for the construction of a truss system. A material with a thickness of 2.2 cm will be enough to form a batten.

Structures made using frame-shield technology are assembled as a designer. There are many options for combining parts, allowing you to equip the washroom with a pool and other convenient additions. All these elements are installed on a previously prepared frame. Each kit comes with detailed instructions, following which you can avoid mistakes, even if the assembly is done by hand.

Mobile baths are more simple in execution. They are assembled at an industrial enterprise, after which the structure is delivered in finished form to the construction site, where additional parts are installed.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

Most of the projects bath with a gazebo under one roof involves the use of a gable roof. In such conditions, the attic space will not work out or it will be too small for arranging a full-fledged rest room. Most often, bath equipment is installed in this zone.

Unlike conventional baths, structures with an angular structure have an unusual layout of the interior. This approach to the placement of rooms is quite convenient and practical. In the standard design, the corner building includes two lounges at once. They are located on the sides of the stove, which allows you to achieve maximum savings on heating. In addition, each room has its own entrance from the street. The size of the building is selected taking into account the area of ​​the dacha.

Helpful advice! If the territory of the summer cottage is limited, the construction of a corner bath will not only save money, but also reduce the footprint.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

Usually, the entrance to the bathhouse is covered from drafts from two sides, which is an undoubted advantage, especially for buildings that are operated during the cold season. The best place to install the stove is the wall, which is located between the steam room and the rest room. At the same time it is extremely important that the furnace fire chamber was directed to the room of the room intended for rest.

The terrace is a platform that is attached to the building. It can rise above the ground level by 0.5 m. Construction companies offer bathhouse owners projects of baths with a terrace, which can be open or closed (with the help of sheds).

Unlike the previous version, the veranda looks like a closed room. It is a structural element of the building and is directly included in its composition. Several walls of the veranda (usually 2 or 3) have glazing. In the summer, owners can use it for recreation.

Bath: photos, projects and drawings of buildings that can transform the site

In the process of designing a bath with a veranda or terrace, it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements. For the construction of the main structure and an additional element should use the same material. A rigid bond between the veranda and the sole of the building is not allowed. This is especially true in cases where the construction site is located on heaving soils.

Project name Interior area, m? Dimensions of the building, m price, rub.
Bath with a lounge sixteen 4×4 164000
Bathhouse with a terrace 22 4×5,5 173,000
Bath with a rest room and a bathroom 26 5×6 189,000
Corner bath with terrace 32 6×6 202,000
Bathhouse with terrace, attic and balcony 63 6×6 209,000


On the Internet you can find many great ideas for the construction of baths in the summer cottage. The choice of the project primarily depends on the size of the territory and the budget possibilities of the owner. Some bathhouses are so simple to perform that they can be managed independently, others, on the contrary, require the intervention of professionals. In any case, the presence of experts will allow you to avoid mistakes and get a really high-quality and reliable result that will meet all requirements.

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