Decorating the house with decorative bricks

Decorative brick, depending on what material it is made of, can be used inside or outside buildings. Material imitation is also common, allowing large surfaces to be finished quickly and relatively cheaply..

When to use decorative brick in the interior, and when is decorative stone better suited? What interior styles and rooms are compatible with these building materials?

Decorative brick – white, red or black?

Decorative brick-like tiles for interior decoration are available in many versions, so choosing a material that suits the style of the interior is easy. One of the most popular solutions – building material in red. This material belongs to traditional building solutions. Previously, most of the buildings were erected from it. Sometimes such products are found during the renovation of old houses and often the owners decide to leave parts of the walls unworked. For the construction of a new house, decoration with decorative brick-like tiles can be used. Red building material is best suited for interiors in styles:

  • Rustic.
  • Loft.
  • Industrial.
  • Eclecticism.

The material matches perfectly with white furniture, finished to a shine (glamor style).

White building material will be an interesting wall decoration in a Provencal or glamorous style. It will also look good in loft or industrial interiors when paired with simple furniture in light beige tones, as well as in contrasting colors such as gray or black. Black products – it is a solution for modern interiors. You can also choose a glazed material that matches minimalistic and glamorous compositions..

Decorating the house with decorative brick-like tiles or natural materials?

The use of natural building materials in wall decoration allows you to get a very interesting effect. The advantage of this material is that it is resistant to high temperatures (especially clinker), which makes it ideal for cladding fireplace inserts, as well as for cladding a chimney in the part that protrudes above the surface of the roof. Clinker is also used as an outer layer in three-layer walls. Natural building material is also highly resistant to moisture, so it can be used in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms. Wall decoration with decorative brick-like tiles is resistant to sunlight (does not fade under the influence of prolonged exposure to the sun), has heat and sound insulation properties. An interior decorated in this way appears to be warmer. On the other hand, the use of dark materials (red or brown) can make the interior look smaller. It should be remembered that this material is quite heavy..

In the event that we do not have the opportunity to use traditional building materials in the interior, a product with a joint made of plaster can be an excellent solution. If it is necessary to use building material in rooms with high humidity, the best solution would be a material made of concrete or clinker..

Decorative stone or brick?

Decorative brick-like tiles for outdoor or indoor use – not the only solution that has not lost its popularity for many years. Another interesting proposal is natural stone, as well as decorative stone such as «joint brick». In the second case, we are dealing with the same technology as in the case of material imitation. Textured tiles made of natural stone are made from plaster and have a ready-made grout. It is very often irregular in shape, which makes it possible to obtain an extremely interesting visual effect..

By color, type and processing, the decor can be matched to almost any style and type of interior. It is usually used similarly to decorative bricks. The finish looks especially interesting near fireplaces or for cladding individual wall fragments, for example, decorative niches or the headboard area in the bedroom. Natural stone with a smooth light color texture will also be an interesting backdrop for modern paintings or a hanging TV. Decorative stone can also be used for exterior decoration, for example, as a cladding for plinths or other elements of the facade of a building..

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