Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

In this article, you can find recommendations on which heaters are best for home: consumer reviews, descriptions of characteristics and features, as well as an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages will help to orient in the choice of design. Here, the features of carboxylic, film, vapor-droplet and micathermic devices from well-known manufacturers are considered in detail.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Which heater to choose for your home: structural classification

Modern household electric heaters are on the market in a wide variety.

Classification by the type of transfer of thermal energy includes devices with different patterns of operation:

  • heat transfer to the air through a hot surface – the devices function in almost the same way as conventional batteries in a house. Most often these are oil-type constructions, as well as quartz and modular modifications. This principle of thermal energy transfer cannot be called optimal, since the efficiency of the device is limited by the contact area (dimensions) of the heater with the air in the room. Efficiency is increased by increasing the heating temperature or the contact area of ​​the body part with air. It is also possible to improve the heat exchange parts of the device;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • convective (natural) distribution of heat fluxes – the heating components of the heaters are placed inside the case having a design that creates a natural upward flow of heated air. By moving these streams, the space of the room warms up very quickly;
  • directional distribution of heat flow – this principle is involved in the construction of heat guns and fan heaters. Such heaters are equipped with a built-in fan, which is also powered by electricity, increasing the cost of paying utility bills;
  • infrared radiation – heat is spread due to the generation of electromagnetic waves.

Note! Infrared radiation does not contribute to the heating of air. The temperature increase in the room is carried out by heating the surfaces, which, in turn, transfer heat to the air.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

The most common heaters with direct transmission are oil-type constructions. They combine high power and mobility, which allows these devices to create substantial competition to conventional batteries. Some models have a housing with a complex modification. Such a structure contributes to the formation of not only direct, but also convective heat fluxes. This advantage improves the performance of the heater.

The body part, made of metal, together with the oil inside gives the heater considerable weight. Manufacturers usually provide support legs in their designs. For more convenient operation, modifications are created in the form of carts on roller wheels. Due to them, the process of moving the device, which is connected to the power supply network using a cord and plug, is facilitated. On the case reserved a special place for compact storage of reeled cable.

Oil heaters of the modern generation have controls. Even the simplest modifications are equipped with a switch with the ability to switch to different modes of operation and light indication, as well as a thermostat that regulates temperature indicators.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

You can find models that have not a sectional, but a panel structure. The body part in them is flat and covered with a ribbed texture. The principle of operation of such devices is similar.

Radiators with oil can not be called economical. The level of consumption of electrical energy is quite high. But this is compensated by the increased heat capacity of the carrier (mineral oil), and the heating itself, due to the thermostat, is carried out only as needed. Upon reaching a certain temperature mark, the device turns off, and the oil continues to give off heat to the room for a very long time.

Helpful advice! If you buy an electric heater for a house with a timer function, you can program the device to turn on at a certain time. Upon returning from a walk or from work in the rooms it will be warm, and the device will not warmly heat the rooms while people are absent.

Advantages of oil radiator heaters:

  • acceptable cost;
  • simple operation system – there is no need for installation work, the device is simply put in the right place and turned on;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • mobile design – the device can be easily moved to any point of the house;
  • safety – modern modifications of radiators are equipped with a multi-stage protection system. Among the preventive measures is the emergency shutdown function, if the device is accidentally tilted.

Despite the safety of these devices, it is not necessary to install them in children’s rooms or to leave children next to them unattended. Due to the presence of wheels, they can use a heater for their games, which can have serious consequences.

Disadvantages of oil filled radiators:

  • The inertia of heating is greatly increased – it can take a long time from switching on a cold device to the moment when its body part will heat up. Sometimes it takes at least 30 minutes. The cooling process is also very long;
  • bulky structure – all devices of this type are heavy and of substantial size. When operating a heater in a small apartment, its design can create obstacles for moving around the room;
  • simplified design – even the most attractive models can not always maintain the interior of the room, causing an imbalance in the design;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • The need for precaution – a heavy and angular body part can be a source of injury to a person. Heated surfaces cause burns if accidentally touched.

Helpful advice! The problem with burns if you accidentally touch the working device can be solved by buying a model with a protective casing.

How to choose and buy a cheap heater for the home: a review of the line of the manufacturer Ballu

The manufacturer of heaters Ballu launches designs in the mid-price range. They are available to most buyers, while having the best combination of features.

Ballu product overview table:

Instrument Models
   Classic BOH / CL 11WD    Classic BOH / CL 07BRN Modern
   Classic BOH / CL 05 WD
Area of ​​action, m? 22 22 25 ten
power, kWt 2.2 0.75 2 one
Number of modes 2 2 3 2
Weight, kg 9.2 6 7,8 5.5
Number of sections eleven 7 9 five
Dimensional parameters, cm (height, width, length) 58x13x47 55x12x33 58x13x40 55x12x25
Average price, rub. 4,000 3000 3600 1800


When handling oil coolers, manufacturers recommend caution and adhere to basic safety rules:

  • It is not allowed to replace the standard cord with another one, as well as to use the device in combination with an extension cord;
  • it is strictly forbidden to install a working heater near the power point (outlet);
  • the regular type of structure placement is vertical. It is forbidden to connect and operate the device in a different position;
  • It is not recommended to heat a room with a very small area. The size of the room should exceed 4 m ?.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Important! The use of an oil radiator as a device for drying clothes is excluded, as is usually done with radiators in a house.

Despite the subtleties in circulation, oil radiators are still popular with customers who leave feedback on the operation of these heaters:

“I recently bought a Ballu Classic BOH / CL 07BRN heater. My wife and I live in a rented apartment and therefore we often move, so I considered the oil cooler to be the best heater for our situation. In general, the design works fine. True, on the very first day the device made some gurgling sounds. A consultant at the store explained that this effect is not a drawback or a product’s defect — just residual air escapes from the oil. In the future, extraneous noise has not occurred. “

Grigory Ostroumov, Moscow

“On the recommendation of a friend bought an oil radiator. The heater fully meets my requirements. The only negative is that it warms up for a long time, but then it also keeps warm for a long time. After the first switch-on, the device had an unpleasant smell, which made it necessary to air the apartment. After a few hours, the smell disappeared. ”

Irina Skilsara, Yekaterinburg

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

This category includes vapor-droplet heaters powered by electricity and having similar features with modern bimetallic or aluminum batteries. In fact, they are a miniature version of the classic heating systems, in which the coolant is heated, and the process of heat exchange occurs in the same way as in conventional batteries.

Note! Modular radiators are available in fully functional form with already configured characteristics. Manufacturers strictly prohibit changing the number of sections of the device.

Device design:

  • the heat exchanger has a hermetic design, inside of which there is a coolant. Due to the complete isolation of this component eliminates the likelihood of leakage. In addition, it is not necessary to fill the volume of the coolant, since the evaporation process occurs in a closed cycle;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • the heating element (TEH) is located at the bottom of the heat exchanger;
  • mounted type unit with built-in control system.

Heat transfer mechanism:

  1. The heating medium is heated by electric heating elements.
  2. In the process, the heat carrier changes from a liquid to a vapor state.
  3. Hot steam rises, uniformly warming up the body part of the structure. Since the temperature of the air in the room is always below the temperature of the steam inside the heater, the effect of condensate is obtained.
  4. Condensed steam after the heat returns to the liquid state again and rolls back to the heat exchanger along the walls.

This process occurs again and again in the same way.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Steam-drop modifications of heaters have the following advantages:

  • profitability – devices consume 2 times less electricity than oil radiators and convectors;
  • even if there is a power failure, the software will run the latest settings. Long shutdown does not affect the subsequent operation in any way;
  • there is no possibility of fire or explosion, as the device is deprived of excessive pressure and does not have combustible components. For the manufacture of housing manufacturers use materials with flame retardant properties. The aluminum body part acts as an insulating barrier for the heat carrier and the heating element. In the event of a short circuit of the electronics or wiring, carbon dioxide is emitted by the mounted unit. Thanks to him, the fire completely fades.

Note! Depending on the manufacturer and model, the heater may be filled with a different type of heat carrier. Ammonia, water, methanol and ethanol species are distinguished.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Review and price of BHeat Air steam droplet heaters

An electronic type thermostat is installed on BHeat Air appliances. Thanks to him, the set temperature is maintained in the room automatically. In other words, having reached the maximum heating mark, the device turns off the heater and starts it again when the room temperature has dropped below the minimum set point. Due to this function, energy consumption becomes very low.

In the models there is also a radio module. It is designed to group several appliances in a common heating system. Work control can be carried out from the central console or one of the heaters in the system can be used for these purposes. From the central console it is possible to install different operating modes in separate rooms.

BHeat Air product overview table:

Instrument Models
BHeat Air 4 BHeat Air 10 BHeat Air 8 BHeat Air 6
Area of ​​action, m? 7 sixteen 13 ten
power, kWt 0.7 1.6 1,3 one
Weight, kg 4.5 12.4 10.2 7.7
Number of sections four ten eight 6
Dimensional parameters, cm (height, width, length) 58.5x9x36.5 58x9x84,5 58x9x69 58x9x53
Average price, rub. 9500 12200 11300 10400


The direct heat transfer heater category covers wall-mounted panels. They may have a different coating:

  • quartz composite;
  • artificial stone coating;
  • ceramic.

Such heaters, in fact, combine all the methods of transferring heat flux. On the one hand, there is a convection transfer of energy to the air, coming directly from the surface with a ceramic coating. On the other hand, the heated plate emits infrared radiation, and at a decent distance.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Note! Some modifications are not ceramic, but a composite coating consisting of quartz sand. These devices include products of the St. Petersburg plant, in which buyers are attracted by numerous positive reviews and price: TeplEko heaters are considered high-quality and at the same time inexpensive.

The principle that the heat charge is accumulated by the structure is put into operation of all devices of this category. After the energy is stored, the device is turned off by a thermostat and gradually gives off heat to the room. In this case, the design does not consume electrical energy from the network.

Advantages of quartz and ceramic plates:

  • high resistance to moisture – devices can be installed on balconies with glazing, in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity;
  • decorative exterior finish – manufacturers offer a wealth of design options: imitation of a textured or polished stone surface, such as marble, sandstone or granite. It is possible to artistically decorate the panel using various shades and embossed patterns;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • Some models of wall-mounted appliances can be modified into portable structures by mounting the heater on a special trolley or support legs.

The disadvantages include a significant weight of the structure, as well as the danger of getting burns if accidentally touched.

Nichrome spiral is used as a heating element in devices of TeplEko. In the production process, this element is filled with a composite composition of quartz sand. Therefore, the design is completely monolithic.

Note! Due to the monolithic construction, the contact of the heating element with water or air is excluded. Devices are fully protected against burnout.

Overview of the characteristics of a monolithic quartz heater Tepleko:

Instrument characteristics Indicator
Area of ​​action, m? 6
power, kWt 0.4
Weight, kg ten
Dimensional parameters, cm (height, width, length) 25x35x60
Average price, rub. 2400


Reviews about the quality of TeplEko products are ambiguous:

“In general, I do not understand how a manufacturer could put such nonsense on the market. The heater practically does not give heat, constantly beats with current. What kind of security can we talk about? ”

Alexey Filonov, Saratov

“Very weak brackets. Tormented with the installation of the heater TeplEko very long. A bunch of tools and additional manipulations. In my opinion, it is already easier to buy an infrared carbon heater or another option from the same series. Bought, set and turned on. Zero problems. I’m not happy with my purchase. ”

Vyacheslav Pakhomenko, Moscow

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

“Despite the problems with ordering and delivery, in general, I had a good impression from the purchase of a heater TeplEko. I have a large living room, so I put two at once. I must say that I consider the quartz instrument the best heater for an apartment. Before that, I had a marble one: constantly unpleasant odors, poor heating. With a new heater, I have no problems yet. ”

Vlad Sinitsyn, Yekaterinburg

Electric heaters in this category use the method of convectional distribution of heat flux in the room. These include panel-type convectors, which form the natural circulation in the room of heated air masses, as well as fan heaters that move the air by force.

The popularity of these devices is due to the low price, beautiful exterior performance and security. The range of panel heaters on the market is diverse. But all designs are arranged on the same principle.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Note! Panel convectors are considered the safest, which allows them to be installed even in children’s rooms. Touching a working device does not cause unpleasant painful sensations or burns. There are no sharp corners on the body that can injure a child.

In modern models there are control blocks of electromechanical or electronic type, as well as a thermostat. The temperature sensor is usually located at the entrance window. It fixes the level of heating of the air, which penetrates into the body of the heater from the room.

Having a large width and height, these devices are lightweight. Installation of heaters is very simple, because the system usually includes a fastening system. There are also mobile models on wheels or legs.

A quality heater always has a multistage system of protection against:

  • voltage disturbances;
  • short circuit;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • overheating probability;
  • voltage drops;
  • accidental tipping (especially important for small apartments or families where there are kids and pets).

For modifications with medium and high cost, additional functional improvements may be added:

  • electronic timers;
  • DSU (remote control) remotes;
  • programmers;
  • touch panels;
  • LED displays.

Models with such great functionality can be easily included in the “Smart Home” system, if it is available.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Overview of panel devices from the Norwegian brand Nobo

The range of panel devices from the company Nobo includes several types of devices with different dimensional parameters and technical characteristics. The power of the heaters is selected based on the size of the room where they will be installed.

Note! The higher the power of the device, the longer its body. Changes affect even the thickness.

Nobo Nordic product overview table:

Instrument characteristics Instrument Models
C4E 05 C4E 07 C4E 10 C4E 12 C4E 20 C4E 15
power, kWt 0.5 0.7 one 1.2 2 1.5
Weight, kg 3.3 3.7 4.8 5.7 8.7 6.7
Dimensional parameters, cm (height, width, length) 55x40x42,5 55x40x52.5 55x40x67.5 55x40x82,5 55x40x132,5 55x40x97.5
Average price, rub. 6400 6800 7100 7800 9800 8550


In addition to panel convectors, there are also baseboard designs. To learn more about the features of these devices, you can read the reviews that were left on popular construction forums:

“I live in a private house – the building is old and constantly damp walls. While there is no way to solve the problem of storm sewage in the area, so you have to deal with excess moisture by other methods. Buyers about basement heaters Megador reviews reluctantly leave, however I liked these devices. I decided to buy and did not regret. The house is warm and there is no smell of dampness, and the structures themselves are compact and almost invisible. I recommend this heating option. ”

Evgeny Skorodko, Moscow

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

“Thanks to the plinth heaters, I got rid of mold and fungus on the walls. Dampness is one thing, but all this growth on the walls is dangerous to health. We stopped at the Megador products. Unfortunately, the baseboard heaters can not be closed, so my husband just drowned them into the wall. The optimal solution for those who do not want to spoil the appearance of the room. “

Galina Yevtushenko, Moscow

The average prices for baseboards:

Name Length of the device, cm price, rub.
Light 100 3150
150 3760
200 4230
Conner (corner element) 85×85 5470
Group 100 3150
150 3760
200 4230
Aroma 100 3990
150 4530
200 5080


Fan heaters heat the room due to the fact that they force the heated air through the room. In this category of devices there are powerful copies (more than 2.5 kW). They are called heat guns and are not intended for domestic use.

Note! The fan installed in the heater case may have a turbine or a blade structure. It is he who drives the air flow through the entire structure, where their temperature rises from contact with the heating element.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Fan heaters are equipped with the following types of heating elements:

  • open helix made of nichrome – found in budget models. It heats up red hot and can therefore cause a fire (if a piece of debris, wool or lump of dust gets inside the structure) or electric shock. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to leave the device turned on unattended. Due to dust or insects on the spiral, unpleasant odors often appear;
  • tubular heater – more reliable and safe, has a long service life;
  • ceramic heating element – is considered the most environmentally friendly of all listed. The temperature of heating of ceramic plates is minimal, so the burning of dust particles is excluded. Such a device does not reduce the optimal composition of the air in the room, but it costs much more.

Household models are enclosed in a compact case with a horizontal or vertical pattern of placement. Adjustment lends itself to the speed of blowing air flow, as well as the power of the heating element.

Note! In the advanced modifications there are additional functions, there is a built-in thermostat, an ionizer to maintain a comfortable climate, a timer, an air humidifier, and even panels with touch controls and an LCD display.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Advantages of heat fans:

  • organization of local and rapid heating of a certain part of the room;
  • mobile design with compact dimensions;
  • affordable cost.

Among the drawbacks, there is only the presence of noise, which is generated by a running engine, as well as the transfer of dust particles with forced airflow, which contributes to allergies and asthma exacerbations.

Overview table of fans:

Instrument characteristics Instrument Models
Enkor TVE-2-1 Ballu BFH / S-05     Polaris PCDH 2116 SupraTVS-20FN VES V-FH21
power, kWt 2 1.5 1.6 2 1.5
Area of ​​action, m? thirty 15 20 n / a 15
Number of operating modes 3 2 2 2 2
Body material metal plastic plastic plastic plastic
A heating element Heating element open spiral ceramics open spiral ceramics
   Weight, kg 3.9 1.12 1.6 0.87 1.1
Average price, rub. 1750 1150 1450 900 1200


Micatermic heaters are the link between convectors and models of infrared devices. The share of infrared radiation emitted by the device, accounts for 80% of the heat, the remaining 20% ​​are convection currents.

This effect arises due to the fact that the design has a heating plate made using Micatherm technology. The heating element is insulated on the sides with layers of mica.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Note! Mica is a natural mineral that simultaneously isolates electricity and at the same time conducts heat well enough.

Advantages of mikatermichesky devices:

  • no additional time is required to warm up the case, the heater immediately transfers heat to the room;
  • small weight;
  • maximum temperature is 60? С;
  • it is impossible to get burns when touched;
  • economical power consumption – devices are 30% more economical than oil radiators;
  • optimal climatic conditions and normal air conditions are maintained;
  • silent work.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

According to the feedbacks of customers left on forums of mimatermic heaters, a person is able to feel heat flows only if he is sitting motionless for a long time directly in the radiation zone. Also, the heat is not felt immediately after the device is turned on. This requires some time.

Positive feedback also noted such advantages as low weight of the structure, as well as the possibility of buying devices with wall and even ceiling type of accommodation.

The feedback also noted the disadvantages:

  • the density of thermal radiation decreases with distance from the device;
  • heating of the room is carried out only in the zone of action;
  • impurities behind the grid are difficult to remove.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Due to the double heating method, Couse devices significantly save heating costs. The devices have a high rate of efficiency, so almost all of the absorbed energy is converted into heat and enters the room without loss.

Note! Heat transfer is evenly distributed between infrared radiation and convection (50% to 50%).

Overview of Cousi heaters:

Instrument Models
M1 / 250 M1 / 320 M1 / 450 M2 / 250
power, kWt 0.25 0.32 0.45 0.25
Area of ​​action, m? 6 eight ten 6
Dimensional parameters, cm (height, width, length) 58x3x70 58x3x70 58x3x70 50x3x70
Average price, rub. 5200 5500 6000 5100


In the designs there are no open heating elements, so the operation of heaters is completely safe. The temperature of the surface of the body is moderate, therefore, often Cousy’s devices are installed in preschool institutions.

These devices are representatives of a very large group of heating equipment. They use infrared radiation to heat the room. The wavelength in the construction of domestic purposes is in the range from 50 to 1000 microns. Due to this, heat is transferred over a long distance without the need to heat the device to potentially dangerous temperatures.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

By type of installation, the following types of structures are distinguished:

  • ceiling;
  • wall mounted;
  • floor standing

Manufacturers also use various heating elements, but the most common option is a tubular heater.

Note! The material for the manufacture of the heating element can be glass, carbon, ceramics, there are even halogen variants.

Most of the feedback on ceiling heaters is positive. Buyers note among the advantageous advantages of these devices small size, so that the design takes up very little space in the room.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Positive feedback was received by the instrument installation system. The heater can be installed in any room, since the design of the case is reliably protected from the adverse effects of external factors. There is no exception even the bathroom.

Some models support dimensional characteristics and other parameters of Armstrong ceiling tiles, which allows them to be embedded in the suspended ceiling space without damage for the design of the room.

Efficiency depends on the correct choice of place for installation of the device. If you place the ceiling version of the heater by the window, the cold coming from the street will disappear. This creates the effect of a thermal curtain, which eliminates large heat losses.

One can doubt how effective a device with high decorative characteristics can be. But judging by the reviews, infrared heaters do a good job with this work.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Heaters-pictures are one of the varieties of wall-mounted emitters. The only difference is that a special canvas with a decorative image is pasted over the structure. Drawing pictures on a fabric basis is carried out by means of polygraphy.

Note! In expensive models for applying images using a special technology with the use of silver particles.

Before buying a picture heater, you need to determine in advance the place of its installation. The wall where the installation will be carried out must be made of materials that are not amenable to burning. In addition, all items in the area of ​​the device, you need to remove at least 30 cm from it. The surface of the case heats up to 60 ° C.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

According to consumer reviews, heaters-pictures have several advantages:

  • security;
  • the quality of performance;
  • excellent decorative properties;
  • durability.

However, taking into account the same reviews, film heaters can meet these characteristics only under the condition of high-quality production. After studying in detail the user comments, you can select the best brands.

Prices for the products of the best brands:

The brand price, rub.
Kind warmth 900-2000
Trio 1400-1700
The Velvet season 1300-1400
Neirs 3400-9500


This type of device belongs to the category of infrared devices, and the price, the advantages and disadvantages of carbon heaters are almost the same as standard radiators.

However, the following features are considered key benefits:

  • the device generates a powerful heat flux, due to which the heating efficiency is much higher than that of halogen and ordinary infrared devices;
  • the heating element is completely protected from moisture;
  • protection against tipping, ignition or voltage drops in the network is present;
  • heating is carried out instantly and fully targeted;
  • the human body is warming deep enough.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

There are not many disadvantages, but they are still present. The heating element is a quartz tube, inside which is a carbon fiber. If the device receives a strong blow due to a fall, then theoretically the tube could be damaged. Usually this does not happen, but it’s better not to check.

Many buyers are wary of looking at the emitters, thinking about the harm to health. Carbon instruments form long waves that penetrate very deeply into the human body. In fact, the operation of such a heater is not only safe, but also useful.

Note! Due to its therapeutic properties, the carbon emitter can be used for heating to speed up the recovery process of a child with a cold.

From a medical point of view, the operation of a carbon heater is useful as a preventive measure to reduce the likelihood of:

  • catarrhal diseases;
  • pain in the back and legs caused by overstrain;

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

  • inflammatory processes in the joints and muscles;
  • arthritis diseases, etc.

This device is not only safe and economical, it can successfully be used to create a comfortable microclimate in a residential area.

Below you can read the reviews of people who have already bought and tried on themselves the capabilities of these emitters:

“I checked the efficiency of the carbon heater on myself. The device warms up the body well with local heating. Previously, coming from the street in the winter, I literally had to sit right next to an oil radiator. Today I have no such problem. I just sit in front of the radiator and enjoy the heat. “

Alexey Goroshin, Moscow

“I have long been looking for an efficient and safe heater that will not overdry air and cause headaches. I work at home and I move a little, my legs not only go numb, but they also freeze. Having bought a carbon heater, I finally felt what comfort is. ”

Yulia Samuseva, Tomsk

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Overview of an infrared carbonic heater of Zenet NSKT 90B

This heater provides an economical and rapid heating of the room. Its scope of application applies to cottages and country houses, apartments and offices. With a power equal to 1 kW, the device exceeds the capabilities of powerful convector models.

Note! The carbon thread during operation is not subject to deformational changes, there is no effect of “fatigue” of the metal. For this reason, breaking carbon fiber is not possible. The average resource effective operation of the device is at least 100,000 hours.

Overview table of characteristics of the model NSKT 90B:

Instrument characteristics Indicator
Area of ​​action, m? 40
power, kWt one
Weight, kg 3
             Dimensional parameters, cm (height, width, length) 16.5×34.5×64
Average price, rub. 3290


In fact, the prices of carbon heaters are quite a wide range, which opens up enhanced possibilities for buyers with regard to the choice of devices, taking into account their own budget.

To find out what designs can become the best heaters for the house, it is worth making a comparative description of the most popular heating systems.

Comparison table of heating systems:

Heater Type
Heat pump Steam droplet Gas boiler Convector Electricity boiler
Monthly maintenance costs low low low high high
Purchase / installation costs high low high low medium
Load on the grid low low low high high
The degree of complexity of the installation process high low high low average
System security average high low high average
 Air drying rate tall
Decorative low high average high average


When it comes to buying heating equipment for a country house, you should not leave out the extension. Many people spend a lot of time in the workshop or garage, doing some work. Given the specifics of the room, we can say with confidence that not every heater is suitable for use in the garage. Based on customer reviews, a ranking of the best models for the garage was made.

Overview of the best models:

Device type Model Area of ​​action, m? price, rub.
Propane heater Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 20 5150
         Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD 1250 9000
Electric heater Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mount Quartz 15 3200
   Dr. Infrared heater DR-988 55 7,000


Note! A large number of accidents are recorded annually, when people working in the garage were poisoned with carbon monoxide or severely burned. Do not reject propane heaters due to the specifics of their use, but it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of design.

Propane heaters in the process emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other gases. These devices require a sufficient amount of airspace, so you should carefully study the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. For safety reasons, it is better to buy models that are equipped with an automatic shutdown system in the event of an instrument falling.

Which heaters are better for home: consumer reviews, instrument description

Some models record the level of oxygen in the air. If this indicator falls below the safe mark, the heater is automatically turned off.

The table below shows the average data for each category of devices for heating a house measuring 150 m ?. Before buying a particular model, it is recommended to make calculations separately.

The price of heaters for the house (annual heating costs):

Specifications Heater Type
Heat pump Steam droplet Gas boiler Convector Electricity boiler
  Total power, W 1180 1390 1620 1584 1386
The cost of purchasing equipment, rub. 595,000 115,000 645,000 37,000 210000
Annual heating costs
Heating cost, rubles / m? (gas) or rubles / kWh (electricity) 4.55 4.55 5.05 4.55 4.55
Total consumption per year, kWh 9790 10386 6371 33504 29316
Total expenses 44544 47256 32174 152443 133388


Taking into account the data from the table, as well as analysis of the characteristics of all devices, it is possible to come to several conclusions. First, the higher the cost of the heater, the usually higher the level of comfort it creates. Secondly, the most economical in the purchase of the device during the further operation may entail much more costs than equipment, which has a higher price.

In order not to make a bad choice, you need to carefully study the indicators and take into account the operating conditions of the house, as well as the needs of its tenants.

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